Newsletter #207     Friday, October 22, 2004

Weekly News & Views
  • Sacrificing Israel
    Charles Krauthammer - Jewish World Review - October 22, 2004   John Kerry says he wants to "rejoin the community of nations." There is no issue on which the United States more consistently fails the global test of international consensus than Israel. In July, the U.N. General Assembly declared Israel's defensive fence illegal by a vote of 150 to 6. You want to appease the "international community"? Sacrifice Israel.

  • The Axis of Evil Endorsement
    By Ben Johnson - - October 22, 2004  Months after John Kerry boasted of having received secret endorsements from anonymous foreign leaders around the world, many of the gaps have been filled in. The leaders of the world have weighed in on the 2004 presidential election . Let’s run down the list of nations supporting each candidate:

  • A President Kerry would be a disaster for Israel
    By Martin Peretz - Jewish World Review - October 18, 2004  I've searched to find one time when Kerry — even candidate Kerry — criticized a U.N. action or statement against Israel. I've come up empty. Nor has he defended Israel against the European Union's continuous hectoring.
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  • America's lessons from Lebanon
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - October 21, 2004  Tomorrow will mark the 21st anniversary of one of the most egregious failures in US military history. On October 23, 1983, a Syrian- and Iranian-backed Hizbullah terrorist drove a Mercedes truck laden with 180 kilograms of explosives into the US Marine barracks at Beirut International Airport. Three hundred and fifty US Marines lived in the four-story building. Two hundred and forty-one of those men were killed in their sleep that Sunday morning when, in a split second, the building was reduced to a 4.5-meter pile of debris.

  • The Oslo Cult
    by Steven Plaut - - October 18, 2004  How do we know that "Oslo" is a religious cult and not a political school of ideology? The answer is: from the way it was implemented. Had Oslo been merely a foolish school of political ideology based on total misunderstanding of the Middle East conflict, it would not have produced the total disaster and debacle that it has. It would have been halted and reversed in its earliest stages, before there was any serious damage.

  • Doubts about ‘Palestinian’ credibility ought to sound alarm for journalists
    By Jonathan Tobin - Jewish World Review - October 19, 2004  In an Oct. 6 story titled "In desperation, Palestinians spin tales to rally support," Matza took on a disturbing angle on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians that is rarely reported in the mainstream press: The Palestinians lie.
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  • Don't Blow It, America
    By Patrick D. O'Brien - October 22, 2004  It's time, America. It's time to tell the shrill partisan voice in your head to shut the hell up for now so that your gut, your heart, and your good sense can be heard. If you listen to it right now--honestly listen to it!--it will tell you that it is do or die time. Who's going to take care of this mean, disagreeable business--George W. Bush or John Kerry?

  • Terrorism's Silent Partner at the UN
    By Joshua Muravchik - - October 21, 2004  This boils down to saying that terrorism on behalf of bad causes is bad, but terrorism on behalf of good causes is good. Obviously, anyone who takes such a position is not against terrorism at all--but only against bad causes.

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