Newsletter #206     Friday, October 15, 2004

Weekly News & Views
  • Bush, Kerry & Israel
    by Gary Fitleberg - - October 14, 2004  Israel's future is in your hands. Bush? Kerry? Pro or con? One of the most important US elections in our history will help shape the future of Israel. Each and every individual who is concerned for Israel's peace and security must weigh the record and statements of the two presidential candidates very carefully and seriously.

  • One more Palestinian mistake
    Jerusalem Post - October 12, 2004  The PLO's position is now publicly and officially back to where it was in the 1960s and 1970s. Its open goal: Israel's elimination. To say this is nothing new because such has been the implicit aim all along would be a grave mistake. The fact that the PLO has come out into the open with such a position signals a very important change indeed.

  • Israel's Other Best Friends
    by Beth Goodtree - - October 11, 2004  It is only natural that Israel's most recognized best friends are the Jews of the Diaspora. What is not so well known, yet a fast-growing phenomenon, are Israel's other best friends: American Christians. Recently I attended the Washington, DC conference of the Christian Coalition, to hear what they had to say about American foreign policy, specifically Israel. What I learned was both surprising and unexpected on several counts.

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  • Sharon shows his cards
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - October 15, 2004  Since Sharon unveiled his withdrawal plan last winter, we have heard a constant chatter of commentary – sometimes whispered, sometimes shouted – that things can't be as they appear; that Sharon must have something up his sleeve... No wonder Sharon has insisted for so long on holding his hand close to his chest. It turns out that he's not holding any cards.

  • No surprise in Sinai
    By Stan Goodenough - October 10, 2004  No, the latest massacre of Jews in Egyptian territory was not surprising. It was an event just waiting to happen, and it will not be the last. What is surprising is the sheer unwillingness of Israelis to recognize the truth about Egypt, a country that they have for years almost proudly referred to as their peace partner.

  • A time and place for prayer
    Efraim Inbar - Jerusalem Post - October 13, 2004  It is high time for the Israeli authorities to put an end to the Wakf's illegal behavior and guarantee the right of Jewish prayer on Judaism's holiest site. This means building a synagogue on the Temple Mount where Jews can pray as their forefathers did.
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  • From behind bars, to guard our land
    By Jonathan Pollard - - October 14, 2004  Jonathan Pollard was a featured speaker at the 100 Cities Protest Rally (against disengagement) which took place in 100 cities of Israel today. He relayed a message from his prison cell in Butner, North Carolina to the People of Israel.

  • Sharon's Likud party headed for a showdown, and maybe a split
    Israel Insider - October 13, 2004  Some analysts suggest that Sharon is trying to spark what has been called the "Big Bang" of Israeli politics a complete realignment of the political map, with Sharon, Labor's Shimon Peres, and Shinui's Lapid, forming a new centrist party that some polls suggest could win an absolute majority in the Knesset. But Israeli political history is also littered with the carcasses and fading memories of centrist parties which followed the same chimera.

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