Newsletter #205     Friday, October 8, 2004

Weekly News & Views
  • Israel Has the Right
    By Patrick D. O'Brien - October 8, 2004  Israel has the right. The right to use its military forces to neutralize the terror groups that threaten its people, and the right to liquidate the evil men in those groups. The right and the responsibility.

  • Selling Genocide as a 'Struggle For Equality'
    Clifford D. May - - October 7, 2004  In 2004, this is the form that genocidal anti-Semitism takes. In the long run, anti-Semites seek a world free of Jews. In the short run, a world free of a Jewish state will do.

  • At least 30 killed in Sinai bombings
    Jerusalem Post - October 8, 2004  At least 30 people were killed and over 160 wounded, including a significant number of Israelis, in two separate terror attacks late Thursday evening at tourist resorts in Sinai, which were packed with Israeli vacationers.

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  • Stay on offense
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - October 8, 2004  The US annually hands UNRWA a check for $100 million. EU member states donate even more and Canada gives UNRWA $10 million each year. This financing has continued unabated year after year, in spite of the fact that UNRWA has played a role in the Palestinian terror war against Israel for the last four years.

  • Missing the point – UN employs terrorists!
    By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff - October 6th, 2004  The international media this week buzzed with the news that Israel had accused the UN of allowing its ambulances in Gaza to participate in terrorist activities, only to back down when local representatives of the world body fought back. But far less attention was given to the fact that the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) in the Gaza Strip openly admitted Monday to having Hamas members on the payroll.

  • Life without UNWRA
    National Post - October 05, 2004  In the short term, eliminating UNWRA would pose logistical challenges: Other agencies and nations would have to step in to deliver the humanitarian assistance the agency provides. But in the long term, it would be in the Palestinians' own best interests. It has long been believed that UNWRA would keep operating until Palestinians and Jews made peace. But given the organization's role in abetting terror, the world cannot wait that long.
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  • High Church hypocrisy and other humiliations
    By Jonathan S. Tobin - - October 3, 2004  As in the case of the Presbyterians, the drift of Episcopal activists toward support for anti-Israel measures is not necessarily reflected by the general membership of the church. Most ordinary American Episcopalians, like their Presbyterian counterparts, will soon wake up to discover that their representatives have signed on to a measure that obligates them to wage economic warfare on the Jewish state.

  • The war against the People of the Book
    Israel Insider - October 6, 2004  The great temptation will be for Jews and Christians to say and decide: better to sacrifice the legacy of the Bible, abandon the nation of Israel, and take our chances at peace with a billion Moslems. The burden of a Jewish state, some will say, is just too great.

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