Newsletter #204     Friday, October 1, 2004

Feast of Tabernacles - Sukkot

Weekly News & Views
  • Palestinian State: Questions Without Answers
    by Israel Zwick - - September 28, 2004  Let's try to take a realistic view of issues that may arise with the establishment of a Palestinian state and how they may be addressed by the nascent state. There are many questions that come to mind, so we'll just ask the questions and leave it to the reader to determine the answers.

  • Misguided Anglicans
    Jerusalem Post - September 26, 2004  ...Instead, while Western civilization is increasingly menaced, Israel - the sole democracy in the region - is singled out for rebuke and sanctions because it dares defend itself against those who would destroy it. In what moral universe are Israelis, who must defend every bus, caf , and kindergarten against terrorists, more worthy of censure than the terrorists themselves?

  • The U.N. and the war on terror
    By Daniel J. Gallington - Washington Times - September 30, 2004  Last week, the president was in New York to again beat on the United Nations and member nations to do more in the war on terrorism. While admirable, it was probably a waste of his time. Despite the antiterrorism rhetoric of the U.N. and the major world powers, and with the very significant exception of Great Britain and a few others, we are in a world war against radical Islam by ourselves. And we will continue to be in it by ourselves no matter who wins the election in November.

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  • Our national confusion
    By Carolyn Glick - Jerusalem Post - October 1, 2004  The Palestinians disorient us by playing a double game. They conduct a war against us while simultaneously projecting their aggression onto us by pretending that they wouldn't be killing our babies with rockets and mortars and bullets and bombs if we hadn't killed terrorists the day or week or month or year before. So our babies die, and if the Palestinians are successful as they generally are, we spend weeks and months blaming ourselves.

  • Monitor the Mount
    Jerusalem Post - September 28, 2004  We do not know, of course, whether the danger of collapse is exaggerated. We do know that if there is a collapse, the magnitude of the human catastrophe could be enormous. We also know that, no matter how loudly our government warns of danger and complains about its self-imposed lack of access, the blame for a disaster will be laid at Israel's doorstep.

  • Bush, Kerry, and the Jewish vote
    Jeff Jacoby - - September 29, 2004  For countless American Jews, loyalty to the Democratic ticket is as automatic as breathing. But America in 2004 is very different from the America of 50 or 100 years ago. American Jews owe it to themselves to base their political loyalty on something stronger than force of habit. Those who vote for Democrats (or against Republicans) because that's what their parents and grandparents did ought to take a closer look: When it comes to the issues they care about most, their loyalty may be misplaced.
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Feast of Tabernacles

  • You Know It's Sukkot in Jerusalem...
    by Judy Lash Balint - - September 29, 2004  May we all experience the true joy of Sukkot and merit to see the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash.

  • A Holiday of Impermanence and Fulfillment 2004
    Israel Insider - September 29, 2004  This evening the Jewish people, and many Christians as well, observe the start of the weeklong holiday of Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, celebrating the impermanent nature of all things and the fruits of the first harvest.

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