Newsletter #202     Friday, September 17, 2004

May the New Year bring you Health, Peace, and Prosperity.
Happy Rosh Hashanah

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Rosh Hashanah

  • Jews Worldwide Celebrate Rosh Hashana staff and AP, The Jerusalem Post - Sep. 16, 2004  The Jewish New Year rolled in at midnight, and throughout the world, millions of Jews celebrated Rosh Hashana at home and in synagogues.

  • New Year's Thoughts and Wishes from Israel
    By Reuven Koret - - September 15, 2004  Rosh Hashanah is the traditional time for Jewish reflection. Looking back on the year past, we have been through a lot. Those of us who care about the fate of Israel and the Jewish People have reason to be concerned deeply.

  • What American Jews Need to Think About this Rosh Hashanah
    By Dennis Prager - - September 14, 2004  However many Jews may live lives alienated from their God and Bible, it should be obvious to anyone that Jews have a special role to play in the world. Whether non-Jews like it or not, and whether Jews are aware of it or not, Jews carry the burden of God-based universal morality in the world. That is why the most evil of any generation direct their venom first at the Jews.
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  • The Real 'Root Cause' Of Global Terror
    By Evelyn Gordon, The Jerusalem Post - Sept. 13, 2004  Most of the tactics now being used by Iraqis and Chechens were invented by the Palestinians. It was the PLO that invented airline terrorism, with a wave of hijackings in the 1970s; it was Hamas that turned suicide bombings into standard practice; even the grisly Chechen takeover of a school in Beslan this month aped the PLO's takeover of a school in Ma'alot in 1974. But such acts, far from discrediting either the perpetrators or their cause, turned Palestinian statehood into an international cause celebre.

  • The Whole World Is Watching - Three years of terrorism since September 11.
    By Victor David Hanson - National Review Online - September 10, 2004  Ask yourself: What do a Russian ten-year-old, a poor black farmer in Darfur, an elderly pensioner in Israel, a stockbroker in New York, and a U.N. aid worker in Afghanistan have in common? In the last three years, they have all died in similar ways: Unarmed and civilian, they were murdered by a common cowardly method fueled by a fascist ideology.

  • Terror Against Israel, Terror Against Humanity
    By Suzanne Fields - - September 16, 2004  It's certainly true that violence against Jews can hurt others. Turkey is home to 30,000 Jews, the largest community in any Muslim country. When suicide bombers trained by Al-Qaida targeted two synagogues in Istanbul, they killed six Jews - and 54 others who were Muslims, Christians and followers of other religions (or of no faith at all).
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The Conflict

  • Talking to a Brick Wall
    by Angela Bertz - - September 13, 2004  It seems absolutely incredible that after 4 years of Palestinian terrorism there are still people foolish enough to consider talking with Yasser Arafat.

  • Yasser Arafat's Bad Year
    By Efraim Inbar, The Jerusalem Post - Sept. 13, 2004  The gloomy fortunes of Arafat reflect the general situation of the Palestinian enterprise. We see a fragmented society under the rule of thugs and local warlords, united only by entrenched hatred toward the Jews and by ingrained penchant for violence. Indeed, the conflict with Israel brought much destruction on the Palestinian economy, its infrastructure, and social fabric.

  • Documents show Arafat paid for disco bombing
    By Aaron Klein - - September 15, 2004  Yasser Arafat paid $2,000 to the family of a Palestinian suicide bomber who attacked the beach front Dolphinarium dance club in Tel Aviv in 2001 (killing 21 people, mostly teens, on a Friday night in June 2001) and then sent the terrorist’s father a letter in which he praised his son’s murderous act, according to documents captured in a recent Israeli operation that were released yesterday.

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