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By Naomi Ragen - - September 7, 2004

I have not been able to recover from the terrorist attack in Beslan. Terrorism is not the enemy. Terrorism is a tactic of the enemy. Who, then, is the enemy that fights all those who identify with the civilized world -- the world in which children and their mothers are cherished and protected, even in war? The world in which school buildings, and ambulances, and hospitals, and holy places are respected and left out of armed conflicts as neutral zones? The world in which children are taught to love thy neighbor, even if he is different and follows another religion? A world in which there can be no excuse for wiring a school building with explosives, starving children and shooting them and their mothers in the back when they cry, and finally blowing up the roof over their heads, burying hundreds in rubble?

The enemy is the man who shot Tali Hatuel when she was nine months pregnant and then shot her four little girls in the head at point blank range. The enemy is the man who blew up elderly Holocaust survivors at their Passover Seder in Netanya. The enemy is the man who blew up the nightclub in Bali, who laid the bombs on the train tracks in Madrid. The enemy is the political framework that trains this man and rewarded him. The enemy is the country or countries that financed the political framework. The enemy is the leader of these countries. The enemy is the religious leaders of these countries, who did not teach their people right from wrong. The enemy is the congregations who sat through the hate-mongering sermons.

The enemy is the head of the family who went home and beat his wife, and strapped suicide belts on his sons, and slit the throats of his daughter and sister for supposed violations of the family honor. The enemy is the child who grows up in such a culture and becomes one of its perpetrators. The enemy is the Western nations who turn a blind eye, looking to excuse this behavior so it will not have to do anything about it. The Sunday Telegraph, Le Monde, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Bild, all claiming the problem is that the Russian government has brought this on itself by angering the Chechans. It is the victim who is to blame. Just as Israelis deserve what they get. Tali Hatuel deserved what she got. Her little girls. The little children of Beslan. The only way to stop the murderers of children from murdering is to give into their demands, these newspapers claim.

I disagree. The only way to stop murderers from murdering is to destroy them.

And if you say this is impossible, I say: think back sixty years. The Thousand Year Reich is the dust of history. We destroyed their leaders, their governments, their buildings, their youth movements, their philosophy. We destroyed it all. We didn't negotiate. We didn't appease. We didn't try to show them our softer side. We uprooted the evil from mankind, because no negotiations, no fence, no signed agreement, no borders, no words were effective against them.

Long before September 11, I wrote: If an Israeli grandmother and her grandchild are not safe in a playground, than no grandmother and no grandchild anywhere in the world are safe in a playground.

If the children of Beslan were not safe in their school, then no child and no school is safe anywhere in the world. Until this enemy is destroyed root and branch, without mercy or equivocation.

The breakdown in morality which we witness everyday is finally engulfing us. Those in the Western news media who call armed terrorists, men who wire schools with explosives and murder women and children, "hostage-takers" and "militants" are setting themselves up to mourn their own children.

A generation ago, fifty million people died because the reaction of their governments and their religious leaders and their press came too late. The Neville Chamberlains saw to that. Too late. And for us, who have our Shimon Peres', and our Yossi Beilins, and our Chiracs, and our Kofi Anans, and Michael Moores and John Kerrys will it also be too late?

For the children of Beslan, the answer is yes. And for your children?

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By Shmuley Boteach - Jerusalem Post - September 8, 2004

Jew-haters of the world, rejoice! It turns out, after repeated denials by the world Jewish community for generations, that you were right all along. There really is a conspiracy on the part of the Jews to take over the world.

And all the guys who said that America went to war in Iraq due to Jewish pressure – august personages such as Senator Fritz Hollings, General Anthony Zinni, Congressman Jim Moran, and Pat Buchanan – have now been vindicated.

The Israeli government, through its Washington Mossad office – also known as AIPAC – was behind the war all along.

At least, that's the impression one would get if they were to follow the media's coverage of the recent FBI investigation into AIPAC.

The influential American-Jewish lobby for Israel is being investigated for passing to the Israeli government a classified Pentagon position paper, given to them by analyst Larry Franklin, on Iran. Never mind that this secret position paper was only a draft and that it was none too secret either, its contents having been published a year ago in The Washington Post. As far as the mainstream European and fringe-American media are concerned, AIPAC has finally been exposed for what it truly is – a central peg in the world Jewish conspiracy to rule the world.

The equation works something like this. The Israeli government, through AIPAC, controls the neocons in the Pentagon, mostly a bunch of smart and scheming Jews like Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and Harold Rhode. The brainy and conniving Jewish neocons, in turn, influence the less intelligent but hawkish likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who in turn control that dufus Bush.

In this way, the Jews have completely co-opted American foreign policy, sidelining the Arabist State Department and launching the war in Iraq in order to protect Israel from the madman Saddam.

Don't laugh. While the above twaddle was once the preserve of conspiracy nuts on the Internet, the investigation of AIPAC has now made such inane speculations the preserve of some of the world's most prestigious news agencies. Here, for example, is how the BBC reported the AIPAC news on its Web site. Let's see if you can connect the dots:

The Israeli government has strongly denied reports that a senior US Defense Department official spied for Israel. The suspected spy is said to have links to Douglas Feith, a key adviser to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Mr. Feith, along with Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, is believed to have played a key role in planning the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Get it? The spy who works for Israel works for Feith who, along with Wolfowitz, engineered the American entry into Iraq.

The British newspaper The Guardian, which is much more open about its antipathy toward Israel, decided not to beat around the bush: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes that an Israeli spy has infiltrated the highest level of the Pentagon and may have tried to influence United States policy towards Iran and Iraq, it emerged last night."

For The Guardian, the story is no longer about "a trusted Pentagon analyst" who may have passed on a classified document. It is now an "Israeli spy" who was planted in order to push America toward war. So you see, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion had it right all along.

The fact that Europeans would go for such twaddle is par for the course. After all, these are the people who believed for 1,000 years that the Jews are vampires who drink the blood of Christian children.

THE TRULY puzzling thing is why the FBI chose to believe it as well. How else to explain why the agency decided, of its own volition, to suddenly conduct surveillance against AIPAC?

According to The New York Times, the investigation into AIPAC came about when "a squad of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents" began "surreptitiously tailing two men – lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and one of their contacts turned out to be a policy analyst at the Pentagon."

Now, given that the FBI has its hands full trying to protect the United States from Islamic extremists, what were they doing tailing a bunch of pro-Israel lobbyists? Is that what the US is really afraid of – a bunch of Jews in suits?

Even if this policy paper was indeed passed on by AIPAC (which they fervently deny) to America's foremost ally, Israel, does that really constitute a breach of national security? Is the United States afraid that Israel would share its position paper on Iran with an Arab government?

Yes, yes, say media outlets, who reported that this investigation is serious precisely because Israel may have passed on national security secrets to Ahmed Chalabi, who in turn passed it to the mullahs of Iran.

So we are expected to believe that Israel is sharing secrets with an enemy dedicated to its destruction. Sounds plausible to me.

But there is one serious problem with all this conspiracy stuff: If the Jews control the White House and the Pentagon, why did they allow the FBI to slip through their fingers?

Far from being strong, the Jews are, unfortunately, very weak. More than 70% of American Jews will vote for John Kerry in the upcoming election. Yet they could not persuade him to make a single reference to Israel's security in his Democratic nomination acceptance speech in Boston.

Of course, central to the argument that the Jews control the world is the idea that Jews are incredibly intelligent. But their support of Kerry – a man who pledged to fight a more "sensitive war on terror," pledged to send Jimmy Carter as his personal representative to the Middle East, and told an Arab-American audience that Israel's security fence is "another barrier to peace" – over George W. Bush, the most stalwart supporter of Israel ever in the Oval Office, should easily refute that allegation as well.

The writer is a nationally syndicated radio host in the US.

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By Mona Charen - - September 10, 2004

If it's an election year, it must be time for my quadrennial column urging Jews to vote Republican. Though I feel a bit like Sisyphus, I'll try not to be a sourpuss.

Here are some of the questions I usually get on this subject:

Everyone knows that Republicans tend to be rich, snobbish and anti-Semitic.

This may have been true 25 or 35 years ago, but no part of that cliche is true today. In the first place, as Karl Zinsmeister has recently noted in The Wall Street Journal, most rich people are now Democrats, not Republicans. (Republicans tend to be the party of the middle class; Democrats the party of the rich and the poor.)

As to snobbery, it's been out of fashion for 50 years. Reverse snobbery tends to be more of a problem. But anti-Semitism has clearly migrated from right to left during the past several decades.

Think of Cynthia McKinney, former congresswoman from Georgia who slurred Jews but nonetheless was supported in her 2002 bid for re-election by Democratic Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Or consider that hero of the Democratic Party Al Sharpton, who rose to fame, in part, on the strength of riot-mongering aimed at whites and Jews.

It is simply impossible to imagine someone like Sharpton being welcomed and celebrated at the Republican National Convention. Further, a recent poll by the Institute for Jewish and Community Research in San Francisco found that more Democrats than Republicans hold anti-Semitic views. Only 12 percent of Republicans agreed that "Jews care only about themselves," while 20 percent of Democrats held that view.

Republicans support Israel only because they think it portends the Second Coming of Jesus

I've always had trouble understanding this objection. I don't think it's true, but even if it were, what's the problem? In fact, Republicans support Israel for many reasons. They tend to support all democracies fighting off non-democratic enemies (Taiwan and South Korea, to name two others). They sympathize with Israel's predicament as a tiny outpost of enlightenment and liberty amid a raging sea of fanaticism and backwardness. They appreciate Israel's loyalty to the United States. Democrats, by contrast, tend to see Israel as the oppressor of the Palestinians -- "a people of color," in the argot of the left -- and therefore as unworthy of support.

It is true that some Protestant Republicans have religious reasons for supporting Israel. They read the Bible literally and believe that the land was given to the Jews by God. Some (though I've never heard this said by any Christian, only by Jews) may further believe that Jewish sovereignty in Israel is a prerequisite for the Second Coming.

Why is that troubling? It ought to be comforting to Jews. After all, would you prefer to have someone on your side because they like you (which can change) or because they believe it is part of G-d's plan for the world to have a Jewish homeland? As for the end times, maybe they're right, and maybe they're wrong. We can leave that part to G-d. For now, Jews should know who their friends are.

There was very little talk of Israel at the Democratic National Convention this year, probably because the delegates are not fond of Israel. The delegates are always to the left of the party regulars, and wherever you find leftists you find hatred for Israel. From college campuses, to some elements in the press, to the anti-globalization movement, to candidate Howard Dean calling Hamas members "soldiers," left-wingers have little love for the Jewish state.

In 2002, when Israel was enduring almost daily suicide attacks on its civilians, it was Majority Leader Tom DeLay who shepherded through a strong congressional resolution expressing solidarity with the people of Israel. On another occasion, when Sen. Mitch McConnell attempted to brand the PLO a terrorist organization, then-Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle blocked it as "counterproductive."

At the Republican Convention, by contrast, Israel was invoked often and affectionately, and each mention was met with rousing ovations.

Finally, Israel has had no better friend in the White House than George W. Bush. It would be a well-deserved expression of appreciation if Jewish votes provided the margin of victory for this best of all friends to Israel.

The writer served as deputy director of Communications & Policy Planning in the prime minister's office under Binyamin Netanyahu.

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By Ryan Jones - Jerusalem Newswire - September 8th, 2004

The Jerusalem Post this week carried the story of Mohammed Abu Kainas and his son, Rami, both of whom were arrested by the Palestinian Authority for allegedly “collaborating” with Israel.

Both men, along with seven other alleged collaborators captured recently in Gaza, are currently being prosecuted by a PA “court.”

If convicted, they will be summarily executed by their “government.”

This is not a new phenomenon. The PA regularly hunts down those residents under it control who are suspected of cooperating with Israel’s security forces in the battle against Islamic terror.

But while this scene is not uncommon, what continues to amaze is the lack of attention it receives from Israel, Western governments, the international media, and so-called “human rights” agencies.

The Palestinian Authority - Israel’s ostensible peace partner and the organization that has pledged itself to root out anti-Jewish Islamic terrorism - is set to execute a Palestinian father and son for cooperating with Israeli forces in their battle against the terrorists.

Does this not bother anyone?

Where are the human rights organizations? Why do they devote so much time to protesting Israel’s security fence, but have not opened their mouths publicly over the PA’s murder of its own citizens? Citizens who, it should be pointed out, have done nothing wrong but to act according to the spirit of the Oslo Accords by joining together with Israel to eliminate the scourge of terror.

Where is the international outrage over the fact that the PA would not only violate its signed agreements, but that it would actually kill anyone under its authority who attempted to fulfill those commitments?

How is it that no one cares that the PA behaves in this way?

The PA is actually defending the terrorists by prosecuting and executing those who would protest the use of their neighborhoods and the recruitment of their children by the terror groups by aiding Israel in its war on terror.

And this is not cause for concern for a world so obsessed with Middle East peace?

Does this not speak volumes about the Palestinian Authority’s true intentions?

In the United States, regular citizens are encouraged to be on the lookout for possible terrorists, and to immediately report their whereabouts to security forces so that the threat can be eliminated.

Palestinian Arab civilians are murdered by their own “government” for doing the same thing.

And Israel is supposed to trust the PA to be a partner for peace? Israel is supposed to place the security of its citizens in the hands of an organization that defends terrorism by executing terror’s detractors?

Either the world is insanely naïve, blind, or continues to harbor a deep-seated hatred for the Jews, not to mention the average Palestinian Arab.


"Every one of the innocents who died on Sept. 11 was the most important person on Earth to somebody. Every death extinguished a world."
-- George W. Bush - December 11, 2001


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