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"In the Shadow of Death"
A dark journey of madness, brutality and the slaughter of the innocent, into the light of hope and heroism.
Sunday, November 9, 2003
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Uri Elitzur - Jerusalem post - October 30, 2003

The "vision of a Palestinian state" is something we have already tried. In the 10 years since Oslo, particularly the last three, we have seen what the Palestinians intend to do with the tools of independence and statehood, if they are given them.

They already had a state-in-the-making, and they used it to build a huge terrorist base and a society mobilized and incited to hate Israel.

The Palestinian Authority did nothing to promote its own people's economy and welfare. It used all the tools of government in its hands in order to cultivate the terrorist capabilities of many systems and organizations, and in order to educate masses of people from kindergarten to old age towards war, hatred, and suicide terrorism.

If the PA has been a swamp of terrorism, corruption and incitement, then the Palestinian state will be a whole lake. It will grow a center of international terrorism, and will be totally mobilized towards war over the next phase of "liberating Palestine."

This also has objective reasons: the Palestinian state - the one from the Bush vision or the Beilin dream - is a dwarf country, territorially splintered, and devoid of any economic infrastructures or resources. You cannot squeeze two states into our tiny land, between the Mediterranean and the Jordan. There is hardly room here for one state; you have to be blind not to see that.

Why are there so many blind people among us, some of whom are intelligent and wise in every other area?

Because we are living under terror. Terror is a first rate cause of political blindness and of the phenomenon of hallucinations and illusions. Terror distorts its victims' judgment, it makes them feel as if they share the guilt, develop dependency on the aggressor, and have baseless faith that a simple solution to the situation is hiding around the nearest corner. Every terrorist knows that, and all terrorism is built on that.

Therefore, the first step of any political plan has to be defeating terrorism. It is not a security but a political matter. It is a precondition for the very existence of political judgment. No political plan has any hope unless it is preceded by a decisive defeat of terrorism, not just militarily but conceptually.

No peaceful solution has any chance unless every child in Gaza and every analyst in every news media in the world knows that terrorism has been militarily defeated, and caused the Palestinian people only harm, and that every person and every organization that engaged in terrorism has disappeared from the political map.

And this solution is not hiding around the nearest corner. It is far away, and the path to it is strewn with obstacles, mines, internal divisions and pain. It requires the courage to say: No, my friends - there is no political horizon right now and no negotiating table, because there is terrorism.

The idea that a political solution can appear instead of defeating terrorism is the illusion that keeps the political horizon infinitely distant.

The road cannot be shortened. A political solution will come only after terror is defeated.

That is the first step in a three-phase political plan. The second phase is a long interim period during which Palestinian self-rule will be established under Israeli responsibility; the third phase is a region-wide permanent settlement, in which not only Israel but also Egypt and Jordan will be required to allocate land towards resolving the Palestinian problem.

I am sure that is the solution that will come at the end of the process, but the process might last 50 years. Therefore the question that matters to our own lives, and our main role towards a solution, is the first phase: defeating terrorism - unequivocally, without compromise and without illusions.

The writer, former bureau chief of the Prime Minister's Office, is editor of Nekuda, monthly of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.


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by Beth Goodtree - - October 29, 2003

The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center (JMCC), a Palestinian Arab polling and media group, just released the results of their latest poll taken among the Palestinian Arab population. Like any good poll, it merely shows statistical answers to questions; the conclusions are left to be drawn by others. And if one reads the latest poll released by the JMCC, it is abundantly clear that Palestinian Arab society suffers from psychotic thinking most closely resembling schizophrenia.

Before you see the poll results that lead to the above conclusion, a few definitions are in order. According to The World Book Online, the term ‘psychosis’ is defined thus: "...a term used to describe a severe mental illness.... The most common psychosis is schizophrenia." Meanwhile, the same reference defines schizophrenia as "... a splitting of the mind. It refers to the characteristic schizophrenic behavior of withdrawing from reality and thinking in illogical, confused patterns."

The JMCC poll questioned the Arab Palestinians in several areas of interest, including what they thought of the ‘Roadmap’, the Intifada, suicide bombings, and what result they wanted to see come of their latest actions and behaviors.

Here are some of the poll’s results, which show a duality of thinking comparable to schizophrenia plaguing the Palestinian Arab thought processes:

In the Introduction on the JMCC ‘Latest Poll’ page, one of the points made is, "Most Palestinians believe in achieving their national goals through both negotiations and armed struggle..."

Here is the proof of illogical and even delusional thinking. The ‘Roadmap’ clearly states, as does Israel, that there will be no negotiations or progress as long as there is what the Palestinian Arabs call ‘armed struggle’ and what the civilized world terms terrorism. Even Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, in his infamous speech recently, stated, "For well over half a century we have fought over Palestine. What have we achieved? Nothing. We are worse off than before. If we had paused to think then we could have devised a plan, a strategy that can win us final victory."

The JMCC poll clearly shows that Palestinian Arabs believe that meaningful negotiations can exist alongside ‘armed struggle’, despite concrete and continuing evidence to the contrary.

Results of the same poll stated that 75 percent of the Palestinian Arab population endorsed the October 3rd suicide/genocide bombing in the Maxim restaurant in Haifa, in which 21 Israeli men, women and children were murdered.

Further proof of this is the following statement from that poll: "The majority of Palestinians believe military operations (including suicide bombings) against Israeli targets (including Israeli civilians) are a suitable response to Israeli occupation within the current political situation. Most Palestinians support military operations both inside Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory."

‘Suitable response’ implies that a certain behavior will generate a certain outcome. Time and again, without fail, the outcome of Palestinian aggression has been loss of political ground, as well as economic, territorial and human losses. Yet, unlike any thinking and reasoning creatures, they illogically continue along the same self-destructive path. Even lab rats in a maze learn that if they touch an electrified portion of said maze, they must alter their path. Illogical and confused thinking, unchanged by repeated negative results, fits the aforementioned definition of the psychosis of schizophrenia.

However, this societal schizophrenia did not develop overnight, or in a vacuum. It took years and years, over an entire generation, to become a full-blown psychosis. It was not merely nurtured, but force-fed to an entire society, through disinformation, outright lies, and unrelenting propaganda from cradle to grave. The main proponents of this mass psychosis have been not merely Yasser Arafat, but the entire Arab/Muslim world.

When one hears in their places of worship, on television, and in their schools such confabulations as Jews use Arab children’s blood to make food, and Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs, one’s whole view of reality becomes not merely distorted but delusional. And according to the definition of a psychosis, delusional thinking is a key symptom.

When one is taught to revere and aspire to committing mass murder of non-combatants as a way to achieve holiness, that person is doomed to become psychotic within a larger society that views mass murder (as opposed to fighting and/or killing military personnel in a legitimate war) as either evil or evidence of mental defect.

Yet, in spite of this mass indoctrination of the Palestinian Arab society with a distorted view of reality, it might still have emerged mentally sound if not for the behavioral reinforcement of merely the Arab/Muslim world, but also the UN, America and Israel. The UN, as well as varying administrations in both countries have repeatedly failed to punish bad behavior in a consistent manner. At various times, both governments have rewarded such bad behavior as suicide/genocide bombings with concessions like prisoner releases shortly afterwards. Such inconsistent behavioral reinforcement is a key cause of mental illness.

Left alone, the prognosis for the Palestinian Arab society is poor. Their delusions will only get worse and their prospects for their own country will diminish in proportion to said delusions along with the accompanying behavior. What is needed is not some other ‘peace process’ but a total re-indoctrination of a generation of people. They must unlearn the lies they have been raised on and must be taught what is acceptable and healthy behavior. Then, and only then, can talk of peace be fruitful.

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By Stan Goodenough - JNW Editorial - October 24, 2003

So what's the big deal with the so-called Geneva Accord - the "agreement" concocted by a cabal of Israeli non-officials in cahoots with second-tier Palestinian leaders, and sprung upon the unsuspecting Jewish public just a few days ago?

Certainly it has some very dangerous, potentially disastrous elements, chief among them the offering up of Israel's holiest site in exchange for another Palestinian paper promise, this time that they will no longer insist on the "right" of their people to "return" to pre-1967 Israel and thereby flood out the Jews.

Yes, the agreement is enjoying the blessing of Shimon Peres, Oslo-Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's eminence gris and the bastion of the Israeli left. It has also been smiled upon by Yasser Arafat, the man who more than any other has devoted his life to the destruction of Israel.

And yes, it is gaining currency and support abroad, first and foremost among the antisemitic French, who are wasting no time in trying to launch the agreement into the arena of international diplomacy for all to back and applaud.

All these are reasons for serious concern, and provide justification for blowing every possible hole into the "Geneva" before she slides off the slipway to be floated as the peace policy of a future Israeli government.

But the real threat posed by the Geneva Accord is glaring us right in the face. For this agreement is working right now effectively to increase support for the "Road Map" - a plan bent on creating a de facto Palestinian state within the next few months.

Reacting to the unlawfully spawned Geneva plan, many who before it was unveiled were opposed to the Road Map are now pointing out that the latter is the legitimate policy of Israel's democratically elected government.

And far from being shipwrecked by unrelenting Palestinian terrorism, the Map is being maneuvered into becoming, not just a Bush administration - or Quartet-sponsored peace plan, but the official Middle East policy of the entire United Nations, with no veto or no-vote from the United States.

For as those most concerned for Israel's security and survival persuade the Sharon government to denounce and dismiss "Geneva," they are inadvertently encouraging Israel to back right into the maw of the Road Map.

On October 9, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Dan Gillerman, warned that the Arab bloc was trying to maneuver the Security Council into fully backing the Road Map.

Today, instead of Syria - the only Arab state currently seated in the Security Council - it is Russia that is preparing to bring a resolution endorsing the Road Map in the council.

The US has said it will support the Russian draft, although Friday it called on Moscow to postpone presenting it to the council for another few weeks.

So, is "Geneva" helping to bring this about by accident or design?

Of the many things that can be said about chief leftist Yossi Beilin - the man who specializes in holding negotiations with Israel's blood-soaked foes behind the backs of its democratically elected governments - stupid is not one of them.

In his latest trick, Beilin has erected a smokescreen behind which he is likely working frenetically to see the Road Map gasp its way back into life.

The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines a smokescreen as:

1. A mass of dense artificial smoke used to conceal military areas or operations from an enemy.

2. An action or statement used to conceal actual plans or intentions.

Watching the way things are unfolding, I'd say both definitions rather precisely describe what the Geneva Accord is all about.

Update October 31: Russia introduces UN resolution endorsing Mideast 'road map'


By Itamar Marcus - Palestinian Media Watch - October 29, 2003

Here is a "religious" homily recently disseminated
on Palestinian Authority TV:

"History is repeating itself. Muhammad was besieged by two powers, Persia in the east and Rome in the west. Persia represents Russia, and America stands for Rome. Persia fell first, just as Russia fell first in the east. And America will fall, may it be Allah's will, just as Rome fell."
In other words, hundreds of millions of dollars in annual U.S. aid for the Palestinian Authority and President George W. Bush's support for a Palestinian state notwithstanding, the Palestinian Authority's message remains staunchly anti-American.

And the message has had an impact. A poll supervised by pollster Frank Luntz and released this week by Palestinian Media Watch, indicates that Palestinian hatred of the U.S. is deep and ingrained.

The poll found that 42 percent of Palestinians support attacks on American forces in Iraq; 74 percent said they supported Saddam Hussein in the war; and only 37 percent feel the World Trade Center bombers were "terrorists."

While the Palestinian Authority promotes the myth that hatred of the United States is due to American support of Israel, it is clear that Palestinians have a unique disdain for the U.S., the "Great Satan," independent of its relationship to Israel.

The Palestinian Authority promotes an ideological world view that goes beyond the confines of its conflict with Israel. Civilizations are at war, the Palestinian Authority teaches, and the U.S. is the leader of the enemy coalition. Thus, as leader of the democratic non-Muslim West, the U.S. is ancient Rome waiting to fall.

Our monitoring of Palestinian Authority broadcasts shows they give pan-Islamic meaning to the war with Israel. The Palestinian Authority depicts Israel as an arm of the U.S. and preaches that fighting Israel is essentially fighting America in its war against Islam and Arabs.

Ahmed Yousuf Abu Halabiah's message - broadcast several years back - remains operative:

"Kill the Jews and those Americans who are like them and those who stand with them; they are all in one trench against the Arabs and Muslims. Because they created Israel here inside the beating heart of the Arab world, in Palestine, they created it to be the vanguard of their civilization, the vanguard of their armies, to be the sword of the West and the Crusaders, over the necks of the Muslims." (Palestinian Television, October 13, 2000.)
Indeed, a more recent televised Friday sermon by Sheikh Ibrahim Madiras carried much the same message:
"We hear statements by the little American president, oppressive statements. He says Israel has the right to defend itself These statements carry destruction for America itself This president sees himself like one who has ascended to the mountaintop and like one expecting someone to push him so that he falls into the abyss, he and his people with him. We warn the American people that this president is dragging them to the abyss. [Allah] take vengeance on Your enemies, our enemies, enemies of religion." (Palestinian Authority TV, October 10, 2003.)
Plainly, according to this worldview, the Palestinian Authority fights Israel because it represents the U.S.; it does not hate the U.S. because it supports Israel. In that vein Ibrahim Madiras recently called the U.S. "the foremost enemy of the Muslim nation," comparable to the evil Pharaoh of the Bible. (Palestinian Authority TV February 21, 2003.) This is a curious metaphor, since the Pharaoh persecuted the Jews.

This theme -- that America, not Israel -- is the foremost enemy has been actively promoted by the Palestinian Authority for years. America is also accused of being imperialist, colonialist, a usurper of land and human rights, an enemy of the Arab world and a killer of Iraqi children.

In the months before the Iraq war, the official Palestinian Authority newspaper cosponsored a rally in support of Iraq. Palestinian Authority media reported how demonstrators "praised the role of Iraq and commander Saddam Hussein and stressed that Iraq's land will be a graveyard for the American soldiers...." (Al-Hayat al-Jadida, December 19, 2002.)

During the war, the Palestinian Authority actively endorsed killing Americans and even produced a music video celebrating the deaths of U.S. soldiers, which was broadcast repeatedly on TV.

When, in the early days of the war, a suicide bomber killed four American soldiers, the Palestinian Authority renamed a square in the Jenin refugee camp after the bomber, Ali Jafar al-Na'amani.

How does all this square with what happened last week when three Americans were targeted and murdered by Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip? The Palestinian Authority leadership rushed to condemn the attack and pledged cooperation in hunting down the killers. But this condemnation was hardly sincere. It should be understood as part of the kind of verbal gymnastics required to keep USAID money flowing and American support for Palestinian statehood on track.

Want to know the Palestinian Authority's true attitude toward the U.S.? Watch for the eventual naming of a street after last week's killers


“Don’t worry about our democracy. Arafat lives, and not only is he healthy, but he is very active in organizing acts of murder against women and children.”
- Ariel Sharon, asked by Irish parliamentarian David Norris how Israel could talk about “executing Arafat if it is indeed, as it likes to say, the only democracy in the Middle East.
“They only call me when the battery of Arafat’s mobile runs low – never when Israeli families are wiped out by Palestinian suicides…”
- Ariel Sharon, commenting on European parliamentarians. Source: DEBKAfile

An Interview with Norman Podhoretz

By Manfred Gerstenfeld - Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs | October 28, 2003
· A trend toward increasing indifference in the Jewish community is being countered by a return to religious observance.

· The second Palestinian uprising in 2000 had a profound effect on American Jewish attitudes toward Israel. Most American Jews who care about Israel take their cue from the Israeli government, and in Israel, public opinion had also shifted, leading to the Labor party's dramatic demise in the 2003 elections. But had the Israeli left won the debate, American Jews would have gone along as well.

· An important characteristic of American Jewry is that it remains stubbornly liberal despite realignments and evidence that neither the friends nor the enemies of yesterday have the same attitudes today. Like most non-Jewish liberals, the majority of American Jews were against the war in Iraq. Nevertheless it has been assumed all over the world that support for the war was disproportionately high among Jews.

· As early as 1969 I wrote that the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism was only theoretical and was becoming invisible to the naked eye. Jews and non-Jews alike attacked me for saying this. By now, the truth of this observation has become so obvious that fewer and fewer people deny it.

· The main target of anti-Semitism is now the State of Israel. Anyone who truly cares about the Holocaust and wants to avert another one has to be absolutely firm about the safety and security of Israel.

Read the full interview
"You walk down a street named after a suicide bomber to drop your child in a school that celebrates suicide-bombing and then pick up some groceries in a corner store whose walls are plastered with portraits of suicide bombers."
Columnist Mark Steyn, from Palestinian death cult


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