July/August 2000

"Napoleon" Strikes Again

by Ruth and Nadia Matar

Dropping all pretense that Israel is a democracy, Ehud Barak has purportedly stated during his visit to Europe that even if only 25% of the Knesset supported him, and even if he had only a minority of nine ministers behind him, he would still sign an agreement with Arafat giving up huge portions of the Land of Israel. Spoken like a true little dictator.

No other people living even in a pretended democracy would tolerate such high handed disloyal behavior from a purported leader. Planning to first sign a treaty with the unpunished murderer Arafat, and then use the controlled Israeli media to promote acceptance of such an "Agreement" by the Knesset (including his reliance on the unanimous vote of its Arab members)is his obvious strategy. He will then allow the dissolution of the Knesset and go to the People for new elections, abandoning Shas, with whom he shares no common goals.

Using his tactic of scare, he will run on a "peace" platform of having brought our boys home from Lebanon, and now finally having arranged peace with Arafat who will be our loving neighbor in a State of his own. Arafat again will promise to be a good boy. Of course, the usual Chamberlain slogans of "no more war in our time" will be paraded out. The media will be telling us in typical Carville-Clinton style that the alternative to rejecting the "Agreement" is war with the Arabs, and no sane person would want that.

No one will mention that innumerable loss of Jewish lives will follow when Jews live under the realm of Arafat and his successors. No one will point out how the Palestinian State will arm itself to the teeth with missiles and other heavy equipment, and join in the destruction and conquest of Israel at the first opportunity. Nor will it be disclosed that the war that will follow will be more bloody, and more costly because of the concessions that Barak and his predecessors have heretofore made to Arafat.

Barak has initiated going to Camp David, where Clinton's Carter-like twisting of arms will wring more disastrous concessions, will cause the loss of more Jewish lives, and threaten Israel's very existence. Will you remain detached, and allow this catastrophe to occur? Minister Natan Sharansky has recognized that going to Camp David spells disaster for our People. He says that there is no consensus for such a summit; that dire consequences will follow from it. Accordingly, he is handing in his resignation this Sunday at the weekly Cabinet Meeting.

Forty Thousand Mothers, also recognize these dangers and will re-invigorate their protest against the disastrous policies of Barak. They will be outside the Rose Garden in Jerusalem, opposite the Prime Minister's Office, this Sunday, July 9, from 8:30 to 10:30 A.M.

Source: Women In Green

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