March/April 2000

The Land will Mourn

E. Narrett
7 Adar II, 5760
March 14, 2000

"The Jewish people have proved throughout all its history that it knows how to deny the words of incitement uttered by its enemies. The Jews have not changed; this is clear after 52 years of independence." (1)

According to a new poll Gallup conducted for the Inter-religious Coordinating Council (ICCI) a 'major Jewish Organization' in the making headed by Dr. Ron Kronish, "Israelis genuinely understand the major purposes of the Pope's visit to Israel" (2). "There is a high degree of awareness" that the Vatican has recognized the State of Israel (hip), has apologized for the Shoah (hip) and "has declared that it opposes anti-Semitism" (hurrah)! Thank goodness for the purity of "declarations" and the value of "recognition" from the cultic center of a creed that believes itself to be the "true" or "perfected" Israel to which the old, hard-hearted original needs yield the right of way.

Understand that Dr. Kronish and the ICCI are not simply applauding. They hasten to add that the growing acceptance of the "major purposes" of the Pope's triumphant tour is not yet perfect, even as the Pontiff piles one equivocal apology upon the last for the "sins committed by the Church in the service of truth," ahem. But Kronish wants to be sure that Israel does its part in the apologetic parade. Educational programs in Israeli schools, so indicates the poll, do not adequately "encourage understanding and mutual respect for the Catholic Church. 'More and better education on this topic and about Christianity and Christians in general will be necessary in the years ahead,' said Dr. Kronish, a veteran educator in Israel" (3). The people are not yet sufficiently enlightened, and will have to be further "educated," or should one say, 'brainwashed"?

Breadth of sources is essential to understanding, as all "veteran educators" know. But there was some information the pollster was too discreet or too ignorant to mention to Israelis. The poll didn't ask respondents to comment on the Vatican-PLO Bilateral Agreement that on February 15 demanded that Jerusalem be ruled by "international statute" and affirmed the "inalienable national rights of the Palestinian people," to an independent state in the heart of the Jewish homeland. There does indeed seem to be room for improvement in understanding and respect on the part of the Church and Vicar of Rome for the Jewish people whose Land the Palestinians mean to obliterate and whose lives they mean, at minimum to exile. But who wants to spoil the party, even if its delirium resembles a totentanz?

Some aspects of Catholic-Jewish understanding indeed need refinement, though they might impair the ability of the poll to serve internationalist propaganda. John Paul II and his bureaucracy have somehow overlooked for the 21 years of his pontificate the curiously inscribed statue of Jesus by a bridge into the old city of Prague. In 1696, town officials forced Jews to pay for the pedestal to be engraved in gold leaf with the Hebrew words, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts" (Isaiah 6:3). After three hundred and four years and the passing away of Hapsburgs, Nazis and Communists, the kindly Czechs still have not managed to remove the blasphemous public insult to Jews. They have, though, in the spirit of John Paul II's rejection of anti-Semitism placed an explanatory placard nearby (4). Mea maxima culpa! This 'apology' must cancel out the Vatican-PLO denial of Israeli sovereignty in Judah and Jerusalem.

The Vatican has "officially acknowledged the State of Israel" (a secular string bean stretching from Ashdod to Haifa) but it still trembles at the quality of Jewish blood and the potency of Jewish emblems. Reports are that the Vatican has asked Magen David Adom to remove the shield of David from its ambulances "lest the symbol of world Catholicism receive aid by an ambulance marked with the symbol of the Jewish people" (5). After all, that "star" awakes memories of the holocaust for which the pope has earnestly apologized and why rake up those embers again? For the sake of education, recall that it was not Jewish appearance, race or observance mainly that obsessed and bothered Hitler, but Jewish blood. "He poisons the blood of others," Hitler wrote, sounding very much like an Arab journalist, "but preserves the purity of his own. The Jew is a parasite, always on the lookout for new hosts for his race, a destructive bacillus.The powers of darkness are stretching forth their polyp-like arms to suck us dry." It was the mystique of German blood endangered that was at the core of Hitler's and apparently not only Hitler's hatred and fear of Jewish blood. "The Jewboy lurks, waiting for the unsuspecting girl whose blood he violates," and "just as he systematically violates women and girls, so also he contaminates the bloodlines of others" (6). Perhaps Jewish blood still is regarded as a contaminant, though Jewish medical skills remain greatly in demand. Thank goodness the pope's representatives have issued statements to the press affirming that the Vatican "is sensitive to Jewish feelings."

Hear! Hear! Let there be "more and better education" on other topics, like the quality and style of what the Vatican terms, "inalienable and legitimate" Palestinian national aspirations. In that spirit of enforced understanding, Education Minister Yossi Sarid is requiring that poems of Mahmoud Darwish be taught to Jewish school children. Just as Hitler saw Jews through the lens of Dracula, so Darwish refers to them as "winged insects" (7). The message of his poems to Jews is, "get out, get out, get out of here, get off of our continent, get out of our sea, get out of everything!" That's pretty clear, in the service of mutual understanding and the peace process. Harel congratulates Minister Sarid for "exposing the truth about the poetry of the Palestinian National Poet." Perhaps the Catholic primate, concerned as he is about "Jewish sensitivities" (if not Jewish sovereignty) ought to receive an autographed volume, if he does not already own one.

Some of us remember late September 1996, when the opening of an exit door for the tourist tunnel northwest of the Temple Mount prompted Palestinians to an orgy of Jew killing. They were aided in those days by the weapons Shimon Peres and his predecessor had given them, and by the reluctance of his successor Netanyahu and his Defense Minister to respond assertively. A dozen Jewish soldiers were killed in an open vehicle near Joseph's Tomb in Shechem, ravaged by the Arabs. It has taken more than three years for students at the yeshiva there (who run an Arab gauntlet nearly every day) to gain approval to repair the floor. No sooner had they completed the work, than the Arabs objected to the "change in the status quo and demanded that the army destroy the works." And being good Jews who obey laws that penalize Jews, the Jewish soldiers did just that (8). Shimon must be proud. Being that the pope so greatly favors "peace" and "mutual understanding and respect," perhaps he would like to address this issue? Does his holiness [sic] believe that Jews should have the right to repair a floor in their yeshiva? To enter and exit to pray without being barred or harassed? Ask him, for the sake of "education" and inter-religious respect.

Israel has grown so wealthy and secure in its ability to make peace, no matter what its neighbors demand, that it subordinates Judaism to a kind of democracy that works one way, in which "equal protection" is as much a fraud as in politically correct America. The High Court of Aharon Barak has imposed its "enlightened opinion" on the nation again by declaring that the Jewish Agency, established to buy Land for settlement by Jews is discriminatory. It allows Arab villages and regions within the green line to bar Jews from dwelling (as all Arab nations do, in law or in fact), and now knocks down the pillar of Zionism. "So the Law of Return is also discrimination. So is the concept of a Jewish state," commented an attorney. "There is a schizophrenia in the Court's thinking [by which] 'Jewish' doesn't mean anything more than 'democratic.' Why are the Jewish values of the state given pre-eminence if Israeli legislation if not because Israel 'discriminates' against non-Jewish values? In order to resolve its schizophrenia, the Court is eliminating any real content in the term, 'Jewish values'" (9). In the morphology of ideas, it is not unlike the schizophrenia of the Church that bases its claim to authenticity and authority on the Scripture of the Jews and at the same time denies the covenant God sealed, confirmed and re-affirmed in that Scripture with the Children of Israel. Like the Church, the state apparatus of Israel is sick at its root. "I made them affluent, but they acted adulterously.From a nation such as this, shall My soul not exact vengeance?" (Jeremiah 5:7,9).

Israeli police are beating Jewish women in Hebron. Israeli construction workers, at great expense, are leveling hills and paving precious soil in Galilee to make parking lots for the pope. The top politicians in Israel are straining every nerve of their little tiny wits to rationalize giving an entrance to the heartland to a regime that protects Nazi war criminals, supplies armies of Jew-killing terrorists and cranks out anti-Semitic agitprop in mind-numbing volume. It is being done, they say, for "peace" and "understanding." Israel is so powerful, they claim, it can afford to make ever more "sacrifices for peace." "They have forsaken Me," said Hashem, observing an ancient type of the worship of democracy, ecumenical gestures and internationalized cults. "They have completely betrayed Me.and they have said, 'No harm will come to us,'" because we seek more dialogue with Christians and different religions. Perhaps there will be so much "dialog" that they will gather wood, kindle fire and knead dough to make pastries for the 'queen of heaven.' Is it God they are provoking? Is it not bringing shame upon themselves what they are doing, claiming "we will never see sword or famine.' Their false prophets will become like wind, for the word of God is not with them. Therefore this people will be consumed like wood, and a powerful nation is coming from afar." (Jeremiah 5:7-15, 7:18-19).

No, the Jews have not changed, not enough of them; this is clear. "Their ear is blocked and they are unable to listen" so eager do they remain to pet and be petted by those rushing to wipe them off the face of the earth. In this way it is still that "My people are stupid, they have not recognized Me and they are not discerning." Even now, "evil comes from the North, the destroyer of nations." A few steps into the future and one will peer back and say, too late, "I saw the Land and behold, it was void and empty! The heavens, their light was gone! The fertile field had become a wilderness and all its cities decimated." There will be more deaths and disgrace until the sleepers shrug off their smug ignorance about the Vatican-Arab agenda and see that unless they awake "the entire Land will become a wasteland." If there is not a Jewish Israel, "for this the Land will mourn (Jeremiah 4:6-28).

Eugene Narrett teaches at Boston University.


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