HEBRON: Message to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Shalom Prime Minister Netanyahu,

Millions of friends (Jews AND Christians) are standing behind you. Ahead you may see enemies and powerful men urging you to betray promises made to your friends. Faces of the enemy ahead may be contorted with hate or twisted with a deceiver's sidelong glance, but don't be afraid. It is all smoke and mirrors. Walk straight and tall as King David and King Jehosephat.

The PLO has given every reason to say no to further negotiations. Stand proud and tall for the Jewish people in the strength of our God.

Just say, "NO!"

"No" to further concessions!
"No" to giving another inch of Jewish land!
"No" to giving without getting!!!

We are behind you-a powerful force more compelling than the empty cardboard men who seek to prevent the Jewish people from rejoicing in the promises of God. And daily our numbers grow as more people recognize the absolute evil of forces that seek to destroy the Jews.

There is no turning back. Where will you go? We are a high wall behind you and we will NOT retreat. So there is only one choice. Stand up to the enemy and be true to God and to your friends.

We are your brothers, Bibi --Jews and Christians around the world!

Stay strong!!!!

Blessings upon Israel,

Norma Archbold

This Message to Prime Minister Netanyahu is by Norma Archibald, who wrote THE MOUNTAINS OF ISRAEL (THE BIBLE & THE WEST BANK)...Available from CFICEJ for $10.00, postage paid.

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