Jews and Christians, Under Islam ...

Christians align themselves with the Muslim world and its objectives at their peril.

Jews and Christians have suffered under Muslim rule from the inception of the religion. Mohammed himself instituted the tradition of abusive, often murderous treatment of the "People of the Book" by the followers of Allah.
"[T]he policy the Arab prophet adopted towards the Jews of Medina, and the Jews and Christians of the oasis of the Hijaz determined his successors' policy towards the native Jewish and Christian inhabitants of territories conquered subsequently. The Jews of Medina were either plundered or expelled from the town or massacred, except for converts to Islam and women and children, who were reduced to slavery. As all these decisions were justified by Allah's revelations inscribed in the Koran, they became normative and obligatory in the strategy of the jihad (holy war against non-Muslims)." (Bat Ye'Or: Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam )
And as Michael the Syrian recorded:
"[F]rom the beginning of the empire of the Arabs, they went out to take prisoners, to pillage, steal, ambush invade and destroy whole regions during all of Mohammed's life."
By the time Mohammed died in 632, nearly all the tribes of the Hijaz had rallied to Islam, and the "Peoples of the Book", Jews and Christians, were paying tribute to the Muslims. On his deathbed Mohammed expressed his desire that "two religions should not exist within the Arabian peninsula." (Ye'or)

It was a desire invoked by Caliph Omar Ibn el-Khattab, under whose rule the Muslim Arabs pillaged and sacked numerous towns, massacring or deporting and enslaving the populations.

"This was the fate of the Christians and Jews of Aleppo, Antioch, Ctesiphon, Euchaita, Constantia, Pathos, (Cyprus), Pergamum, Sardes, Germanicea (Marash), and Samosata to cite but a few examples." (Ye'or)
The ensuing centuries saw expanding Islam terrorise Christians and Jews throughout North Africa and parts of southern Europe, as far as the gates of Paris.

... and, now, under Arafat

Arafat has truly earned the right to call himself "Omar's heir".

The list of the PLO's crimes against humanity is a long one. His numerous acts of terrorism against Jews are well-documented and readily available to the public at large. Somewhat less well-known, but not unpublished, are the atrocities he and his PLO committed against the Christians of Lebanon during their reign of terror in that once-Christian land between 1975 and 1982:

Girls as young as 12, nuns, grandmothers and others were brutally raped, from Beirut in the north to Tyre and Sidon down south.
Many rape victims had been kidnapped from their homes.
Many were murdered after the PLO had finished violating them.

Like Omar's bands, Arafat's men pillaged and destroyed the Christian town of Damour in 1976, massacring 10 000 of its 30 000 inhabitants and, after the rest fled, turning the town, including is churches, which they desecrated, into a PLO stronghold.

The PLO's vicious occupation and brutalisation of Lebanese Christians was only ended by Israel's "Operation Peace for Galilee", known by the world as the "invasion of Lebanon".

Moderate Muslims too earn his wrath.

During the PLO's reign of terror, Ali Bader al-Din, the imam of the Lebanese village of Arouf, refused to inject Palestinian nationalist themes into his sermons at the village mosque. He resisted until the 19th day of the Muslim fast month of Ramadan (1982), when he disappeared. A few days later his body was found by a shepherd under a bridge. In an attempt to forestall a possible protest, the PLO ordered his funeral to be held at night, even though this is contrary to Islamic practice.

After the funeral, some 5 000 persons gathered for a memorial service at the imam's home which so alarmed the local PLO strongman that he asked Yasser Arafat immediately to come to the village.

Arafat came and addressed the villagers of Arouf, then singled out the murdered man's 10-year old son, Mohammed:

"It was the Zionists who killed your father," Arafat told the boy: "He is a martyr to the Palestinian revolution."
The PLO chief then pulled out his Czech-made automatic pistol and gave it to the boy, saying:
"When you grow up you will avenge your father's death."
Arafat also offered money to the imam's family, which they refused. The imam's brother later handed the gun over to Israeli authorities. (The New York Times, July 25, 1982)

A similar case concerned the mukhtar of Ansart, whose political statements made him unpopular with the PLO. One night they attacked his village and surrounded his house. They tied up the mukhtar and his wife and forced them to watch as they raped their daughter, killed her, sliced off her breasts and left her mutilated body on their doorstep. (The Jerusalem Post July 23, 1982)

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