Israel Report

July/August 2003         

El Maleh Rachamim
(the memorial prayer)

By Reva Sharon - Jerusalem - August 19, 2003
Shortly after the bombing of Bus Number 2 as it was making a return trip from the Western Wall. Hours after the tragic bombing of UN Headquarters in Iraq that killed and maimed innocent victims of terrorism, and our prayers were with those victims.
When the homicidal terrorist boarded the bus he saw it was filled with people, many of them children. He saw them, he saw their innocent faces, the light of life in their eyes. Blood lust surged as his fingers stretched to detonate his bomb. Within seconds he was nothing but gore. He was a willful slaughterer with dreams of 70 virgins waiting for him in paradise – but there will be no paradise, no virgins, he is nothing now but soulless gore. Nothing. That is what the Palestinians are worshiping as shahids -- soulless nothings without a place in eternity.

One reporter on the scene said there was a river of blood flowing from Bus Number 2. This was the blood of innocent people, many of whom were returning from prayers at the Western Wall. Within seconds after the evil bomber’s blast innocent people were torn and bleeding, limbs severed, several immediately dead, others dying soon after, some with wounds so severe they will suffer for the rest of their lives. Even a two week old baby, with severe wounds, a baby whose life will forever be bounded by the wounds, if indeed this baby survives.

And within the hour some international reporters were slyly feeding excuses, even before any of the terrorist groups claimed responsibility. Last week Islamic Jihad promised retaliation because one of their leading terrorists was killed when he refused to surrender to Israelis who were trying to prevent him from executing his next bombing. Another glibly repeats the Arab propaganda that Israel also kills innocent people – repeats this as Israelis lie dead or bleeding in the street – and then qualifies it by saying it is not quite equivalent since the Israelis are not targeting those innocent people.

What she did not say was that in every war situation innocent people are killed during actions. Israel is fighting a defensive war, in the latest battle in our war for survival since before our state was born. And soon after that came the comments that if Israel responds it will derail the Road Map. Not once did any reporter say that the bombing derailed the Road Map.

Abu Mazen was meeting with representatives of the terror groups when it happened. He condemned it, but not by showing real leadership and saying it was a crime against humanity, no, he said it was not in the interest of the Palestinian people. His condolences are as fake as the videos the PA is making supposedly showing a terror incident that the PA sends forces to stop -- but it is all staged in order to try to convince America to pressure Israel into more concessions.

Yes, fake, but our blood is not fake, and our dead children are not fake, and the suffering wounded and widows, widowers, parents, families and friends of the victims are real, and bleeding with broken hearts.

There should be nothing less than a total freeze by Israel. There should not even be talk of turning over any more territory to the Arabs. They must cease incitement, hatred, and teaching vile anti-Semitism, and there must be total destruction of the terrorist infrastructure. No excuses from Abu Mazen – he signed on for the Road Map and said he would comply. He has not, and has offered excuse after excuse why he will not. It is clear that the Arab world still does not accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state, and that the Jewish people have thousands of years of history in this land. Until they do accept there will not be peace. Until they learn to value life there will be no peace.

In the meantime we grieve even as we stand strong. Even as we pray, El Maleh Rachamim....

Also by Reva Sharon;

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