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January 2002         

Lying, Palestinian Style

By Irwin N. Graulich - January 22, 2002
The check is in the mail.
The dog ate my homework.
Arafat had nothing to do with the Iranian weapons on the Karine-A.

Just your average daily lies.

The souls throughout much of the Arab and Muslim world have become infected from the top on down. This “lying virus” originally manifested itself on a leadership who learned to blame outside factors for their own failures, predominately Israel, Jews, and Americans. The disease spread via their media, who became dangerous carriers. Finally, people on the streets caught this deadly lying rash, burning effigies of George Bush and Ariel Sharon as a hopeful cure.

The most important macro value in a society is truth. When such a vital concept is lost, evil ultimately prevails; which is exactly what has become of Israel’s Oslo peace partner. Palestinians have followed in the footsteps of most of the Arab/Muslim world by mastering the big lie technique. Americans and Israelis, although inoculated with a democratic injection, become quite ill from exposure to the rhetoric of a Saeb Erakat, Hassan Abdul Rachman, et al. Only Ted Koppel and Peter Jennings respect the lies.

Hanan Ashrawi, serial liar par excellence, just makes it all up as she goes along. But the beauty of this tactic, is that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes totally believable, as Hitler indeed proved. A famous Yiddish proverb states, “One can be talked into being pregnant (without sexual relations).”

Even the term Palestinian is part of the lie. To put this concept into modern, public relations terms, Palestine was a “brand” exclusively used by Theodore Herzl to describe a Jewish homeland. The Palestinians stole the brand for themselves in order to replace the Jewish homeland concept. Where are all the Jewish copyright lawyers when you really need them?

It was a rather brilliant marketing ploy. Imagine Pepsi taking the Coca-Cola trademark and placing it on its own packaging. However, it is not “the real thing” inside. There are Palestinian Jews and Palestinian Arabs. In fact, a good solution for Israel’s dilemma would be to reinvigorate the Palestinian “brand” by adopting the name once again to describe Jews, perhaps in the Jewish settlements.

One of the key rules of marketing is never to dilute a brand by allowing others to kidnap it The trademark becomes meaningless, allowing a Palestinian in 2002 to inherit the qualities and moral character of a Jewish Palestinian of 1948. With the brand distinctions blurred, similar values can be claimed by the two sides equally. So Arafat and Sharon are both freedom fighters… or are they?

Virtually every media term used by the “new” Palestinians is a fabrication. “Occupied territories” implies that Israel somehow forced itself into the West Bank unprovoked. How about the fact that they won it from Jordan in a war designed to annihilate the Jewish State. Hello! “Aggression” is another word constantly tossed around. Has Israel ever once attacked the Palestinian population for no reason, or has every single Israeli response been in self-defense, for an attack by Arafat’s Fatah, Islamic Jihad, and Hamas subsidiaries? Who initiated the attack and who responded is the critical issue here.

Palestinian Arabs who live in Israel are overwhelmingly decent people. They have embraced democracy and learned Jewish values. The disease has not been allowed to spread from the incubators of the West Bank and Gaza.

The Palestinians do not realize how the Arab/Muslim world has used and abused them, not Israel. They were thrown out of Jordan, Lebanon and Kuwait, becoming hapless pawns in a chess match designed to shift blame away from incompetent totalitarian regimes. Had they embraced Israel, learned from it and become Israel’s real partner in “truth, justice and the American way,” they would have developed into a thriving entity just like Israel.

However, most of the Arab and Muslim world does not want another successful democracy nearby, especially an Arab one. It would accentuate the total failures of their own system. Instead, the likes of Saddam, Iran, Syria, and bin Laden use the Palestinians for their own selfish goals; concluding with an attempt to destroy Israel and America. Wake up Yasser.

But alas, the lying continues. There is actually a museum in Cairo devoted to the Egyptian victory over Israel in the 1973 war. The Arab press blames the Mossad for the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Suha Arafat says Israel is using poison gas on Palestinian women and children. The mainstream Arab press has become synonymous with the most outrageous fiction, even more so than The National Enquirer.

Approximately 35 years ago, when the PLO was being formed, Hollywood produced a movie called “A Guide For The Married Man.” A major part of the story told married men who were caught red-handed, cheating on their wives to simply “deny, deny, deny.” It clearly worked in the film. Yasser Arafat must have been at the initial screening taking careful notes.

{ Irwin N. Graulich is a Jewish Motivational speaker. In addition, he is president of Bloch Graulich Whelan Inc., a leading marketing and communications company in New York City. }
© 2002
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