Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

Loftus Details Litany of Dirty Tricks Aimed At Jews

by Leila Speisman, Staff Reporter, The Canadian Jewish News, October 22, 1997

Toronto - Sometimes North American Jews don't know who their friends are, lawyer John Loftus told a gathering at Shaarei Shomayim Synagogue sponsored by Israel Bonds.

But then, we don't have many, if Loftus' speech, which garnered him a standing ovation, is any indication.

The British, American and Canadian secret services have consistently undercut Jewish and Israeli interests, sneaking Nazi war criminals into western countries, sabotaging Israeli arms needs and interfering in commerce, Loftus claimed.

His allegations come from an accidental discovery he made while doing research in the secret U.S. archives in Maryland in the course of his work for the attorney general's Nazi-hunting unit.

"I got lost in the labyrinth of the archives," he related, "and I stumbled on files that no one was supposed to see until after 3015."

What he found there so upset him that he resigned from the unit and devoted himself to writing and talking about his discoveries, including making a dramatic appearance on television's 60 Minutes.

His speech detailed a stunning litany of dirty tricks that had the near-capacity crowd alternately eerily silent and gasping in indignation.

In the dying days of the Third Reich, he said, the British secret service decided that the new danger to the world came from communism and there was a need to recruit eastern Europeans to fight this threat.

"Without telling their respective governments, the Canadian external affairs and U.S. state departments gave passports to the dregs of Hitler's army - most went to Toronto, and the rest went to the United States."

After Loftus' 60 Minutes expose, Alti Rodal, who worked for the Deschenes Commission investigating Nazi war criminals in Canada, interviewed him.

"I gave her all the information I had, and it was included as an appendix to the commission report. With every word blacked out. That's the truth about Canadian history.

"You've been lied to," Loftus charged. "Next to Argentina, Canada has the highest population of Nazis in the Western hemisphere."

Loftus then turned to the controversy over Nazi gold and the Swiss banks.

During World War I, when the Americans passed the Trading with the Enemies Act. German investments were at risk, both German investment in the United States and American investment in Germany.

The Dulles brothers, John Foster and Allan, Loftus said, began to act for German and American (and Canadian) investors, persuading American and Canadians to invest in Germany.

"When the Depression came, millions of their dollars were invested in Germany, money which was used to pay reparations assigned by the Versailles treaty.

"By 1939," Loftus said, "70 percent of the money that had been used to rebuild the German economy came from U.S., Canadian and British investors."

When it became obvious that German investments might be in danger, the Dulles brothers started investing in Switzerland, moving money from Germany and German families (including Jewish ones) to Swiss banks, which by then were protected by the oaths of secrecy.

After the war, he said, Jews not only could not access their own or their relatives' bank accounts, but could not collect on life insurance policies held by Swiss insurance companies, "either because they couldn't prove death [by death certificates] or had let the payment lapse while in the concentration camps."

The whole process, Loftus said, was neither pro-Nazi nor anti-Semitic; it was just about greed.

"Americans and Canadians genuinely like Israel, and your Parliament and our Congress consistently support her."

The problem, he said, is the bureaucrats. "It is in North America's national interest to get a cheap supply of oil. The Arabs have it and Israel doesn't," Loftus said flatly. "So we sold you out. In every war, we worked against you."

Not only did the United States sell Israeli secrets to the Arabs in the 1956 and 1967 wars, but in the 1973 Yom Kippur war, in order to punish Israel for its intransigence in not bowing to Henry Kissinger's peace policies and to keep oil flowing. "Kissinger asked the secretary of defence to hold off sending Israel aid for seven days," by which time, he thought, Israel would agree to any suggestion.

Israel was saved, Loftus said, by General Alexander Haig, who not only warned of the impending attack as soon as he learned of it if, but secretly shipped Israel a highly effective anti-tank missile.

Western sabotage of Israel's interests went back to the very foundation of the new state. In 1944 and 1945, Loftus said, the British Secret Service, suspecting the Toronto Jewry would send money for arms to what was then Palestine as soon as the war ended, asked permission to tap the phones of Toronto's Jewish community. In this way, they found out that arms were indeed being purchased for the resistance to the British occupation.

When word of this activity was leaked to the world press, Loftus said, no nation would sell Palestine arms - except Czechoslovakia.

It was because of a young Czech Jew, named Lev Hoch. "Hoch infiltrated the British Secret Service, and discovered a coup to overthrow the democratically elected, but left-leaning government in favour of a right-wing one that would include former Nazis."

Hoch stole the files detailing the plans, and offered to give them to the Czech government if they would sell arms to the Jews.

"When Lev Hoch died a few years ago, he received a state funeral in Israel. Of course, he had changed his name and done very well for himself in business, although some of his more recent activities were under investigation. Didn't you wonder why Israel would give a state funeral to a crook like Robert Maxwell?"

Canada's treatment of Nazi war criminals, Loftus said, in reply to a question, "will be a permanent stain. Its efforts were under-funded, burdened by inexperienced staff and ignored qualified people. The Deschenes Commission was a complete whitewash."

Book: Secret War Against the Jews

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