Who is the Oppressor in the Middle East?

Washington Times, October 7, 1996

Who is killing peace?

When the Israelis add an opening to a tunnel in Jerusalem, Arab regimes protest.

When the Jews excavate their archeological site, the PLO wage a guerilla war, the Arab League stage diplomatic campaigns, and the world media is outraged.

If Mr Yasser Arafat is angry, the United States hurries to invite Israel's prime minister, and Arab leaders, to discuss the matter. Arafat's indignation over a Jewish archeological tunnel mobilises the Arab regimes, and extracts crocodile tears from Western diplomats. Arab leaders in the Middle East and "Arabists" in the West are looking for an oppressor to be indicted, so the region will find justice, freedom, and the respect of human rights.

Yes, we agree with them, there are oppressors in the Middle East. Yes, there are criminals against humanity in that region. Yes, they should be exposed, indicted, and many even should be brought to the justice of history. We will tell them who the oppressors are.

Mr Arafat, you are one of them.

Last but not least, we hear The Arab League claiming its rights in Palestine and calling on world governments to help secure Arab rights, but... Middle East Christian Committee MECHRIC
[Coalition of Middle East and American Christian and Human Rights Organisations]

South Sudanese Movement of America; American Coptic Association; Assyrian American Committee; World Lebanese Organisation; World Maronite Union; Iranian Christian International; Pakistani Christian Association of America; Middle East Christian Committee; The Coalition for the Defence of Human Rights under Islamisation; representing 55 human rights organisations of Religious Freedom International; Wake Up Coalition.

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