A message to the people of Israel

The Jerusalem Post, December 30, 1996

When Gamla and Masada fell 2000 years ago, Jerusalem fell.

Today Hebron, tomorrow Jerusalem.

You have almost lost the battle for Hebron, and as you back away from your right, and your decision to build homes for Jews on Jewish-owned land next to the Mount of Olives (Ras el-Amud), we see that even the red lines within Jerusalem are being whittled down.

World-wide, the calls are growing for the redivision of your Holy City.

We disassociate ourselves from the unchristian statement placed by clerics as a full-page advertisement in the New York Times on December 21, 1996, in which they called on President Bill Clinton to pressure Israel into sharing sovereignty over Jerusalem, the historical and spiritual capital of the Jewish people.

It is inconceivable that Christian clerics should show more concern for the claims of the Arab/Islamic world than for what is written in their own Bible concerning Jerusalem. They could quote not even one verse to support their call for the redivision of Israel's capital.

Together with millions of Christians around the world, we want to say to your regathered nation:

"Do not lose heart
God has not brought you back to your land from the four corners of the earth (Isaiah 11:12) just to have you surrender your biblical and historical rights, and the security of the remnant of your nation, to those who have demonstrated their hatred, and their desire to destroy you.
You have been brought back to be a light to all of the nations
And a light to the nations you shall be!"
We stand in solidarity with you

"Thus says the Lord GOD:

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