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June 2001         

Life and Death in the Oslo Laboratory

By Uri Dan
June, 14 2001

- There is apparently no normal nation in the world that would be prepared to act as a guinea pig for an experiment whose results are known in advance, like the people in Israel.

From the start, like a brazen hussy, the apparatchiks of the Labor Party and the Left sold their poisonous wares as a "peace process," while at the same time the IDF Intelligence reports warned that the Palestinian terrorist war would continue from the new lines to which Israel would retreat.

The farfetched explanation of the politicians was: "Let's make an attempt, we must try, and if it doesn't work, We'll smash them. We'll restore the original situation."

An elected government has the right to determine its policy, as done by the Oslo governments, voted out of office by the electorate, as done by the worst government of all - that of Ehud Barak - which failed to honor its promises.

But the government of a democratic country, even if fatally undermined after the signing of the Oslo Agreements on September 13, 1993, is obligated to pay attention to the warnings of professionals if its policy endangers the security and peace of its citizens. Otherwise, the government will be justifiably accused of criminal negligence.

This is covered by the penal code.

Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and their assistants Yossi Beilin and Uri Savir, told the heads of the security services and the IDF generals to "change the disk," when in cold blood they made an entire nation participate in the Oslo laboratory experiment.

The then chief of General Staff, Ehud Barak, his deputy Amnon Lipkin Shahak, the head of the GSS Ya'acov Peri, and members of the Mossad, recorded in the protocols of the government their serious security reservations about the agreement. Some of them even gave grave warnings of what was likely to occur in the future.

However, like well-disciplined clerks, who give first priority to their little careers, cushioned by government or financial benefits, they "changed the disk." Not one of them, nor one of those who took their places, resigned in protest from their jobs, and this is indicative of the rottenness and decay that has permeated the defense establishment.

Even when the intelligence reports became increasingly grave over the course of time, Rabin's speech writer never forgot to include in his speeches that the prime minister acted as he did so that he could look orphans and widows in the eye and say that he had done everything possible to prevent bereavement.

Even when the "peace" process became one of terrorism and war, the media continued to support the head of the PLO, Yasser Arafat, and MKs like Avshalom Vilan, Collette Avital and, of course, Yossi Beilin and Yossi Sarid, gave him advice.

After all, how could they admit that their "peace" hero was only a clay idol that they had worshipped for so many years? And that this idol was actually a Trojan horse that they had brought to the gates of Jerusalem, even though they knew in advance that it formed a base for the terrorists and the Hamas and Islamic Jihad suicide bombers?

When they look at the dead face of the baby Yehuda Shoham, at the glazed eyes of the youngsters slaughtered in the Tel Aviv discotheque, and at the eyes of the bereaved parents, it is at long last clear to the majority of the Jews that they are no longer prepared to act as guinea pigs in the Palestinian death laboratory.

It is also similarly clear to those Jews that the person in charge of this laboratory is the doctor of indiscriminate terrorism, the Saladin of the lies and the violence, Arafat, and he will of course be defeated in a modern battle of Hittin.

It's true that there's now a new lie that they're trying to sell the public - The negotiations will be renewed if the terrorism is halted, and will be conducted with Arafat, because "he was chosen by his people," and he is therefore still a partner if he agrees to the Mitchell Committee's conditions.

Hitler was also elected in democratic elections. So what? Winston Churchill was never prepared to negotiate with him, despite all kinds of proposals raised, and fought against him until the bunker in Berlin. Because like president Theodore Roosevelt, he was able to differentiate between an enemy with whom one can sign a peace treaty, and a murderer.

Even the current version of the US knows how to make this distinction. It signed an agreement with a bitter enemy - North Vietnam - but Bush senior and junior both regard Saddam Hussein as a murderer who must be fought to the end. In the same way, Bill Clinton and, in particular, George W. Bush, are not prepared to forgive the arch murderer Bin Laden who murdered American diplomats and hundreds of Kenyans in Nairobi in August 1998.

Even if Shimon Peres still opposes the de-legitimization of Arafat, the day is not far off when even he will distinguish between an enemy - like Sadat and King Hussein - and a murderer - like Arafat.

©2001 - Jerusalem Post

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