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March 2003         

Israel's Keeper Neither Slumbers Nor Sleeps

By Jan Willem van der Hoeven - March 23, 2003
Road Map to Disaster
Special Section
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob could not allow the United Nations to share the glory with the United States of America of freeing planet earth from at least one ruthless dictator. Had the world body given its full support to Operation Iraqi Freedom, it would have been set up to soon do the bidding of the Muslim and Arab rulers and world and come down hard on little Israel.

The precedent would have been established for the UN to force Israel - a nation living on the land it regards as promised it by God - to surrender half of it to implacable enemies still committed to its destruction as a sovereign Jewish state.

This is the wish of the Quartet, made up of the spineless UN, the decadent Europeans, the often untrustworthy, duplicitous Russians, and the United States of America.

As the US government has just discovered for itself: despite the fact that the UN receives most of its money from America; despite the fact that Germany and France are in more than one way beholden to America; despite the many hours of deliberation between Russia's President Putin and President Bush on his ranch in Crawford, Texas; despite these realities, all these bodies were found wanting when it came to supporting the valiant, US-led efforts to rid this world of Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction.

If these bodies were prepared to endanger their own interests vis-à-vis the United States, why should Israel, which has no comparable incentives to offer the UN, Russia, France and Germany, ever trust the Quartet to be faithful and objective to the Jewish state's basic security needs? No, Israel will certainly be treated in accordance with those nation' self-serving interests, especially where they are impacted by the huge, oil-rich, Muslim and Arab world.

And, other than the United States, who are the Quartet members but the very ones who have just caused the US so many problems - Europe's Germany and France, the UN, and the Russians.

In the end, the US (together with Britain and a few others) went into Iraq to do what was right in spite of the fierce international opposition. Quartet or no Quartet, Israel should follow the great example of the United States and likewise do precisely what is in the Jewish State's own best defence and interest.

We should thank God that neither the UN nor the Quartet endorsed the valiant US actions in Iraq, for by their non-cooperation, these bodies have lost any moral authority they might have had to pressure Israel into acting against its own best interests and commit suicide by bowing to the 'Road Map.'

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