May/June 2000

Barak Within the Josephus Syndrome

Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst & commentator
May , 2000

As Josephus was called a 'Romanized' Jew, so too former General Ehud Barak must carry a similar title into his history. But, what best describes this little man with pretensions of being a 'shadow Napoleon'?

Napoleon, after all was a brilliant strategist, whereas Barak merely knows the foot patterns of stepping back. Shall we call Barak a 'Clintonized' Jew in honor of his mentor, paymaster and PR director? Clearly, Barak had his moment in the sun - as did Josephus. When both were dedicated to the nation, they were honored as such. But, a man's past is not mitigated by what he does in the future. Josephus became an instrument of Rome and, therefore, a traitor to Israel and the Jews. His past as a brilliant General was erased as he betrayed Israel by assisting a foreign power.

Where does that leave Barak as he becomes an extension of the policy of a corrupt, immoral American President who has other Middle East interests, well beyond the well being of Israel?

Barak, having accepted President Clinton's assistance in so many ways, belongs to Clinton - or as Clinton said: Barak is his 'new toy'. How does a General who first served his country so well, sink to such depths? And how can he do it when he has been quoted so many time expressing his opinion on the requirements of the safety measures needed to protect the country?

On May 20, 1993, then Gen. Ehud Barak, Chief of Staff, described absolutely the only military and strategic borders that would not make Israel a liability dependent on America instead of an asset. He referred to the Secret Memorandum of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff from June 29, 1967 which was ordered up by President Lyndon Johnson to determine the MINIMUM borders which Israel needed to eliminate the necessity of American soldiers coming to protect the State of Israel. In brief, the report stated that,

"if Israel was to survive, she must hold the Golan Heights further East than Kuneitra, all the areas around Jerusalem, most of Judea and more than half of Samaria along a line below the crest of the mountains on their eastern side, Gaza, Sharm el Sheik, al Awja on the Sinai/Negev border and a large enclave of the Sinai Desert facing Eilat on Israel's south-western border." (1)

PM Barak has chosen the same path as Josephus and has given his loyalty over to one of the most corrupt leaders that America has ever known. The Arabists who have enormous influence over President Clinton, the always hostile State Dept. and the Radical Left of Israeli politics seem to own Barak. Under Barak and his cult of the Left, Israel is being truncated into a segment so small that it cannot possibly survive the next war. Barak, at the behest of Clinton, has made common cause with Yassir Arafat's Palestinians and soon Israel's most dedicated enemy, Hafez al Assad of Syria.

Strangely, each 'gesture' made to 'show good faith' was instead perceived by the Arabs as the signs of a collapsing enemy. Instead of bringing peace, each 'gesture' ramped up the demands of the Arabs to unbelievable heights. The planned unilateral retreat from Lebanon has escalated attacks on the IDF, the SLA (South Lebanon Army) and the northern towns, villages and kibbutzim in Northern Israel, with Hezb'Allah telling Israel that no retreat is far enough. They say they want ALL the Land of Israel - from the Jordan Valley to the Mediterranean Sea.

Barak has become a "Clintonized" Jew as Josephus became a "Romanized" Jew. Daily Barak betrays the security and future of Israel in deference to foreign interests. It will make no difference if Barak and his co-conspirators of the Left are brought to trial at some future date because, by that time, the nation may be well on its way to oblivion. The next Diaspora will be a mad dash of Jews for other nations and those who can 't get out (or into another country) will face the un-tender mercies of all the Arab armies, seeking vengeance for their many humiliating defeats at the hands of the 'weak' Jews.

Be assured the Leftist Cult leaders will go so deep underground that no one will find them. I wonder if the Church will re-awaken what came to be known as 'the rat-line' which funneled Nazi war criminals into other nations, complete with new identities and passports. Will there be a Jewish 'Odessa' organization, linked to oil interests who will be grateful to those who brought Israel to her knees?

The question of how a leader slides into betrayal of his own nation is a question to be answered by psychiatrists. Perhaps it's simply that the makeup of the personality is amoral. He cannot distinguish right from wrong. The personality never matured and the man became a case of arrested development. The body grows to adult size but there is child or, at best, a teenager inside. We often see this in ego driven personalities who became dictators. Their belief in themselves is so complete that they cannot accept counsel from anyone - even experts in fields they cannot begin to understand. These personalties charge ahead, even after their mistakes surface.

I also cannot help but wonder what the people around Josephus would have done with him had they the slightest inkling he would become 'Romanized and eventually betray them and the nation.

Ehud Barak's abandonment of responsibility has been made even more clear by his long overdue response to Hezb'Allah attacks. When some 30 Katyusha rockets fell on the Northern Galilee with 20 on Kiryat Shmona at 6 P.M. May 4th, Barak had to finally retaliate. Had he done so earlier, perhaps it would have pre-empted that major attack that killed one soldier, wounded 25 civilians and sent 200,000 residents to their unprepared shelters. Many cars were burned and there were direct hits on some buildings, including an old-age home. Given the severity of damage to property, miraculously, there was only one death,

But, by Barak holding the portfolio of Defense Minister as well as Prime Minister, he demonstrates that he has little interest in defense of the country. It has been reported that he 'may' devote barely one day a week to this major responsibility that needs 24 hour, 7 days a week attention. His defense planning, instead of having a military view, is one of politics and public relations. In effect, Barak has abandoned his post of Defense Minister long ago as he drifted over to pleasing foreign interests instead of really protecting the nation.

As General Barak, he knew what had to be done but as Prime Minister Barak, he chose to forget being 'Mr. Security' - once again following in the footsteps of Josephus.

1. "Barak Quotes Joint Chiefs of Staff on Borders" by Gail Winston JEWISH PRESS 1993; 1996 & May 14, 1999 A copy of the Original "Secret" Map of the Secret Memorandum of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, dated June 29, 1967 is available on request. Please send your FAX number by Email to gwinston@interaccess.com


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