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4th Quarter 2004         

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  • Sorry, I don't buy the Sharon sell-out  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been increasingly coming under attack. In addition to the predictable assaults from elsewhere, many Jews -- both in the Diaspora and in Israel itself - claim that Arik is now abandoning Israel. Sorry, I just don't buy it.
  • Anniversary of the UN vote on Resolution 181
  • After Arafat   With Palestine Liberation Organization chieftain Yasser Arafat, the godfather of Islamic terrorism, now dead or dying in France, is there at last a real chance the Palestinians will achieve a democratic transformation that will enable peace to emerge? In answering this question, we should take an example from one of Mr. Arafat's guiding lights: Adolf Hitler.
  • More Than Slogans...  While it's true that Kerry has waffled on key aspects of his alleged support for Israel (i.e. it's not enough to say you're for Israel's right to exist {big deal} if you support policies and people contrary to this), this by itself--while worrisome enough--is still not the biggest headache. The problem goes much deeper.
  • Israel Has the Right  Israel has the right. The right to use its military forces to neutralize the terror groups that threaten its people, and the right to liquidate the evil men in those groups. The right and the responsibility.

From Last Issue

  • Schools Of Darkness  So thanks to German and American foreign aid, Palestinian children learn that Beersheba is a town to be liberated by killing Israelis.
  • False Hopes  The gaping chasm between the flimsiness of the justifications for the Gaza withdrawal and the enthusiastic hopes pinned on the initiative by the majority of the public suggest that we are reentering a period of messianic delusion.
  • The Bloody Games Must Go On  In contrast to the dead Israelis who still have no Olympic memorial or any Olympic recognition whatsoever, the IOC and the rest of the world consistently worships and sacrifices at the alter of the terrorists who murdered them.
  • Why Do We Support Israel?  Does the average American understand what's at stake?
  • Where Bush and Carter Converge  In the months before the US presidential election, it behooves those who desire an American victory against the global jihad to demand that the Bush administration finally discard the Carter doctrine once and for all.
  • Return the Israeli Flag to the Temple Mount!  the State of Israel exists for 56 years. Of these, we were truly, in the words of the Hatikvah, "a free people in its land" only for four hours. Those four hours were those in which the Israeli flag waved above the Temple Mount. Anyone with any sense knows that the Temple Mount is not holy for Muslims. The only reason why they are building mosques there is because this is the people of Israel's most sanctified spot, and their goal is to prevent us from gaining a foothold there. Turning the Temple Mount compound into a Muslim place of prayer is therefore not a religious act, but a political and warlike act, a sort of spiritual terrorist attack against the Jews.
  • The Other Refugees  ...a whole "Palestine industry" has arisen dedicated to the articulation of this group's point of view, while systematically ignoring that of the Jews.
  • Europe and the ICJ  How can Israel expect justice from an international tribunal on which no Israeli jurist is eligible to serve?
  • The Pattern of Palestinian Rejectionism  Perhaps the worst consequence of the ICJ ruling is that it will reinforce Palestinians' faith in their own innocence and victimization, and preclude a self-examination of their responsibility in maintaining the conflict. That suicidal self-pity has led Palestinians from one historic calamity to another, and is precisely the reason why Israel is now building the fence.
  • The Mighty International World Court of Justice  The UN established the International Court of Justice to 'settle disputes between states'. Palestine is not a state. It has only observer status in the UN. So why was this issue even brought to the court?

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