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1st Quarter 2005         

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  • Israel's Zero-Sum Game  The world wants Israel to make nice with a hateful people who are inveterate manipulators of the guilty, self-effacing Western psyche. After seeing all of the blown out shells of Jerusalem city buses on T.V., and even after 9/11, people in the free world still can't face the reality that it doesn't matter how much Israel gives. It still won't be enough, because the free world has allowed Palestinian Arabs and Islamic terror groups to make this into a zero-sum game—for Israel. And as long as their hatred and violence are rewarded, why would they change?
  • For this we want to commit suicide?  For not even a proper ceasefire Israel is willing to commit suicide and bring herself to the brink of civil war, while Israel’s enemies will exploit this lull in the fighting and the subsequent Israeli withdrawal from Gaza to establish there a bastion of deadly terror.
  • "Bantustan" Revisited  Are there local differences between Arabs? Sure, like there are differences between North Carolinians and New Yorkers. But just as Jews didn't ask for dozens of different states because their people came from dozens of different countries (including Jews whose families never left the land of Israel since the Roman wars), Arabs are not entitled to dozens of states at the expense of one for Jews, Kurds, or others as well. Yet, that is what Arabs expect.
  • Rejecting the "Payroll Solution" for Illegal Palestinian Militias  If the purpose of the exercise is to put a check mark on the Palestinian's Road Map "Do List" in order to move on to the creation of a sovereign Palestinian terror state in temporary borders then the "payroll solution" is the way to go.

From Last Issue

  • Sorry, I don't buy the Sharon sell-out  Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been increasingly coming under attack. In addition to the predictable assaults from elsewhere, many Jews -- both in the Diaspora and in Israel itself - claim that Arik is now abandoning Israel. Sorry, I just don't buy it.
  • Anniversary of the UN vote on Resolution 181
  • After Arafat   With Palestine Liberation Organization chieftain Yasser Arafat, the godfather of Islamic terrorism, now dead or dying in France, is there at last a real chance the Palestinians will achieve a democratic transformation that will enable peace to emerge? In answering this question, we should take an example from one of Mr. Arafat's guiding lights: Adolf Hitler.
  • More Than Slogans...  While it's true that Kerry has waffled on key aspects of his alleged support for Israel (i.e. it's not enough to say you're for Israel's right to exist {big deal} if you support policies and people contrary to this), this by itself--while worrisome enough--is still not the biggest headache. The problem goes much deeper.
  • Israel Has the Right  Israel has the right. The right to use its military forces to neutralize the terror groups that threaten its people, and the right to liquidate the evil men in those groups. The right and the responsibility.

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