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  • Why The Palestinians Are In Such A State  For 10 years, the world has been trying to give a state to the Palestinians and the Palestinians keep tossing obstacles in their path.
  • So, What Did We Get?  Finally, as has been the case since the "land for peace" equation was coined, the demands on Israel from the exchange of letters are all concrete while the demands from the Palestinians are not. They have to reform and fight terror but there is no "or else."
  • Why is This Pesach Different?  And we asked the same question, year in and year out for these thousands of years: "Why is this night different than any other night?" But this year, we should be asking ourselves another question: "Why is this Passover different than any other Passover?"
  • Terrorizing the Terrorists  By launching a brutal and determined execution campaign against the terrorist leadership, undaunted by world opinion, Israel can go a long way towards diminishing the scourge of "Palestinian" terror.
  • Occupation vs. Genocide  Can defenders of Israel find a magical word that would trump "occupation"? It would have to be one word – a word of truth – to defeat legions of lies. There is such a word. It is "genocide".
  • It's A World War  Spain and the rest of Europe must understand that, just like last century's threat to their future was fascism, this century it is the militant form of Islam, and that just like Nazism's in its time, the jihad's excuses for its mass-murders are not even worth a hearing. Europe must concede it is at war, and has no choice but to fight it until it is won
  • The Strange Case of Bethlehem   If Islamists can take over Jesus' birthplace, drive the Christians out, and use it as a base to slaughter Jews in Jerusalem, we're not doing well.

From JanuaryFebruary 2004

  • The Human Rights of Israelis  The International Court of Justice is at a crucial juncture in its history: to become another weapon in the terrorists' arsenal or to reject the gross abuse of the rule of law and the attempt to deny the equal value of the human rights of Israelis.
  • Do Not Condemn Them: Why the "Palestinian state" is bad for the Arabs  It is especially disturbing that the idea of establishing a Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank and Gaza is promoted by countless well-meaning people, who have the best intentions, but no understanding of the consequences the establishment of such a state will have.
  • Why We Support Israeli Settlements  Settlements and Israel are routinely blamed for the violence perpetrated against them without even a cursory thought being given to its actual perpetrators and their motivations, as though Arab violence was some sort of natural law, akin to gravity, that one ignores at one's own peril.
  • The Prospects of a Palestinian State and National Interests of the United States  The strategic goal of the US and Israel is to defeat terrorism and stabilize the Middle East, which is inconsistent with the establishment of a new terror-supporting regime on the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • 'A Call to Psalms'  Enough is enough. For the past 11 years, we have watched in dismay as Israel hurtled toward disaster. Friends and supporters of Israel should launch an international campaign, a Call to Psalms, which would unite Jews, Christians and others to pray on the country's behalf.
  • Sharon's Folly  The notion that Jews should be forced out of their homes and communities anywhere in the world is offensive. The notion that the Jewish state would order the forced transfer and destruction of Jewish communities is uniquely appalling.
  • Jordan is Palestine  Jordan is Palestine. Palestine is Jordan.
  • Aspiration, Not Desperation  Only when death worship is recognized as a basic tenet of Palestinian belief will it be possible to understand the challenges Israel and the world face from suicide terror.
  • Why is He so angry?  God is furious with the nations because of the way they have mistreated and persecuted Israel - the apple of His eye. (Zechariah 2:8)
  • A Matter of Life  A decade since its creation, the Palestinian Authority looms as an exercise in political futility.
  • For the Sake of Destruction  Calling for a bi-national state is code for the annihilation of the State of Israel and everything it stands for, politically and ecumenically.
  • Is This the Year?  Will it be this year when the efforts of the nations to thwart God's plan for Israel come up hard against the immutable Word of God?

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