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Israel Report
June 2003

  • D.O.A. - The Road Map  A little more than a month after its unveiling the road map to peace is effectively dead. The political process in implementing the road map will continue, but these will be nothing more than attempts to facilitate the illusion of peacemaking that has characterized the Israeli - Palestinian peace process since 1993.
  • The PA Versus the Road Map  The road map is an elaborate asterisk in the Bush doctrine, which holds that the punishment for supporting terror is regime change. If the road map does not work, the alternative is the removal of the Palestinian Authority.
  • Scanning the Road Map Scorecard  And so, when you put aside all the emotions the Middle East conflict arouses and examine just the facts, the conclusion is clear: The Palestinians cannot be relied upon to abide by their commitments, and they cannot be entrusted with a state.
  • Sharon's Unenviable Decision: [Life over pleasing Bush]  Sharon is faced with an unenviable decision. He can either combat terrorism to safeguard our lives and the future of our country or he can enjoy positive relations with the White House. As it is presently formulated, the Bush administration's Middle East policy leaves no room for maneuver.
  • The Sum Of Our Fears  The engines had just about cooled on the aircraft returning from the "roadmap" summits when the first two Israelis were axed to death. This was soon followed by the murder of five more.
  • 'Road Map' Demands a Double Suicide  Surprise: Israel does not agree to commit suicide. Surprise: the Arabs will settle for nothing less.
  • God's Road Map Is The Only One That Matters  It is time for Jews and believing Christians to declare openly the real problem with the “peace plan.” The plan runs counter to God’s explicit will with respect to the Jewish people. Thus the plan is doomed in the most profound, cosmic sense.
  • Israel's 9-11  It happened on Sunday, May 25th. The Jewish people watched in horror as a group of Israeli politicians crashed into the symbol of the Jewish people and Jewish culture and civilization, our Twin Towers.

From Last Month

  • The Bi-Polar Nature Of Middle-East Diplomacy  Bad intentions are rarely the cause of failed diplomacy. But when the diplomats fail to examine, or even care to examine the true situation on the ground, diplomacy is doomed. This is certainly the case with the current attempts to graft a new peace process onto the Middle East. There remain, between Israelis and Palestinians, four intractable problems that the road map fails entirely to address:
  • Jerusalem Day  Israel today celebrates the 36th anniversary of its capital's liberation and reunification, but despite Jerusalem Day festivities, never has the future of Jerusalem been as fraught with uncertainty.
  • Not Harmless Posturing  Sharon and his people are wrong. The approval of the Road Map will not result in the PLO taking the heat for its failure. Israel will get no good will. The Road Map is not harmless.
  • An Inauspicious Start  The cabinet decision to endorse the road map is being billed as an historic moment. It was. For the first time, the Israeli government has formally committed itself to the formation of a Palestinian state on this side of the Jordan river.
  • Scapegoating Israel  If there is one thesis which is shared by the U.S. State Department, the British Foreign Office, most of the European governments and, above all, the Arab nations, it is that the single root problem, the source of all present sorrows, the key to future peace and prosperity in the Middle East is putting an end to the so-called Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the creating of a Palestinian state.
  • The Meaning of "Painful Concessions"  In voluntarily severing ourselves from our historic heartland, we will be doing what no nation has ever done to itself.
  • Appease Process  Now comes the kicker: reference to the "peace process" (without scare quotes), which "collapsed in late 2000 amid violence that continues." Where to begin? The word "collapse" is probably as good a place as any.
  • Who Needs the Quartet?  Israel knows all too well, from first-hand experience, that the UN, EU, and Russia have often afforded succor to what the US calls the "axis of evil." So why us? Why should Israel be expected to passively accept and endure what is so unacceptable for the US?
  • Freeing the Middle East  In case you missed it, US President George W. Bush gave a pathbreaking speech at the University of South Carolina on Friday, a speech that should not be obscured by the minutiae of Secretary of State Colin Powell's visit.
  • A Roadblock to Mideast Peace  Before we enter the fantasy world of the road map peace plan for the Middle East it, is worth reminding ourselves the everyday reality of the violence Israel faces.
  • The U.S. and Israel: The Road Ahead  A road map to peace is a fine thing, but if it is based in denial and wishful thinking it will be rightly doomed. The task for diplomats and all other interested parties is to force an end to the murder of Jews and to the effort to destroy the Jewish state; in pursuit of that goal, it is as necessary to delegitimize Palestinian violence once and for all as it is to prevent and repudiate the delegitimization of Israel.

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