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  • Theatre of the Absurd  Nabil Abu Rdaineh, adviser to Palestinian president Yasser Arafat, said, "The Israeli elections is the choice of the Israeli people. We urge the new Israeli government to withdraw immediately and to come back to the negotiating table. This is the only way to find peace and security and we hope that the United States will interfere with the Quartet, in order to implement the roadmap immediately and to stop this Israeli continuous escalation and aggression." The fact that such outrageously inaccurate charges would even be made is testimony to the Palestinian's belief that no one remembers history – even history that occurred only a few years ago. And what is even more amazing is that the world media reports this kind of stuff without comment as if it is based on truth.
  • Revisiting the Six-Day War  Occupation, occupation, occupation. If you listen to Arabs, that's the cause of the conflict with Israel – occupation. They blame all their ills – from refugees living in squalor for the last 50 years to Yasser Arafat's bad breath – on the so-called Israeli "occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • Terror for Christians in Arafat-land  Does Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Authority persecute Christians? Let me tell you the story of two Christian converts in Arafat-land – and you decide.
  • The Hebron Planter  We warned, both before the Israeli withdrawal, and after, that the inevitable result of the Oslo and Hebron Accords would be war, and it wasn't long in coming. There are those who prefer the Arab word, "intifada," meaning uprising. This phrase is nothing more than an Arab-media propaganda ploy, a euphemism, hiding behind it the true substance of current events: War.
  • A War of Cultures  Israelis struggle daily, coping with the relentless, daily slaughtering of Jews by Palestinian terrorists. In the Arab controlled territories, shahids, or suicide-bomb “martyrs”, are glorified, and children are encouraged by their textbooks, government and religious leaders to actively seek out “martyrdom”.
  • Immature  But many peoples have pursued statehood in modern history, and only the Palestinians have pursued it so barbarically. Terrorism, truth be told, is about the sum total of what the Palestinians have bestowed on our civilization during the last five decades.
  • Between the Religious Right and the Unreligious Left  It is already a well-known fact that the only group almost no one objects to ridiculing relentlessly in this country is evangelical Christians... Like revisionists who rewrite history to deny the Holocaust, liberals have constructed a mythological house of horrors around the religious Right.
  • Israel Is Not All Intifada  And though more than 40,000 businesses in Israel have closed in the economic downturn of 2 years since the "Oslo Wars" began, research, development, writing and healing continue as a national expression of the Jewish idea of tikkun olam - repairing the world and saving lives.
  • The Quartet Plays On and the Terror Continues  More than six months after US President George W. Bush presented his post-Oslo peace plan, nothing has changed on the ground. Yasser Arafat, the PLO and the other factions continue to preach hatred and to support inhuman terror attacks.
  • An Ancient People Who Have Lost Their Biblical Tongue  How is it that half a billion hostile Arabs have managed to successfully portray themselves as the victims of five million Israeli Jews? How did more than a dozen Arab tyrannies successfully portray Israel, the region's lone democracy, as the bad guy in the Middle East? And how did the Palestinians, whose contribution to civilization is the suicide bomber, ever garner the sympathy of the world?
  • Israeli Settlement and the Forces of Light  The battle over Israeli settlements, and the Arab-Israeli conflict in general, is about those who love and value life, and those who worship death. Noam Apter and Nael Abu Hilail personify that struggle. The rest of the world must choose sides.
  • Facing Unpleasant Facts in the Middle East  The world is now well into the Post-Oslo era, in which the delusions and denials of reality that were the foundations of the "Oslo peace process" are at last being acknowledged for what they were. For those returning to the planet Earth from Fantasyland in the "Oslo" parallel universe, it behooves them and us all to bear in mind some of the unpleasant facts of life about the Middle East.
  • Sharon's Egregious Blunder  For the Arabs the military issue is doubly critical. First because the very idea of demilitarization would be regarded as a blow to their honor; second, because a sovereign state has never been the ultimate purpose of Arab policy. The purpose is the destruction of Israel.

From Last Month

  • Is a Palestinian State a Foregone Conclusion?  To all our friends, Jews and Christians, who believe in the Bible: this should be an encouragement for all of us. We may have many enemies, but with G-d's help we will fight together to ensure Israel's survival. We need to be passionate; in these crucial times we cannot afford to be complacent. The struggle for Israel's survival should occupy our thoughts - morning, noon and night.
  • No Peace in the Holy Land  Can Palestinians, i.e. Muslims, live in peace with the Israelis? It seems doubtful to all but the most optimistic. Until Arafat declared "Palestinians" to be a distinct group within the Arabs of the Middle East that concept did not even exist. It is a fiction like everything else Arafat has said.
  • Road Map to Nowhere  The fundamental flaw in the road map remains the belief that once the Palestinian side has a state of its own, it will be content to leave the state of Israel alone. The historical evidence and statements by Arafat and others give no reason to place any hope in such an outcome. Arafat has repeatedly pledged to take back Israel in its entirety, either all at once or piece by piece. That is the only pledge he can be relied upon to keep.
  • Road Map to Perdition  Rather than demanding actual Palestinian reform and cessation of terror, the Orwellian road map calls for the Palestinians to regurgitate past statements to the effect that terrorism is a bad thing and declare that they plan to reform. In exchange, Israel will have to ban all Jewish construction activities in Jewish towns in Judea, Samaria and Gaza and withdraw IDF forces from Palestinian areas so that the Palestinians can think about making additional statements to the effect that they intend to reform themselves and stop murdering Israelis.
  • A Tale of Two 'Nakbas'  That Arabs consider the rebirth of Israel a catastrophe - their 'nakba' - is, in reality, merely par for the course... In reality, not only do Arabs today have twenty-two states, but they've had one in most of 'Palestine' for well over half a century. What's now being debated is the creation of a 23rd Arab state, their second one in 'Palestine.' And for this to occur, they expect Israel to consent to national suicide.
  • Canada's Confusion  Testifying at the deportation hearing of an immigrant found to be a member of the Egyptian al-Jihad movement, an officer in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service disclosed last year that "there are more international terrorist groups here [in Canada] than in any other country in the world." flag
  • The Truth About "Occupation"  "Occupation," "occupiers," "occupied land": these words are the Palestinians' refrain, repeated incessantly by Palestinian propagandists as justification for their killing of Israeli women, children, old folks, recruits, as well as many visitors to Israel.
  • Twelve Bad Arguments for a State of Palestine  If Israel wins a battle for survival, it still will not be able to regain what it gave away. Even if a PLO State is defeated in battle, it will not cease to exist. In all of the Arab wars against Israel, outside powers have intervened to save them from total defeat. A PLO state can thus survive defeats and repeat its aggressions.
  • Palestine, Again  It's time to call the PA what it is – a terrorist, criminal enterprise. It's time to cut off the donations. It's time to seize the assets. It's time to declare war on it as a terrorist entity. It's time to free the people under its grip like we're about to free the people of Iraq.
  • Oslo Comes Home to Roost  Conceived in sin - when official meetings between Israelis and members of the terrorist PLO were illegal under Israeli law - "Oslo" was the brainchild of then-Foreign Minister Shimon Peres who, together with midwives Yossi Beilin and Uri Savir, brought the illegitimate baby into the world on that sunny September day.
  • Osama Bin Laden Vs. the Jews  Osama bin Laden has discovered that, like Hitler, he can bring Muslims to a boil by turning his attention and propaganda to the Jews and Israel. Having had his al-Qaeda taken a beating in Afghanistan, he needed something to rally the troops.
  • I Stand With Israel: I Stand With The Jews  But I stand with Israel, I stand with the Jews. I stand just as I stood as a young girl during the time when I fought with them, and when the Anna Marias were shot. I defend their right to exist, to defend themselves, to not let themselves be exterminated a second time.
  • Latest Attack on Jews Brings a Deafening Silence  Islam, that great religion of peace, has had nothing to say of more murdered Jews. That silent majority that disapproves of extremism, that argues the Muslim faith has been ill-served by militants who've twisted every article of the Islamic faith — not a murmur of renunciation of those who commit such travesties in their name. Where is the rage?
  • Israel Needs Its Own Roadmap  The roadmap will get nowhere without a cessation of terror. That doesn't seem very likely. But what if a miracle occurred and terror really does did cease? Is Israel adamant that there will be no Palestinian state, ever, no matter what?

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