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  • Arafat, Again  We, too, cannot be certain that the removal of Arafat will bring about the peace we all seek. But we also feel that the current situation could hardly be worse. Removing the man chiefly to blame for the loss of so much life, rather than rescuing him, seems to us one risk well worth taking.
  • Time For a Reality Check  The sponsors of the road map should declare that the Palestinian side has destroyed any chance of progress. Otherwise, they will be rewarding the strategy of terrorism and encouraging more in future, not only against Israel but also against themselves.
  • Understanding the Settlement Issue  Arab propaganda has repeatedly branded all types of settlements as "illegal" in accordance with the 4th Geneva Convention. However, a look at international law shows that the opposite is the truth.
  • Victory Is The Only Option  ..the only way to win a war is to identify who the enemy is. After 10 years of lying to ourselves, the blood on the streets of our capital city calls out the truth. Hamas and Islamic Jihad could never operate if it weren't for the PA and Arafat and his new straw men Abbas and Dahlan.
  • Too Predictable...  I will write now, admittedly, in anger, but there is no doubt regarding the truth of the words: Israel has become too darned predictable... How many other nations would continuously tolerate such atrocities without exacting just and devastating retribution?
  • The Morning After  A cloud of sorrow is filtering the light over Jerusalem. It is the morning after the bombing of Bus Number 2 which killed 20, including infants and children.
  • El Maleh Rachamim (the memorial prayer)  Abu Mazen's condolences are as fake as the videos the PA is making supposedly showing a terror incident that the PA sends forces to stop -- Yes, fake, but our blood is not fake, and our dead children are not fake, and the suffering wounded and widows, widowers, parents, families and friends of the victims are real, and bleeding with broken hearts.
  • Israeli Fool's Gold  Well the Palestinians went and did it again. And what did they do, you ask? They reminded everyone they just don't want a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria - the West Bank - and Gaza, but that they want to destroy Israel itself.
  • Genius and Evil  If the “Palestinian dream” didn’t exist, it could be invented. The problem is much worse. The “Palestinian dream” does exist, and Arabs do not make a secret of it: they dream of Israel’s destruction.
  • The Jewish Temple  Palestinian Authority Mufti Ikrima Sabri told a German publication just last week, "There is not [even] the smallest indication of the existence of a Jewish temple on this place in the past. In the whole city, there is not even a single stone indicating Jewish history."
  • The State Department and the Fence  There have been nearly 100 Palestinian suicide bombings. All the terrorists came from the West Bank, where the barrier is being built. Not a single one has come from Gaza. Why? Because there already is a fence separating Gaza from Israel.
  • Last Stop on the Oslo Road?  A Palestinian state would be a terror state, a victory for terrorists everywhere, and a stunning defeat for America in the terror war. I think President Bush sees that, but knows he has to make ordinary Americans see it too, before he can set a new course. He has to sweep away the fantasy haze and make the reality of the terrorists-are-us Palestinian identity visible to his countrymen.
  • A Palestinian State Inside Israel  The Israeli government’s acceptance of a Palestinian state alongside Israel, in a considerable portion of Judea, Samaria and Gaza, is very likely the acceptance of the destruction of the Jewish state.
  • Transfer: A Moral Discourse  The issue of transfer - that is, relocating Arabs out of western Eretz Yisrael - to the present day remains very controversial... While Israel prides herself on being a Democracy, the transfer idea, though supported by the majority of the people, is almost completely suppressed within the Israeli political conscience.
  • Pragmatism's Pitfalls    Attempts to stand on principle, fairness, or logic are brushed aside in favor of the supreme guide: pragmatism. But here's the rub - tossing principles aside in this manner is not pragmatic, but a sure path to failure.
  • Don't Expel Arafat 2: The Rerun  You know how it's going to end. And like an old movie you've seen before, you hope the bad guys "gonna' get it". Arafat should be tried in Israel like Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann. But you know the ending, he's "gonna' get away" again!
  • The Israel We Haven't Lost  The beauty is why people get on a plane in the country where they were born, and fly here with their children and all their possessions. It is in the gold that shines as the sun sets over Jerusalem and the waves hitting the shore as the sun sinks below the horizon on the shores of Tel Aviv and Netanya. It is why we suffer the bad times, knowing that we would never leave, could never leave.
  • Keep Them Jailed  In any case, reassuring the Palestinian street is not the job of the Prime Minister. Nor is bolstering Abu Mazen. He should occupy himself with saving Jewish lives and providing security for Israel.

From June 2003

  • D.O.A. - The Road Map  A little more than a month after its unveiling the road map to peace is effectively dead. The political process in implementing the road map will continue, but these will be nothing more than attempts to facilitate the illusion of peacemaking that has characterized the Israeli - Palestinian peace process since 1993.

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