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Israel Report
April 2003

    Road Map to Disaster
    Special Section
  • The Road Map to Nowhere: Do we really need another doomed Mideast peace process?
  • What about a goodwill gesture from the Palestinians?  I would like one good reason, Mr. Bush, Mr. Powell, to believe that this time the Palestinians can be trusted. I would like a goodwill gesture on their part.
  • Peace in our time?  American humorist PJ O'Rourke summed up the foolishness of what is on offer when he likened it to "a compromise in the sense that being bitten in half by a shark is a compromise with being swallowed whole." Israel would do well to stay out of the water.
  • For a 'Christian Road Map'  How will Bush reconcile his faith in the Bible, where Christianity was born in east Jerusalem, with a road map that calls it "occupied" land? When Jesus predicted that, after His death and resurrection, He would return, the time would be after an undivided Jerusalem was back in Jewish hands.
  • Freedom and the Land of Israel  The time for games, and for bluffing, is over. Too many Jews have been killed, too many families have been destroyed to fiddle away precious months with diplomatic dances and diversions. The battle for the Land of Israel is about to commence. The two roads before us are equally clear: one of faith, determination and fulfillment, or one of defeatism, dismemberment and retreat.
  • A Map to National Disaster  The road map is a huge prize for terror. In its wake the Palestinians will not only achieve their strategic goals, but will reach a clear conclusion: terror pays. They will get all the concessions we shower on them, organize themselves with money they get from the world and us, rebuild their terror units and attack us at the moment convenient for them.
  • An Unwanted Situation  All we can do is that which the nation of Israel and the army of Israel have striven again and again to do, to make our resistance as humane as possible; i.e., to avoid injuring the innocent, to work everywhere to diminish violence and not increase it, and to try to be as humane as possible to our enemy, in the hope that they will eventually choose the way of peace.
  • Why Christians Support Israel  Whether religious or secular in nature, a deep support for Israel resonates with millions of Christians.
  • Israel Can't Win for Losing  Have you noticed the further Israel bends over backward to achieve peace with its neighbors, the more excuses those neighbors find for maintaining a state of war?

From Last Month

  • There Will Never be a Palestinian Democracy  These Arabs will never be at peace, will never know the blessings of democracy so long as they are encouraged to cling to a false and hateful identity as "Palestinians." They are not a separate people; they are part of the Arab nation and, with few exceptions, they need to be absorbed back into it.
  • Making Nice to the Quartet  And there is no better reminder of the infuriating realities of the Mideast situation than the fact that President Bush is likely to engage the Quartet - the very partners that just did him dirty - in trying to resolve this most intractable of conflicts.
  • A Light Unto the Nations  Don't fight for us. Fight the evil that confronts you, and confronts the world. Just don't prevent us from fighting it ourselves. And don't even think of imposing a state of terror in our backyard or to divide our eternal capital, Jerusalem.
  • Israel's Keeper Neither Slumbers Nor Sleeps  We should thank God that neither the UN nor the Quartet endorsed the valiant US actions in Iraq, for by their non-cooperation, these bodies have lost any moral authority they might have had to pressure Israel into acting against its own best interests and commit suicide by bowing to the 'Road Map.'
  • Israel On The Altar  There is ample reason, now that war on Saddam has been decided, to support the leaders of the US and Britain and their forces in the field. But there is also every reason to oppose the sacrifice of Israel to patch up frayed relations over Iraq.
  • Bush's Choice: Powell or the Prophets  Christians who accept Palestinian demands to Jerusalem are essentially denying the validity of their own traditions. It is imperative, then, that American Christian supporters of Israel launch an all-out effort to remind Bush of these facts and counter the pressure he is coming under from the likes of Tony Blair and Colin Powell.
  • Laundering Abu Mazen  Merely the fact that he has been selected by arch-terrorist Arafat to take on the mantle of authority should already give pause to those committed to fighting terrorism. In fact, anyone involved with the corrupt, duplicitous terrorist organization called the PLO — Abu Mazen is the head of its executive committee — should by now be considered unfit to lead anything but a prison-work detail. Beyond his senior position in the PLO, however, Abu Mazen is also a Holocaust revisionist, a conspiracy theorist, and a promoter of terrorism.
  • The Ugly Truth  Critics of Israel swallow the notion that the terrorists are fringe elements in their society and that the Palestinian Authority has done its utmost to rein them in and that it condemns their activities. But they seem to have missed the disconcerting truth about the PA
  • The Arafat Show Continues  Already the fine print has appeared: Abu Mazen, Arafat explains, will deal only with "domestic" issues and will have nothing to do with such matters as Palestinian "foreign policy," including relations with Israel or security matters, including control of the military forces or ending the current fighting.
  • Fight the Canard  The thrust of the article was that even though the myth of a Jewish conspiracy directing American foreign policy is preposterous, it nevertheless exists, persists and is believed by hundreds of millions throughout the world - and by millions in the United States itself.
  • A Palestinian PM?  ...consistent with the pattern he's followed since the PA was created a decade ago, Mr. Arafat wants to maintain his hold on power, keep his hand on the terrorism spigot, and control relations with the Israelis. Until the PA Chairman steps down entirely, it seems unlikely the PA will take any serious steps toward democracy, or peace.
  • All The News That's Fit to Print? - The New York Times and Israel.  One of the great myths of modern journalism, particularly outside the U.S., is that the New York Times is "pro-Israel." In fact, it would be truer to say that the opposite is the case.
  • Old Terrorists Don't Die, They Just Fade Away  Yasser Arafat is still the undisputed leader of the Palestinians, but the title is worthless. He has become irrelevant. The keffiyeh-cloaked head of the PLO leader, whose words and actions opened news bulletins for decades, has largely disappeared from the screens, VIP lounges and halls of power.
  • The Unstrung Quartet  ...it is not the creation of a state that rouses the greatest enthusiasm in Gaza or Nablus, but the destruction of one, namely Israel. It's not the borders of the Jewish state that have been the essence of the dispute all these years but its very existence.

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