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  • The Genocidal Hamas Charter  Hamas is committed to continuing jihad against "the Jews" until Allah's victory is implemented. The land of Palestine, it affirms, must be cleansed from their impurity and viciousness. Muslims are obligated by order of the Prophet to fight and kill the Jews wherever they find them.

  • Hating Israel is Part of Campus Culture  William F. Buckley once said that he'd be better off living in a country governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phone book than by tenured members of the Harvard faculty. He's still right.

  • Garibaldi Street, Ramallah  Indeed, not since May 1960, when Israeli agents apprehended German mastermind Adolf Eichmann outside his Buenos Aires home on Garibaldi Street, has a mass murderer of Jews been so close to being captured.

  • Our Christian Friends  It serves as a refreshing reminder that although we are besieged by enemies at home, we still have plenty of warm and caring friends abroad who are willing to stand with us even in the most difficult of times.

  • Everyone is a Critic  "Coexistence" requires two parties - by definition; two parties that do not wish to eliminate one another. As long as Arabs want to undo Israel, Jews who really care about Israel and the Jewish people could do the most good by attempting to convince the Arabs and their apologists - for whom they seem to care more than for their own - to uphold the same values. One need not be Jewish to believe in the sanctity of life.

  • Let's Stand With Israel "Every evangelical should stand up and be counted for the State of Israel."

  • Address By Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon To The Christian Celebration Of The Feast Of Tabernacles  As you know, we are having hard days. And normally I also have some worries, but when I came in and saw you, your friendship – all my worries were gone. Coming here, I heard many people say - “We love you, we love Israel”. I tell you now – we love you! We love all of you!

  • Don't Give Arafat An Exit Strategy  And so, it would appear that the price for getting rid of Arafat the leader is to ensure the survival of Arafat the man and Arafat the myth. But that would be wrong. There are already worrying signs that both Israel and the United States are coming round to the view that this price is worth paying.

  • Bin Laden Foreshadowed in Arafat  ..bin Laden is an insane and powerful man fighting for an illegitimate cause, while Arafat is a weak leader of a people fighting for its independence. This is where the ambassador, along with a large part of French and Western public opinion, is sorely mistaken.
  • The World's Collective Amnesia  It's bad enough the Arab states created a small nation of refugees by their actions. It's worse that they have successfully blamed that international crime on the Jews.

  • Jonah, Jihad, and the Fish  As we embark on the adventure of joyfully confronting the challenges that our land faces, this Book of Jonah, with its ultimate emphasis on moral education, repentance, and redemption, can serve as our roadmap. It teaches that the real way to confront bullies and barbarians is with courage and strength.

  • Take Back Joseph's Tomb  Last week, the cabinet wisely decided to include Rachel's Tomb, outside Bethlehem, within the boundaries of the security zone to be constructed around Jerusalem. There is no reason for Joseph, Rachel's beloved son, to be left behind either.

  • A Thirst for Escalation  At a time of heightened tensions in the area, Lebanon has suddenly decided to resurrect one of the touchiest, and most dangerous, of Middle Eastern issues: water.

  • How the Oslo Accords Have Harmed Israel  The Oslo accords have left Israel with a graveyard full of fatalities; thousands of orphans and widows; a demoralized populace; a strong, heavily-armed dictatorship in its backyard; and an alarming U.S. tilt in favor of Palestinian Arab statehood.

  • From 9/11 to 9/13  September 11 is not the only significant occasion appearing on the terrorists' calendar this week. There is another date as well, one that embodies just how crafty the practitioners of terror have become. It is 9/13, the date on which Yasser Arafat stood on the White House Lawn nearly a decade ago and signed the Oslo Accords, professing peace even as he was pursuing war.

  • Netanyahu is the Victim  It is only among the school's Arabs -- many of whom, like Marouf, are immigrants from Arab nations where free speech is non-existent and anti-Semitic filth is widespread -- that it is considered acceptable to shut your opponent up by force.

  • Learning from Judaism  At Yom Kippur synagogue services on Sept. 16, Orthodox Jews will confess sin throughout the day, striking their chests with their right fists while reading lists of sins. Christians who don't understand that sense of the seriousness of sin will also not grasp the need for a Savior.

  • Years of Hope: A Reminder  "The bitter Oslo years prove we cannot reach peace by giving up homeland. However, those alchemists who failed to bring peace-by-giving-up-land with an agreement now promise us serenity-while-abandoning-the-land without an agreement.

  • Lessons from the Munich Massacre   The massacre at the Olympic games opened a new chapter in the war on terrorism. Five of the Black Septembrists were killed during the firefight and three were captured, but they were only the foot-soldiers of terror. Israel's then prime minister, Golda Meir, was resolved to go after the architects of the Munich massacre. This led to the much-debated policy of targeted assassinations.

  • Denying 1948  Arab delegates and fellow-travelers were blaming Israel for the conflict of 1948, claiming that the Jews are at fault for the tragic results of the Arab attempt to smother the Jewish state in its infancy. Well, if some can deny the Holocaust, why not? After all, what was 1948 except another extermination attempt?

  • Save the Temple Mount  The Temple Mount in Jerusalem -- holiest spot on Earth for Jews and ranking up there in sanctity also for Christians and Muslims -- may soon come partly crashing down.

From Last Month...
  • The Enemy Within: An Interview with IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon
    "Personally, I see myself as a Jew, an Israeli, a humanist, a liberal, a democrat and a seeker of peace and security. But I know that I am facing a cruel reality and that I have to defend myself. In the face of cancer, one has to defend oneself."

  • Mounting Irresponsibility
    After years of blithely ignoring the Muslim Wakf's illegal and unsupervised construction on the Jewish people's holiest site, the government now finds itself in a quandary. A 10-meter-wide bulge in the wall has emerged, and archeologists are warning that it could disintegrate into a heap of rubble at any moment.

  • A Train in Poland
    While it is undeniably true that today’s train, the Arab-Israeli “peace train”, has run off the tracks, there are still those obstinate people who insist on remaining on board until the Arabs come to repair the train and carry all of us, for the sake of peace, of course, to our final destination.

  • Why the Palestinians Are Winning the Media War
    Palestinian media professionals have no qualms about deceiving the media for political advantage. In their attempt to convince the world that the IDF massacred hundreds of civilians in the Jenin refugee camp during Operation Defensive Shield, they used animal carcasses to fill the air with the stench of rotting flesh in places where reporters and UN officials were likely to visit.

  • A Time to Choose
    Among those nations that support terrorism, the conviction of the rightness of their cause is firm and unshakable. No matter how horrific the acts of terrorism become, no sense of moral stock-taking seems to occur. In the West, by contrast, self-doubt reigns and a tense inner struggle is occurring.

  • Were Jews and Arabs Destined To Hate Each Other?
    Just as French collaborators and Nazis are still brought before tribunals and charged with "crimes against humanity" so too should members of the British colonial office who directed the overall policy in Mandated Palestine to pit the Jews and the Arabs against each other. As this policy kept the Jews from being able to help their brothers fleeing from Nazi Germany, the crime is also of Genocide.

  • Palestinian Lies & Western Complicity
    The Arabs have successfully pilloried Israel in the court of public opinion through the deft propagation of two big lies. Relying on the sketchy historical knowledge of most people, and on the propensity of oft-repeated lies to become accepted wisdom, Arab officials have fabricated a historical narrative that has gained wide acceptance. It justifies Arab aggression, even terror, as an understandable response to cruel Israeli "occupation" and to the "stealing of Palestinian lands." The charges often stick, even though they are based on falsehoods.

  • Another Barbarian Sunday Picnic
    Arab-Palestinians can tell their mesmerized world audience that now their random Jew-killing rampages are because Israel vanquished terrorist planner Shehada, a vile barbarian by any civilized standard, with the blood of hundreds of innocent Israelis on his hands no less than the famous Arab lynch mob that proudly displayed their blood soaked hands at the police station window for the cheering crowds below, before dragging the bodies through town, whooping for all Muslims to come kick the dead Jews

  • Arafat's Nazi Connection
    So, it is no wonder that Arafat has been so persistent in his life-long career of killing Jews. For in him, the hatred toward Jews of Adolph Hitler lives again. And the same prince of darkness protects him.
  • Arafat, the Nazi
  • Yasser Arafat: Nazi trained

  • Staking Our Claim
    How, then, did the myth of "occupation" i.e., the myth that these territories indisputably belong to someone other than Israel gain such universal credence? Sadly, the main culprit is Israel itself.

  • The Folly of Waiting
    The time is long overdue for the government to take the initiative and act to force an ultimate outcome to this horrible, needless and very costly war of attrition.

  • The Palestinian Revolution's Vision of Darkness
    The spiral of self deception into which the Palestinians are rapidly spinning has as its practical source the acceptance by the international media and European governments that Palestinian terrorists are freedom fighters no different in nature than the French resistance during Second World War. But a poorer analogy could not be imagined.

  • Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, is Arafat's "hero"
    In an interview this week Arafat called the Arab leader and Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, “our hero”.

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