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  • Good-bye and Good Riddance  It is argued that an election campaign is the last thing Israel needs right now... Yet elections are not merely distractions; they are also great clarifiers. They offer the victors a mandate. And they give losers the chance to reassess their own ideologies and political strategies.
  • Arafat's Legacy: A case study in terror funding.  Clearly, the PLO and its successor, the PA, have played an indispensable role in creating the financial model for today's terrorist organizations. A closer examination of the methods and institutions that made possible the PLO's financial success can help us to better track how al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations operate financially. More importantly, it can ensure that history will not repeat itself.
  • We Must End Media Bias Against Israel  The first and worst lie is what this war is all about. Dishonest reporting tells you that it's about territory, and Jerusalem, and Palestinian statehood, and alleged refugees. Honest reporting would tell you that it is a war to destroy Israel and kill or expel or subjugate all the Jews.
  • Friends in Deed  Today America and Israel, Christians and Jews, find ourselves allies in a struggle for the very soul and survival of our civilization. It is time to bury old suspicions and fears, and unite in a new move toward cooperation and solidarity.
  • What Does The G-d Of The Bible Say About "Jewish Settlers"?  Don't we have any powerful friends whatsoever? Let's open our Tenach (Bible) to BaMidbar (Numbers), chapter 33:50-53, and 55. These scriptures make it very clear that we do have a powerful friend. The G-d of the Bible is on Israel's side.
  • A Road Map That Leads Straight Back To Oslo  ...this road map will only result in a new illusion whereby a new Palestinian dictatorship will be called upon to protect Israel's security and advance the cause of peace.
  • Christians and Jews are both part of the Divine Plan  There are Christians who don't think Jewish prayers are heard by G-d, but I am not one of them - I have seen and felt the results of the prayers of my Jewish friends on my behalf. I am convinced the Almighty has a reason for both Jews and Christians to be carrying out some portion of His plan. I also believe He would like to see us working together in doing so.
  • A Jew Defends Evangelical Christians  I would therefore like to announce, as a practicing, believing Jew, that I am in no way offended, let alone frightened, by evangelical Christians who believe that it is necessary to have faith in Jesus in order to be saved. Here's 5 reasons why Jews should not be offended by this evangelical Christian belief?
  • Israel's Role in Toppling Saddam  Those who cling to the belief that Israel can be kept out of the war (as it was in 1991) are deluding themselves.
  • Historic Alliance in the Making  For millions of American Christians, this is no ordinary Sunday. In an unprecedented show of support, nearly 20,000 churches across the United States will join in a "Day of Prayer and Solidarity" with Israel and the Jewish people.
  • The Christian Coalition and the Jewish Community  We have Farrakhan, Arafat and the European Union. Do we need to question the one community who wants to help us? I for one will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Christian Coalition.
  • The Coming Fall of the Temple Mount  While it seems incredible that the Waqf would risk the deaths of thousands of Muslims over what appears to be a small trifle with Israel, Mazar points out that the Waqf only "cares about Islamicizing the Temple Mount, and absolutely nothing else.
  • Jerusalem Mufti Incites Armageddon   The most volatile issue in the world today is Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This is clearly predicted in Bible prophecy for the last days. Virtually all of the predicted signs that herald the imminent return of Jesus Christ are already fulfilled.
  • Is There Anything Dumber Than Repudiating Christians Who Support Israel?  Disagree all you want with Robertson, but how many Jews have the Christian Coalition killed lately?
  • An Anti-Israel Nobel  It is fitting that the Nobel Peace Prize committee, two of whose members not long ago called for the revocation of Shimon Peres's 1994 award, has awarded this year's prize to former US president Jimmy Carter. Like that of the Nobel committee members, Carter's record of bias against Israel is a matter of public record.
  • Sabotaging Israel's Red Star of David flag The Magen David Adom (MDA), the Red Star of David, was born 52 years ago. It is the Red Cross, except with a Jewish symbol. Its purpose is to protect life and health and to alleviate human suffering. It serves, without discrimination, the entire Israeli population, including 1.1-million Israeli Arabs, and Palestinian Arabs in need.
  • Eurabia: The Road to Munich...  America should not choose European ways: the road back to Munich via appeasement, collaboration, and dhimmitude. For decades at the instigation of France, Europe backed Arafat — the godfather of modern terrorism — as the champion of liberty, and their hero.
  • Evangelical Argument over Israel  And, let's point out there's no shortage of Israelis who believe Israel exists because God intended it to. They only disagree with the evangelicals over what God's intentions are. And that argument is only going to be settled on God's timetable.
  • The Truth About the Mideast  It's time to look back on 14 fundamental geographical, historical, and diplomatic facts from the last century relating to the Middle East.
  • Jewish Communities on the West Bank: an Obstacle to War  The most widely accepted myth of Arab propagandists is that Jewish communities (AKA: settlements) in Judea and Samaria (AKA: The West Bank) are an obstacle to peace. The opposite is true: They are a barrier to the final jihad planned by Yasser Arafat and his unholy warriors.
  • Evil is Evil  And if not evil incarnate, how can one explain or justify the joyous street celebrations that erupt as soon as there is news of Israeli women and children having been blown apart by one of the heroic "shahids"?
  • With the Stroke of a Pen  Earlier this week, US President George W. Bush came within the stroke of a pen of partially righting a historic wrong and forcing the State Department to begin treating Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
  • Child Abuse in the Palestinian Authority  Signs on the walls of kindergartens proclaim their students as "the shaheeds [martyrs] of tomorrow," and elementary school teachers and principals commend their young students for wanting to "tear their [Zionists'] bodies into little pieces and cause them more pain than they will ever know."
  • It's All About Arafat  Yasser Arafat is free to leave - the compound, the city of Ramallah, the area of Palestine. And that is Sharon's whole objective. To get Arafat to leave. Only, he won't go.

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