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Israel Report
May 2002

  • The Abuse of History: Where ideology meets distortion in the Middle East.
    We hear frequently of the "Holocaust" and "genocide" in association with the Israeli incursion into Jenin — especially in the European presses. The very mention of those charged words in reference to fewer than 70 dead in a war zone is blasphemous to the memory of 6 million butchered in a methodical state program of death. Auschwitz alone saw 10,000 gassed on some days.

  • Speaking Truth to the Powerless: An Open Letter To The People Commonly Called "Palestinians"
    Invest in banks, not bombs. Build computer chips, not Kalashnikovs. Teach science and mathematics, not hate. Look to the future, not the past. Stop blaming Americans and Jews for all your problems, and take responsibility for your own actions. Read those parts in the Quran about living with the "peoples of the Book".

  • We Have All Been Had
    The belief that giving the Palestinians a state will bring peace is a delusion. The truth is that they want it all. The short-term goal is a state consisting of the West Bank and Gaza. The long-term goal is a state that includes all of "historical Palestine," including Jordan.

  • Silence of the Lambs WHEN NINE TIMES as many Israeli dead as Palestinian ones are women, it's awfully hard to believe in allegations of indiscriminate Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, to say nothing of an even division of claims on victimhood and blame. It's such a nagging little truth - and so easy to ignore. Then again, as a sage British politician once observed, "nagging is the repitition of unpalatable truths." It'll take a lot of nagging yet before Israel's peril is properly understood.

  • Twenty Facts about Israel and the Middle East The world's attention has been focused on the Middle East. We are confronted daily with scenes of carnage and destruction. Can we understand such violence? Yes, but only if we come to the situation with a solid grounding in the facts of the matter -- facts that too often are forgotten, if ever they were learned. Below are twenty facts that we think are useful in understanding the current situation, how we arrived here, and how we might eventually arrive at a solution.

  • The Stillborn Palestinian State Or why a Palestinian state in Judea, Samaria and Gaza is nonviable.
    All those who so stubbornly demand the creation of this corpse-state never stop to ask themselves what will happen after it is proclaimed. However, it is precisely the answer to this question that unequivocally demonstrates not only the hopelessly utopian nature of the idea, but more importantly the almost criminally ill-advised nature of any attempts to establish this state.

  • Why We'll Win Believe me, if you dare, when I tell you that these Christian Zionists are the most sincere supporters of Israel I've ever met. Bar none. ... we will win, with His help, and the aid of our humble, thoroughly sincere gentile allies. They're out there, millions and millions of them, and they can be trusted. Let's join together in His name.

  • Stop Your Foolish Imaginings The politician will welcome the new Arab state with warm words and praise the two sides for their fortitude. He will stir his audience to tears, mentioning the names of Arab and Jewish victims of what he will call "the cycle of violence." He will invoke Biblical images of the end of days. He will quote, of course, from the Bible and from the Quran.

  • Israel! O Israel! Israel at the moment is in mortal peril. Its enemies have been becoming smarter, better organized, more thoroughly imbued with hatred and animosity, and intoxicated with signs of weakness they think they have detected.

  • Gangster Governance For as long as Arafat retains his grip on the PA, the mechanisms of his authoritarian rule will not change. Quite simply, they cannot, given the legacy of his disastrous decisions to skirt accountability in favor of gangster-style government. The sooner Israel and the United States — poised on the brink of a serious rethink of Palestinian government for the first time in close to a decade — realize that progress hinges on a post-Arafat "Palestine," the better.

  • The PA's Rotten Core It is ridiculous to speak of creating a Palestinian nation at present. A would-be nation should contain, at the very least, politically independent civic institutions, leaders committed to the rule of law, and a unified police command. But even before the Israeli invasion, the Palestinian Authority had degenerated into a loose confederacy of terrorist and quasi-terrorist organizations -- Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah -- competing to shake cash out of Mr. Arafat.

  • Honored by Hate If you knew nothing about a person, but needed to make a moral assessment of him, how would you go about it? Most of us would assume that one effective way would be to identify the person's friends and enemies. If the list of friends were people you knew to be particularly decent, or if the list of enemies were known to be particularly indecent, you would undoubtedly feel good about the person. This applies equally to nations. That is why, since Sept. 11, I have felt so proud to be an American and a Jew. I am a member of the world's two most hated peoples, and when I peruse the list of our enemies, I am filled with pride.

  • History Shows Israel Alternative to Resistance MASADA, the Judean Desert -- In Israel, history is inescapable. It almost overwhelms you -- in monuments, museums and memories. Roughly 4,000 years of it, European as well as Middle Eastern, is crammed into a country half the size of New Jersey. Modern Israel is the redemption at the end of two millennia of exile.

  • The PA's Intentional Suicide Attempts The right to victimhood strategy is underscored by the reports from Jenin and elsewhere in the West Bank that Palestinians refused to bury war casualties in order to present evidence of a "massacre," (presumably without pictures of the guns that many were holding) at the risk that the outbreak of diseases would create an epidemic among Palestinian civilians. And in what represents perhaps the most cynical example of adding insult to injury come reports from the IDF that initial efforts to provide blood units to the Palestinians as part of a humanitarian aid gesture were met with the response that they "did not want Jewish blood."

  • 20 Years of Anti-Israel Bias at the CBC I have just received several letters from friends of mine in Canada. They are in a state of shock at the current CBC coverage of the events taking place during the last 20 years in the Middle East. After reading of their concerns at the rewriting of history, I felt that I had to write and share my own personal experiences with you. I am a native Calgarian who 12 years ago moved to northern Israel.

  • On Hating Israel What we know but can't say out loud.

  • The Case Against Yasser Arafat The evidence that Arafat is a mass murderer is overwhelming and is beyond reasonable dispute. As a criminal law professor and a practicing criminal defence lawyer for nearly 40 years, I can attest, with absolute certainty, that there is enough evidence against Arafat to assure his conviction of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in any fair legal system anywhere in the world.

  • Washington Won't Let Israel Win Throughout this history, the US has justified denying its democratic ally the fruits of its military victories against despotic aggressors "in the interests of peace." This policy has never brought peace, nor has it engendered stability. Rather, just as feeding the beast acts not to placate it but to strengthen it, so US placation of the Arab world at Israel's expense has legitimized Arab rejection of Israel.

  • No One to Save Arafat The US has rescued Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat from Israel's clutches on two occasions: 20 years ago in distant Beirut, and now in nearby Ramallah.

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