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Israel Report
February 2002

  • Israel is Winning the War of Wills
    Diplomacy rarely ends conflicts. Hardly a single major interstate conflict has concluded due to someone's clever schema. The idea that a "peace process" can take the place of the dirty work of war is a conceit. The oft-heard mantra that "there is no military solution" (repeated recently, for example, by former U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell), in short, has things exactly wrong.

  • Reality Has Finally Sunk In
    For Arafat, the escalating terrorist attacks are the core of the Palestinian "war of independence," in which all Israelis are targets and in which the human toll on Palestinian society is irrelevant.

  • Strip Arafat's Immunity
    The ultimate antidote to the current escalation is for the US and Israel to lift the unconditional immunity granted to Arafat's leadership and exchange it for the conditional variety presented to the Taliban. Arafat will end the current offensive against Israel if the cost to his own power (not to the Palestinian people) exceeds its potential benefits.

  • Israel´s Rhetorical Capitulations
    The “Palestinianization” of the campaign of Arab aggression arose from their realization that you can catch far more bees with self-determination than with genocide. Palestinian self-determination played the same role for Arab aggression as Sudeten self-determination did for German aggression.

  • Shalom at Any Cost?
    There are still enough Israelis alive to remember the wars of 1948-49, 1956 and 1967. At that time, the Muslims had control of the very areas they are seeking to get returned. If those areas were not enough to satisfy them then, why should Israel believe they will be enough now? Many Israelis have come to realize that to the Muslims, the issue has never been about the size of Israel, but rather the existence of Israel.

  • The Prisoners of History
    As Yasser Arafat´s leadership of Palestinians enters its terminal phase, it might be useful to illuminate the enduring parallels between his career and that of an earlier Palestinian leader. The life of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the leader of the Palestinians in the 1920s and 30s, bears such an uncanny resemblance to Arafat´s that it should not be dismissed as mere coincidence. In fact, it establishes a pattern that is dooming the Palestinians to a cycle of disaster.

  • Terms of Surrender
    It would be suicidal. The pre-1967 borders were once described by Abba Eban, the Israeli diplomat who is no hawk, as the "Auschwitz borders" because they made Israel so vulnerable. As Ronald Reagan once said, "in the pre-1967 borders, Israel was barely ten miles wide at its narrowest point. The bulk of Israel's population lived within artillery range of hostile Arab armies. I am not about to ask Israel to live that way again."

  • Only Victory Works
    The fact is that there is no set of Palestinian demands that Israel can satisfy, because there is no form of justice in Palestinian eyes that is consistent with Israel's existence. Palestinian demands are not fixed; they are defined by what is possible. Any concession produced by defeating Israel will result in further attacks designed to produce more concessions.

  • Terms for Keeping Arafat
    Accepting the reality that Arafat is here to stay (with the proviso that he may die suddenly from natural causes), then ways have to be found to bring him in from the cold. This still sticks in the throat, particularly as his recent speeches in Arabic are becoming extremely hard-line, and worryingly cranky. As a result, redlines and pre-conditions for his potential rehabilitation need to tightened:

  • With or Without Arafat?
    Statehood for the Palestinians may come some day, but we are years away from permitting it. A prerequisite for any sovereignty given to the Arabs is a major revision of Palestinian school texts, reprogramming of media and a resolution to what they call the "Arab refugee" problem. The first logical step would be the elimination of the so-called "refugee camps" through the absorption of their residents into the Arab countries hosting them. Bleeding heart Jews and others should long ago have realized that these camps are Arab propaganda tools and their inhabitants kept there for more than fifty years to support the false claim that they were expelled by the founding Zionist fathers of Israel.

  • Will the Real Zionism Please Stand Up
    Many years ago, following the UN resolution equating Zionism with racism, I defined Zionism as Jewish nationalism. If need be and, according to Yehoshua’s rules, I can use only one word, then Zionism is, very simply, Israel - the land of Israel, living in the land of Israel.

  • Heaven Help Us
    During periods of crisis throughout our turbulent history, the Jewish people's most potent weapon has always been our faith. Our enemies have always outnumbered us, as they do now, and they have always seemed poised to threaten our very existence, as they so gleefully declare their goal to be today. Since we are fighting for the Holy Land, perhaps it is time we start resorting to some sacred solutions. Let us stop putting all of our faith in man and his ephemeral institutions, and instead put it back where it belongs - in the God of Israel.

  • Rome Looks to Middle East
    the latest Arab-European conference began the way most do – opening on the working premise that the problem before them belongs to someone else. Cem's comments suggested the problem was with the Western nations associating terrorism with Arabs and Islam. But it was the terrorists themselves who chose to identify themselves along "cultural and religious" lines. The terrorists at war with the West identified themselves with Islam. It is the Arab states that give these groups aid and succor. And it was the terrorists who chose to pit themselves against non-Islamic humanity, and not the other way around.

  • Remove Arafat's Umbrella
    The result is that, despite receiving much greater US support, Israel finds itself in a predicament similar to the bad old days of evenhandedness. Once again, Arafat feels the way out of his isolation is to allow an escalation of attacks, in the hope Israel will respond in a way that drives a wedge between Jerusalem and Washington.

  • The Rolling Horizon Into The Coming War
    Observe the "Rolling Horizon" of war much as the earth turns and the sun comes slowly into view. The Arabs have spent most of their dollars on building vast weapons' stockpiles. With the Billions, perhaps Trillions of dollars spent on war after war, these primitive nations could have educated their people and made their lands into places to be admired. Instead, they chose war, killing more than 25,000 Jews since 1948 and now want the land restored to them that they gambled away even as they yet pledge the total destruction of Israel.

  • Why Arafat Must Go
    Yet, after the bloodiest Palestinian violence in a half-century, in the midst of Arafat's now 16-month campaign of calculated terror, here we are again, importuning him to promise peace just one more time. This is Lucy and the football. How many moments of truth does a liar get?

  • No Room for Arafatistan in Middle East
    Leave it to Powell, the weak link in the war on terrorism, to resurrect U.S. support for what former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls "Arafatistan." Everything that's happened since the Oslo Accords demonstrates that a Palestinian state would lead to the demise of the Jewish state.

  • Why Support Israel?
    But why does an overwhelming majority of Americans (according to most polls, between 60 and 70% of the electorate) support Israel — and more rather than less so after September 11? The answer is found in values — not in brainwashing or because of innate affinity for a particular race or creed. Israel is a democracy. Its opponents are not. Much misinformation abounds on this issue. Libya, Syria, and Iraq are dictatorships, far more brutal than even those in Egypt or Pakistan. But even "parliaments" in Iran, Morocco, Jordan, and on the West Bank are not truly and freely democratic. In all of them, candidates are either screened, preselected, or under coercion.

  • Enough of These Guys
    After much of the thinking world (apparently excluding most EU countries and the Arabs) has come to the realization that the annihilation of Israel is, was, and always will be the goal of Arafat and his PLO cohorts, the Israeli peace camp carries on its merry way ignoring all the facts and all the evidence. For them, there never was an "intifada" or Oslo War. For them, there are no suicide bombers, mortar attacks and drive by shootings, and, of course, there was no massive PA arms shipment from Iran. For them, the fantasy of a "New Middle East" is the reality.

  • A Palestinian State: The Ultimate Poison Pill
    Palestinian State would be a mirror image of what Yassir Arafat created in Lebanon: a fully-fledged terrorist mini-state in the heart of Lebanon. Every refugee camp was used as an outpost, with weapons and munitions storage even in residential buildings, hospitals and schools so as to use civilians as human shields. Every corner controlled by Arafat's PLO was a tariff collection point for anyone passing by on foot or car. G-d help you if you couldn't pay the ransom.

  • The Index Of Moral Confusion
    No nation has ever claimed victory against an annihilationist foe by wearing its heart on its sleeve or boasting of its moral scruples. The United States today makes little secret of its decision to use extra-judicial means to eliminate the terrorist menace to its population. Why should Israel be any different?

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