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  • It is Time to "Leave Egypt"
    Israel is on a front line of the war between Arab-Muslim expansionism and Western democracy. This war has already shifted to America and Europe.

  • We Didn't Start The Fire
    For seven days in 1929, 19 years before the state of Israel was born, Arab mobs terrorized communities throughout the land of Israel, killing 133 Jews and injuring more than 300.

  • The Enemy Within: An Interview with IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Moshe Ya'alon
    "Personally, I see myself as a Jew, an Israeli, a humanist, a liberal, a democrat and a seeker of peace and security. But I know that I am facing a cruel reality and that I have to defend myself. In the face of cancer, one has to defend oneself."

  • Mounting Irresponsibility
    After years of blithely ignoring the Muslim Wakf's illegal and unsupervised construction on the Jewish people's holiest site, the government now finds itself in a quandary. A 10-meter-wide bulge in the wall has emerged, and archeologists are warning that it could disintegrate into a heap of rubble at any moment.

  • A Train in Poland
    While it is undeniably true that today’s train, the Arab-Israeli “peace train”, has run off the tracks, there are still those obstinate people who insist on remaining on board until the Arabs come to repair the train and carry all of us, for the sake of peace, of course, to our final destination.

  • The Aliyah Boat
    Unlike the daze of instant-air-travel, the passengers of the Aliyah Boat will have time to reflect on the deep meaning of their voyage, its personal and historical significance for them, for their forefathers, and for the world.

  • Why the Palestinians Are Winning the Media War
    Palestinian media professionals have no qualms about deceiving the media for political advantage. In their attempt to convince the world that the IDF massacred hundreds of civilians in the Jenin refugee camp during Operation Defensive Shield, they used animal carcasses to fill the air with the stench of rotting flesh in places where reporters and UN officials were likely to visit.

  • A Time to Choose
    Among those nations that support terrorism, the conviction of the rightness of their cause is firm and unshakable. No matter how horrific the acts of terrorism become, no sense of moral stock-taking seems to occur. In the West, by contrast, self-doubt reigns and a tense inner struggle is occurring.

  • Were Jews and Arabs Destined To Hate Each Other?
    Just as French collaborators and Nazis are still brought before tribunals and charged with "crimes against humanity" so too should members of the British colonial office who directed the overall policy in Mandated Palestine to pit the Jews and the Arabs against each other. As this policy kept the Jews from being able to help their brothers fleeing from Nazi Germany, the crime is also of Genocide.

  • Palestinian Lies & Western Complicity
    The Arabs have successfully pilloried Israel in the court of public opinion through the deft propagation of two big lies. Relying on the sketchy historical knowledge of most people, and on the propensity of oft-repeated lies to become accepted wisdom, Arab officials have fabricated a historical narrative that has gained wide acceptance. It justifies Arab aggression, even terror, as an understandable response to cruel Israeli "occupation" and to the "stealing of Palestinian lands." The charges often stick, even though they are based on falsehoods.

  • Another Barbarian Sunday Picnic
    Arab-Palestinians can tell their mesmerized world audience that now their random Jew-killing rampages are because Israel vanquished terrorist planner Shehada, a vile barbarian by any civilized standard, with the blood of hundreds of innocent Israelis on his hands no less than the famous Arab lynch mob that proudly displayed their blood soaked hands at the police station window for the cheering crowds below, before dragging the bodies through town, whooping for all Muslims to come kick the dead Jews

  • Arafat's Nazi Connection
    So, it is no wonder that Arafat has been so persistent in his life-long career of killing Jews. For in him, the hatred toward Jews of Adolph Hitler lives again. And the same prince of darkness protects him.
  • Arafat, the Nazi
  • Yasser Arafat: Nazi trained

  • Staking Our Claim
    How, then, did the myth of "occupation" i.e., the myth that these territories indisputably belong to someone other than Israel gain such universal credence? Sadly, the main culprit is Israel itself.

  • The Folly of Waiting
    The time is long overdue for the government to take the initiative and act to force an ultimate outcome to this horrible, needless and very costly war of attrition.

  • The Palestinian Revolution's Vision of Darkness
    The spiral of self deception into which the Palestinians are rapidly spinning has as its practical source the acceptance by the international media and European governments that Palestinian terrorists are freedom fighters no different in nature than the French resistance during Second World War. But a poorer analogy could not be imagined.

  • Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, is Arafat's "hero"
    In an interview this week Arafat called the Arab leader and Nazi ally, Hajj Amin Al Husseini, “our hero”.

From Last Month...
  • Targets
    This is the difference between the Israeli and the Palestinian ways of war. In fact, the Palestinian polity's distinct contribution to world politics--from Arafat almost four decades ago until today, from Munich to the bombing in the old Tel Aviv bus station last week--is the utter routinization of the savage killing of innocents, "the banality of evil" in another era.

  • The Fourth Dimension of Aggression
    If the attacked Jews exercise self-defense through force of arms and, moreover, inflict severe punishment on the Arab perpetrators, then the Arabs immediately develop a "selective amnesia", considering themselves innocent victims of the vicious enemy.

  • Lies, Pathologic Lies and the Palestinians
    Lying is, to borrow a legal definition, the "deliberate misrepresentation of fact." Lying, as practiced by the Yasser Mob Squad, can be a very rational activity when placed in the service of some goal.

  • Cloaks and Daggers
    One must truly hand it to the Arabs - they came up with an ingenious method to destroy Israel - without even appearing responsible. They have created this plan with the political cover and support of many of the world's intellectual elites, the Media, trade unions, and leadership of the European "progressive Western Democracies."

  • Timely, Justified Execution = Justice + Deterrent
    The military leader of Hamas Sheik Salah Shehadeh was responsible for murdering more than 150 innocent men, women and children only over the last 22 months - plus thousands wounded, many maimed for life with lost limbs, bodies full of nails and shrapnel. He, himself was killed for these evil acts.

  • Power of the 'Arab Street'
    It is unbearable Arab rage over Arab failure, rather than the Arab-Israeli conflict that threatens to destabilize the Middle East.

  • You Can't Reason With Hatred"The Oslo process was the work of secular elites on both sides. They thought they could circumvent all these nasty religious differences. They could make peace together, but back home they had these two powerful mythologies."

  • Jordan is Palestinian - the PA is a Fiefdom
    What the Bush initiative overlooks and the Saudi plan envisages, therefore, is not a Palestinian state but a PLO statelet, a kind of a personal fiefdom for patriarch Arafat and his aging cronies.

  • Palestinian People Do Not Exist
    A provocative headline? It's more than that. It's the truth. Truth does not change. Truth is truth. If something was true 50 years ago, 40 years ago, 30 years ago, it is still true today.

  • No "Isolated Incident"
    This was no "isolated incident." The enemies of America vowed to commit a terror strike on American soil on July 4 and they succeeded.

  • Sole Brothers
    It is this kind of pro-Israel fervor that makes it so hard to turn away the Christian hand being extended to us at a time when so many others - including so-called "friends and allies" - have abandoned us in our moment of need, swallowing whole the lies and mistruths being maliciously spread about us.

  • Follow the Euro Trail
    The EU has been the PA's big-hearted sugar daddy; Yasser's bountiful and boundless papa bear - the deepest honeypot the Palestinians could ever hope for.

  • The Greatest Mideast Challenge
    If the Arabs in the disputed territories have been telling us anything for the past half-century, it is that their homeland barely touches on Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. They want Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Lod, Acre, and Beersheba too.

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