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Israel Report
April 2002

  • Does the Press Feed Anti-Semitism?
    What happened in Jenin? The British press in the third week of April was playing the Jenin battle as a massacre, while American newspapers found no such evidence. Nothing supports Palestinian allegations of a massacre, despite the big play in the European press and CNN.

  • With the Brave People of Israel
    I write to express my solidarity with the people of Israel in this difficult time, and to assure you of what I know you cannot doubt, that millions of Americans stand with Israel as well. We will remember the truth of Israel's honorable record, insist that others treat Israel in light of that truth, and not succumb to the cowardly passions of the moment.

  • The Nativity Sin - War crimes in Bethlehem.
    Taking clergy hostage at gunpoint in a church is a war crime and violation of international law. This is exactly what Palestinian terrorists have done at the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem, one of Christianity's holiest sites. Over 50 gunmen took 200 hostages and locked them up, half-starving, in the sprawling church complex. Instead of decrying this act of barbarity, church representatives and spokesmen from a number of foreign ministries around the world blamed Israel.

  • The Stench of Hypocrisy
    There could not have been a massacre in Jenin. The residents had already committed suicide. When a society celebrates suicide bombing, not only the bombers commit suicide. Their families and friends and neighbors sign their own death warrants. Innocents die in the crossfire, or as human shields. The Palestinian Authority armed and financed the killers. Arafat called for a million martyrs. War against such a criminal society is inevitable.

  • It's Time to Snap Out of Arab Fantasy Land
    The Arabs have succeeded in luring the West into their bizarro alternative universe, where land lost by a foolish king is mysteriously transformed into the personal property of a terrorist organization, where the "armed struggle" of wired schoolgirls is UN-approved, and where the "right to exist" is something to be negotiated. Fantasy land is fun, but we've encouraged the Arabs in their peculiar dementias for too long. It's time to get real.

  • The Latest Partition of Palestine
    This State, an unwanted orphan, who has been wandering the earth unloved for more than half a century, will remain an illusion for years, if not decades. The reason? Nobody wants it - not the Americans, not the Israelis, not the Arab nations and certainly not the Palestinians.

  • Bravo, Israel !
    60 years after the Holocaust, nearly the entire world is united in allowing the continued slaughter of Jews, agreeing that Jews have no right to self-defense. The Jews are demonized as colonizers and aggressors, while Arab terrorists are praised as valiant defenders when they blow up a bus full of unarmed passengers, a restaurant full of children or a holiday celebration full of senior citizens. In Europe, the scene of the Holocaust, Kristallnacht is being relived. The United Nations is incapable of agreeing upon anything other than the evil of the Jews.

  • Andrea Koppel, CNN's New Israel Basher
    Needless to say, I was stunned to hear a senior CNN correspondent express this extreme "world-view". It was very disturbing for obvious reasons, and I was particularly upset by her extraordinary geo-political conclusion that the State of Israel is bound for destruction. I asked her how she came this conclusion-- what was her background scholarship in Middle East history or military geo-strategy?

  • Why Powell Will Fail
    The only way out of this conundrum is a rejection of the failed US/Israeli policy model. Since a turning over of territory to the Palestinians will result in a terrorist state and violence rather than peace, the US must examine the alternatives that do not involve negotiating with the PLO or the creation of a full-fledged PLO terrorist state.

  • It's a Mad, Mad World
    Why is a small state surrounded by millions of enemies deemed the Goliath of the Middle East — when it is clearly a David on the world scene? If it garners no admiration for pluck because it is deemed too strong in comparison with the Arabs, why does it in turn win no sympathy because it is too weak in relationship to the entire world?

  • Is it 1938 again for the Jews?
    So here we are, just one generation after nearly every Jew in Europe was murdered, and the remnant that remains in the New Jersey-sized Jewish state is threatened with extinction. Even the bulk of Jewry that was not alive in 1938 feels now as if that year of appeasement of evil is being replayed. As in 1938, the world now seems to be divided between those nations that were about to murder Jews and those that would let it happen. It is almost unbelievable.

  • Appeasing Arab Hate Puts the Lie to "Never Again"
    The official position of Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, speaking from his beach in Barbados, is that Israel's response to the Passover massacre is "disproportionate." Mr. Graham did not specify what would be proportionate. But presumably, if he were Prime Minister of Israel, he'd respond by fishing some girl out of her Home Ec class at Tel Aviv High, loading her blouse with Semtex, and pointing her in the direction of the nearest Ramallah pizzeria to blow the legs off Palestinian grannies. Alas, I fear even this proportionate, measured, reasonable response would be unlikely to win Israel any sympathy in the chancelleries of the west.

  • Banish Arafat Now
    What to do with Arafat? Isolating Arafat is no answer, because the isolation must end at some point. Killing Arafat is no answer, because that will make him a martyr. The important thing is to make him irrelevant by expelling him. Let us not hear any more ridiculous talk about Arafat's being the only man who can make peace. Can? He had 8 1/2 years to make peace. He has no intention of making peace. He was offered his peace, his Palestine, in July 2000 by Israel and then by the president of the United States. Like the Palestinian leadership of 1947, also offered their own state side-by-side with Israel, Arafat rejected the offer and started a war.

  • Let's Pretend There is a Palestinian State
    Generations of Palestinian hostility and the destruction that follows will in fact grow more powerful if granted statehood. The cancer of Israel will have metastasized. It will now have a life and a sovereignty of its own. We must stop pretending that a Palestinian State will bring peace to the Middle East. It will surely prove to be more deadly than any present horror that is occurring in Israel today.

  • War and Then a Wall
    Today's war began 18 months ago when Yasser Arafat -- a Goebbels echoed by gullible news media -- said the violence he orchestrated was a spontaneous conflagration of popular indignation about Sharon visiting a holy site in Israel's capital, Jerusalem's Temple Mount. Now the war may have become the first half of the only currently feasible formula for Israel's self-defense -- a short war, followed by a high wall.

  • There is No Substitute for Victory
    At this time of war between Israel and the Palestinians, half-baked suggestions for a speedy resolution are whizzing by almost as fast as bullets. There is a war underway but nearly all observers prefer to ignore this unpleasant reality, preferring instead to suggest meaningless quick fixes. The time has come for them to face facts, which means finding ways to put a stop to Palestinian aggression.

  • Can Israel Afford to Eliminate Arafat?
    No one in either Israel or the United States, the only two countries who now really count in this conflict, should be fooled into believing that a surviving Arafat will suddenly see the light and seek a peaceful accommodation with Israel. His death may well turn him into a martyr, but isn't a dead martyr more acceptable than a live terrorist from whom proponents of civil violence worldwide gain inspiration and moral support? With this in mind, the true question is not whether Israel can afford to eliminate Arafat. It is whether it can afford not to.

From March 2002

  • Postmodern Palestine: The new amorality in the Middle East.
    Palestinians appeal to the American public on grounds that three or four times as many of their own citizens have died as Israelis. The crazy logic is that in war the side that suffers the most casualties is either in the right or at least should be the winner. Some Americans nursed on the popular ideology of equivalence find this attractive. But if so, they should then sympathize with Hitler, Tojo, Kim Il Sung, and Ho Chi Minh who all lost more soldiers — and civilians — in their wars against us than we did.

  • War on Terror's Exception: The U.S. & Arafat
    Think crime doesn't pay? Don't tell it to Yasser Arafat. The former (which is not to say "ex-") terrorist continues to inspire those who would build their careers on violence. This week Arafat showed that he could still capture the limelight, still set the agenda, and further his cause for an independent Palestine with himself as its leader. Using the Beirut Arab summit as his arena Arafat reclaimed his title of "most talked about Muslim radical" from heavyweight challenger Osama bin Laden.

  • A Tragical Farce of a Summit
    It would be wrong to imagine the Arab League summit meeting in Beirut is degenerating into farce, for the organization has a long history of not rising out of this condition. Syria and Saudi Arabia are seeking unanimous backing for opposite resolutions. A final communiqué was, as ever, drafted before any discussion began, which had already internalized the schizophrenia.

  • The 1930s, Again - A hard rain is going to fall.
    The problem is them and their unelected and unfree regimes, not us — just as it was Hitler, not us; Tojo, not us; Mussolini, not us; and Stalin, not us — just as it always is when unelected maniacs take control and hijack an entire country and culture. We can either step up and stop Islamic fundamentalism, Arab terrorists, and Middle Eastern dictators or we can step back and watch it all continue to grow. If 9/11 was the beginning of a war, then we should remember that wars usually end when one, not both sides, win.

  • Palestinian Pretense & Israeli Reality
    There will be no second Holocaust. If almost all of the West Bank is returned, as is likely, and in a few years hostilities nevertheless resume as they did during phases 1-3 of the Middle East wars, as is also likely, the battle will be over Israel itself, not Palestinian land. That will be a war Israel will not lose, and it will be fought outside not inside the Jewish state. And that will be a nightmare compared to the current crisis. Those in Europe and in the United States who now lecture about morality will then prove to be not only amoral, but also answerable for far, far more still.

  • Naming the War
    And if we do not make it clear to ourselves immediately that this war is the War of Israeli Sovereignty, that sovereignty will fall apart. If we do not demand right now that this war be followed by peace--the peace, too, will fall apart. And if we go on laundering words and if we do not draw lines immediately and if we do not define the fundamentals, the little order that still remains will also fall apart. The little remaining quiet will disappear. Because the Bratslavers are already congregating in the corner; the muezzin is calling from the Temple Mount.

  • The Inconvenient Ally
    "The phrase 'land for peace' is interesting in itself. It is actually another way of describing the appeasement forced on Czechoslovakia by her supposed friends in 1938. This was also supposed to promise peace, but made the country impossible to defend and opened the gates for invasion a few months later. Those responsible for this cowardly stupidity are still reviled 60 years on. Those who urge it on Israel in the present day are praised."

  • Mutant Hate
    Now for the real issue. Can Israel possibly make peace with a people so far off the track of civility and the universal human passion for life?

  • Palestinian Parades and Israeli Tears
    Last Saturday, shortly after midnight, Channel 2 broadcast footage of hundreds of Palestinians marching in a celebratory parade. The participants waved banners and jumped up and down in excitement as they applauded the latest news update: a suicide bomber had blown himself up outside a cafe in Jerusalem - Eleven innocent families had been torn apart, their loved ones taken from them in an instant of terror and death. And all the Palestinian marchers could do in response was cheer.

  • Atrocities, Retaliations and the Laws of War
    The Palestinian resort to violence is grotesque and gratuitous, seeking only to inflict maximum pain and suffering upon the innocent, while the Israeli use of force is designed only for survival and self-protection. Does anyone really believe that Israel would use armed force against any Arab targets if the Palestinians ceased their campaign of mayhem and murder?

  • Arafat vs. the War on Terror
    The reason is that, while there is practically no support or sympathy for the Taliban or al-Qaida outside the Arab world, there is substantial understanding for the Palestinian cause - even as Israelis are being murdered on streets, in seminaries, outside synagogues, and in coffee houses. Terrorists are being fought in Afghanistan, but the struggle over the legitimacy of terrorism is being fought in Israel.

  • Rewarding Palestinian Terrorism
    While it might be easier for Europe and the United States to tighten the diplomatic screws on Jerusalem, the cause of the current crisis lies a few miles up the road, ensconced in an office in downtown Ramallah. Yasser Arafat has been waging an unrelenting war of terror against Israel for the past 18 months, seeking to kill as many Jews as possible and provoke an Israeli response, one that would bring about international intervention on behalf of the Palestinians. As last night's shooting attack in Netanya and bombing in Jerusalem demonstrated, Arafat has no intention of halting the violence any time soon.

  • The Saudi 'Peace' Plan
    In 35 years of studying the Middle East, I have rarely seen anything to rival the Saudi ``peace plan'' for cynicism (of those pushing the plan) and gullibility (of those buying it). If it were not so tragic it would be comic.

  • Religious Freedom in Nazareth
    During these difficult times, the decision of a ministerial committee headed by Construction and Housing Minister Natan Sharansky to block the building of a large mosque in the main square of Nazareth may seem to be of peripheral interest. The decision, however, may eventually be seen to be a landmark victory against extremism and for religious freedom, and be taken as a model for how to respond to other instances of crass bullying.

  • Arafat Kills More Americans
    Americans need to start taking Yasser Arafat's continued terrorism personally. For 30 years he has ordered and condoned the murder of American citizens – including U.S. diplomats. That killing spree continues even today. Lost in the recent wave of terrorism in Israel is the fact that two more American citizens were murdered, and six wounded.

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