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Israel Report
September 2001

  • What Bush Got Right - and Wrong
    In short, while the president showed an excellent understanding of militant Islam - calling it totalitarian was especially important - he shied away from specifying it as the enemy and made unrealistic statements about the nature of the struggle ahead. These mistakes need urgently to be fixed, before they do damage.

  • We Are All Targets
    What is at stake is nothing less than the survival of our civilization, former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the US House of Representatives' Government Reform Committee last Thursday. His address to the committee in the wake of the terror attacks on New York and Washington is published here in full

  • The Coming Battles
    Misled people of good will are taking up a peace banner and chanting give peace a chance in England and America. Madonna sang at such a peace rally in California on Friday evening. The banner is a false one; peace will not be restored by allowing barbarism to not only go unpunished, but to thrive. For peace and security to be restored, the war the terrorists have declared must be fought fiercely and won.

  • Israel, The United States, And Evil
    I do not understand why so many people are so surprised by the radical evil emanating from the Muslim world. U.S. security has long known about its terror networks. The media has not altogether ignored them (although it is sometimes squeamish about stories without a simple moral equivalence theme).

  • After The Twin Towers: Facing Death And Evil, Let Us Choose Life
    America has suffered the single greatest number of casualties of any terrorist action in history, a catastrophe dwarfing the attack at Pearl Harbor which drew the U.S. into World War II. Islamic fundamentalist murderers, filled with hate for Jews, Americans and Western modernity, chose their targets carefully: the center of the American-dominated world economy at the Trade Center, the nerve-center of American military might at the Pentagon, and—a target, thankfully, missed—the White House or Congress in Washington, the center of American democracy.

  • It Could Have Been Worse
    If indeed the speculation about Osama bin Laden being the mastermind of this operation is correct, it leaves us with some unanswered questions. Because intelligence analysts have long suspected – even assumed – that this Saudi millionaire-terrorist has access to all kinds of weapons of mass destruction.

  • Bin Laden's Scattered Legions
    Either involved in local conflicts, like the Balkans, or organized as a sort of international rapid strike force for terror, Bin Laden moves his troops from site to site as needed, usually by chartered commercial flights. Together with reserves, he can field some 17,000 Islamic militants to pursue what he conceives as his mission: to defeat the United States and its dominant influence as a world superpower.

  • Strike the Snake at its Head
    The debate that is raging now is whether or not the attack was an act of state-sponsored terrorism. The solution to this debate is simple: No terrorist group can carry out an attack as large, as well coordinated and as sophisticated as the one we have just witnessed without, at the very least, having a safe sanctuary for training and planning. This sanctuary has to be state-sponsored.

  • A Middle East Party
    And so it was around the world, as news was received of the catastrophic events in the eastern United States. Peoples and governments in most places responded with the grief and humanity one would hope for at such a moment. There was, however, one major and conspicuous exception to this solemnity, and that was in the Middle East, where the day's events prompted a giant party.

  • An Incomprehensible 'Peace Partner'
    The United States does not consider Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden a "partner for peace;" Spain does not deem its Basque terrorists "partners for peace;" the Turks do not call the Kurds "partners for peace." To most of the world, in fact, the idea that someone responsible for a terrorist war could be deemed a partner for peace by his victims is simply incomprehensible. Thus when Israel calls Arafat its partner for peace, what the rest of the world hears is that Israel does not really believe Arafat has declared war on it; this claim is mere rhetorical exaggeration. And if the PA is not waging war, then Israel's warlike countermeasures are unjustified.

  • Ten Reasons to Be Optimistic about Israel's Future
    In the midst of suicide bombings that kill innocent citizens and sniper fire that takes the lives of pregnant mothers, it is difficult indeed to have hopeful thoughts. Yet despite the wave of pessimism that has washed over the country in recent months, there are nevertheless some very good reasons to believe that the State of Israel has a strong future, filled with promise. We would like to present a few of those reasons now.

  • First, Accept Israel
    Arabs, ironically, are even more harmed by their own rejectionism, for the obsession with destroying Israel obstructs skilled and dignified peoples from modernizing. Dictatorship, poverty, and backwardness are the wretched results. Release will come only when Arabs accept the permanent existence of a sovereign Jewish state in the Middle East. Then the Arab-Israeli conflict can end and the former combatants be liberated to achieve their potentials.

From Last Month....
  • Democracy Vs. Islam
    It is simply an ethnocentric conceit or dogma to think that democratic politics can solve the Arab-Israeli conflict. The basic characteristics of democracy are diametrically opposed to Arab-Islamic culture.

  • Mideast Myths Exploded
    In the face of this, in the aftermath of an attack expressly and successfully designed to blow children to bits, how dare a smug, safe-in-his-bed American secretary of state urge "restraint" by "both sides?" How does the secretary imagine his own country would respond to such a "provocation" as the Sbarro mass murder?
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