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Israel Report
October 2001

  • From Balfour to Blair
    This shift in British policy over the past century, in which it has taken a decidedly pro-Arab tilt, has only seemed to worsen in recent months. Just two weeks ago, Blair exchanged warm handshakes and chummy grins with Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat before the television cameras in London, even as Arafat's minions were busy murdering innocent Israelis back home. It was the 11th time that Blair had met with Arafat since becoming Britain's premier, and rather than lambasting Arafat for engaging in terrorism, Blair went out of his way to call for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state.

  • Fates of America and Israel Intertwined
    It is a deep love of country that compels me to speak out against Bush's sellout of Israel. To appease our Moslem allies-in-name-only, the president is pushing Jerusalem to treat with assassins and allow another Afghanistan on its borders. Big mistake. Strategic interests aside, the fates of America and the seed of Abraham are intertwined. The Bible was as much America's founding document as the Declaration of Independence or Constitution. The Founding Fathers' beliefs in liberty, equality before the law and representative government came from Sinai. The Constitution is a covenant reflecting a much older covenant.

  • Arafat's Never-Ending Hunger for War
    For one of his most bellicose speeches in months, Arafat gathered in his office in Gaza the political activists of all the Palestinian groups - Fatah-Tanzim, the Popular Front, the Democratic Front, Hamas and Jihad Islami. Under the caption, "Facing the Challenges", he placed the Palestinian struggle at the center of the Muslim scene and in the context of the war in Afghanistan.

  • When A Terrorist Is Just Another Patriot
    Colin Powell, a distinguished old soldier who surely knows better, spent yesterday discouraging comparisons between the suicide bombers in Israel and the suicide bombers in Manhattan and at the Pentagon. But his double standard doesn't work. Jews who die at the hands of suicide bombers in Israel are just as dead as the 5,000 Americans who died at the hands of Islamist suicide bombers in Manhattan and at the Pentagon. They're likely to remain that way.

  • Blame it on the Jews
    The message of Muslim radicalism counts as similarly dangerous, and once again deceptively focuses on Jews to disguise the true depth of its threat to all of Western civilization. If Israel suddenly ceased to exist, would Osama bin Laden and his millions of supporters suddenly embrace America as a long lost friend? The very idea is preposterous, given the passion and sweep of bin Laden's clearly articulated and furious contempt for the freewheeling, secular and seductive nature of American society and culture.

  • Betraying a True Friend
    By trying to be "politically correct" the State Department sends a signal to the terrorists that America is not yet ready to seriously wage war against them. Attempts to pay the terrorists off by forcing Israel to surrender create a fertile ground for new and more devastating terrorist attacks on American soil.

  • America, Israel, and Surviving Terrorism
    If America wants to win the war against international terrorism, it must not sell out Israel or India. Bravo to India for saying publicly that America is not acting in good faith in regard to India's fight against Pakistani terrorists. No such voice has come from Israel to clearly and strongly challenge the current American policy.

  • Dangerous to be America's Ally
    In response to Ze'evi's murder, Israel reoccupied four Arab towns. "Israeli incursions into Palestinian-controlled areas have contributed to a significant escalation in tension and violence," fussed State Department spokesman Philip Reeker.

  • Is U.S. Really Israel's Ally?
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently infuriated President Bush by drawing a parallel between the sell-out of Czechoslovakia by Britain and France before World War II and the demands for dangerous concessions being made of his country by the U.S. government today. While there are certain similarities, on reflection, a more accurate analogy would be between what Britain did to her principal ally, France, rather than what they both did to the Czechoslovaks.

  • Arafat Must Drop Terror or Fall
    If there is a strategic similarity to the US and Israeli positions, it is that both countries have been trying to force regimes to break with terror, while preserving the possibility of friendship with people suffering under those regimes.

  • Imagining a Palestinian State
    The United States and Great Britain insist that Israel agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state and agree to it now. Sharon properly warned our American government that Israel will not become another Czechoslovakia. Israel is not "up for grabs" and Arafat and company must not be rewarded for having perpetrated more than a year of unequivocal terrorism.

  • A Death With a Dire Warning
    The name Rehavam Ze’evi has never meant much to most Americans, but it should now. The assassination of the Israeli Minister of Tourism in his hotel room in Jerusalem will have a significant impact on the course of events in the Middle East and almost certainly on the U.S.-led war against terrorism.

  • Waiting For The Change
    by the late Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi

  • Arafat Faces His Own Intifada
    One would almost feel sorry for Arafat unless you realize that this crisis is a mess he, himself, has created through years of actively promoting hatred – not just of Israel and Jews, but of the United States, as well.

  • The Risks of a Palestinian State
    President George W. Bush has given his blessing to a Palestinian state. Pressed to this destabilizing position by America's new Islamic "partners" in the impending coalition fight against terrorism, the president misses one rather important consequence: This new Arab state, heavy with the hatreds of other enemy states, will inevitably give rise to new and more deadly terrorism.

  • 2000 Years - For Nothing?
    Three times a day, century in, century out, Orthodox Jews have prayed that God would restore His house and dwell in the midst of His people again. And all this time, even as they were praying, Muslims invaded the land which is holy to God and His people, and erected their mosques especially on places holy to the Jews, not so much out of love for their Creator but out of spite, to prevent the Jews from ever rebuilding their shrines again.

  • Two Declarations of War
    Each divides the world in a binary fashion into two camps, denying the possibility of neutrality. For Bush, "every nation has a choice to make" - fight terrorism or be part of the problem. For bin Laden, there are two sides, "the camp of the faithful and the camp of infidels," and each person has a choice to make. (For bin Laden, it bears note, the "faithful" do not include all Muslims, just those who agree with his outlook.)

  • Oslo is Dead: Time to Move On
    For eight years, the pattern of painstaking negotiations and detailed pacts that are never implemented has failed repeatedly, and it is time to change gears and adopt an entirely different framework. This exercise was useless, for as soon as this territory came under Palestinian control, these terms were ignored.

  • Why Sharon Finally Said, "NO MORE"
    Sharon took a phone call from German Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher, who told him to make more concessions to Arafat in the name of the coalition. "Mr. Fisher," Sharon responded, "don't talk to me any more about Arafat. I am already in the era of after-Arafat."

  • Silence, Sacrifice, and the Irrational Element
    I will begin with silence. The silence of the United States Government and the media concerning homefront defense before September 11. The silence Colin Powell is trying to impose by freezing proposed Congressional legislation that deals with Palestinian accountability for acts of terrorism. The silence about Moslem countries that have been supporting terrorism.

  • Palestinian Terrorists are Terrorists Too
    The Bush administration erred in failing to place the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups on its list of terrorist organizations and individuals published earlier this week. It is precisely the militant Muslim warriors in these groups, along with their Lebanese Hezbollah militia allies – and not their hero Osama bin Laden – that threaten to plunge the tense Middle East into full-scale war.

  • Monumental Moslem Construction Work Damages South Temple Wall and Drives Cracks in Al Aqsa Mosque Walls

  • Bin Laden Has Won
    I didn't think it was possible that U.S. Mideast policy could get any worse than it was under former President Clinton. I was wrong. It just got worse – a lot worse. In fact, viewed through the eyes of the Islamic world, President Bush's announcement that he favors the creation of a Palestinian state as part of a comprehensive Middle East peace initiative can only be seen as a huge strategic victory for terrorism.

  • Address By Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon To The Christian Celebration Of The Feast Of Tabernacles
    I wanted to spend all the evening with you today, but as you know we are in the middle of a wave of acts of terror. And tonight, on my way here, [there] was another terrible act of terror for a Jewish settlement, community; civilians were attacked. We know by now we have two casualties dead, 7 injured, some of them in a critical situation.

  • The Other Twin Towers
    In this real-life story the city is Tel Aviv, not New York. According to an Associated Press story of September 23, Israel arrested two Palestinians in early August who planned to blow up a massive car bomb at two office towers—50 and 46 stories high, respectively—that stand side-by-side across from the main highway running through the heart of this seaside city.

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