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Israel Report
May 2001

  • Unbalance the Pressure
    "Balanced" pressure is worse than worthless, because it rewards terrorism by putting it on the same moral level as Israel's self-defense. The real test will come, then, when Israel is forced to abandon its unilateral cease-fire and go after Arafat's military infrastructure. Arafat will only call off his offensive when the US and Israel join in proving its total futility.

  • The Oslo Collapse
    ...who will investigate those responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israelis and the injuries of thousands as a result of the car bombs and other acts of terrorism that have taken place since the formal wedding ceremony between Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat and the Israeli leaders on September 13, 1993, on the White House lawn?

  • Nothing But Self-Deception
    Put simply, Oslo was an exercise in Israeli self-deception rather than Palestinian deception. The premise that united the supporters and opponents of the peace process - that Arafat, whether genuinely or disingenuously, had actually agreed to a two-state solution at Oslo - was false.

  • Harsh Gap Left by Burns-Arafat Encounters
    The US envoy came seething out of his encounters with Arafat - not only because he made no headway, but because the world media kept on linking Sunday's multiple mortar blast in Jerusalem with his mission, some describing the attack as the Palestinians' special welcome.

  • David or Saul?
    The question that begs to be answered deals not with the Arabs. It concerns Ariel Sharon. What is his problem? What is preventing him from lashing back at those who are attacking Gilo in our capital, at those shooting and killing innocent civilians, at those sniping from the Shalhevet (Abu Sneneh) and Harat A'Shech hills, into Hebron neighborhoods and apartments?

  • Israel Has Let Down Its Guard
    Weekend comments by Shimon Peres, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, to the effect that Israel faces its biggest threat since its establishment in 1948 went largely unreported in the international media. They reflect, however, the increasing concern in Jerusalem that the Arabs have politically outmanoeuvred Israel -- and that Israelis may not be ready to make the kind of personal sacrifices necessary for the Jewish state to emerge victorious from any future war.

  • Arafat's Chariot of War
    Last week the Israeli-Palestinian conflict witnessed the greatest escalation of Palestinian terror and Israeli response since the beginning of the intifada eight months ago. Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is in charge of terror and so is his organization, the PLO. He was never a true partner for peace with Israel and he is clearly demonstrating it now.

  • Mitchell's Cotton Candy
    Now it's official. The report of the Mitchell Committee is out and everyone loves it. Following its partial embrace by Israel and the Palestinians, US Secretary of State Colin Powell has dispatched diplomats to work on the "timing and sequence" of the report in order to implement its recommendations. Yet the atmosphere of movement surrounding the release of the report is like cotton candy: It may look substantial, but there is little substance there.

  • Obfuscation of Truth (Reading Mitchell's Report)
    Even a brief glance through the report demonstrates how biased it is. Although Israeli government has already sent a letter to Mitchell's Commission with its preliminary observations, it is simply a must for the Jewish state to perform another thorough review of the document and treat it as a biased and distorted one.

  • Who Defines 'Proportionate'?
    Throughout the past eight months of Arafat-instigated violence and terrorism, Israel has come in for persistent knee-jerk foreign criticism that its response to various acts of such Palestinian terrorism has always been "disproportionate."

  • Why Warplanes Against Palestinian Towns?
    ...Israel's generals were impelled to radically step up their counter-action by Arafat's deliberate disclosure of the operational coalition he has set up with Islamic radical groups - the Palestinian Hamas, the Lebanese Hizballah and the Jordanian Moslem Brotherhood - as well as the Lebanese Command of Syrian Intelligence.

  • Land Without Peace - Why Arafat will not stop his war.
    Last October, Arafat decided to tear up Oslo and start his guerrilla war against Israel; now he complains that according to the piece of paper he has torn up, his territory is inviolable. Even Hitler did not have the audacity to complain about Britain's declaring war on him (after he invaded Poland) on the grounds that Britain had pledged peace at Munich.

  • Manley's Meddling   flag
    On his visit here this week, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Manley stated that "without international pressure, the recommendations of the Mitchell Committee will probably not go anywhere." With this unfortunate statement, Canada not only outstripped Europe in rushing to pressure Israel, but also violated the spirit of the Mitchell report itself.

  • Day's CJC Speech Brings Plaudits and Trouble   flag
    Referring to mortar attacks against Israeli targets, Day said to applause: "It is certainly not plausible that these attacks are occurring without at least the knowledge or the tacit approval of some in the Palestinian police and their superiors. These are facts.

  • Rhetoric of the Mitchell Report
    ...in their effort to be evenhanded, the authors have produced a document that not only whitewashes Palestinian violence, but even rewards it.

  • U.S. Silence is Deafening
    On May 9, I woke to the news that two 14-year-old Israeli boys were "found bludgeoned to death in a cave." Palestinian terror is on the loose and, once again, one of the victims was an American citizen. Koby Mandell's family had moved to Israel from Silver Spring, Maryland, just a few years ago.

  • Comparing Deaths: No Comparison
    It is impossible to draw a parallel between the brutal and deliberate torture and slayings of two innocent Jewish boys... and the killing of Palestinian children who have been placed directly in the line of fire by their parents and teachers in order to play upon world sympathy and support.

  • Funding the PA ?   flag
    The fact that the agreement with the PA was signed on the very day that two Israeli boys were murdered, apparently by a Palestinian mob whose hatred for Israelis was fuelled by vitriol sanctioned and promoted by the highest echelons of the Palestinian leadership, should have given Ministers Manley and Minna cause for concern.

  • Mr. Day Speaks the Truth  flag
    Well, as someone once said, in politics a gaffe is when you tell the truth. That is just what Mr. Day has courageously done.

  • Arafat the Smuggler
    One person only directs all this smuggling - Arafat. While trampling on every clause in the agreements he signed with Israel, his PA has spent tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars since 1994 in order to set up the armed gangs that are fighting against Israel. Arafat has even used his personal aircraft to smuggle arms.

  • The Palestinian Humiliation
    The dictator who rules the Palestinian people was not interested in "ending the conflict" with the Jewish state because, at a minimum, he would have had to abolish the so-called Palestinian "right of return," a price on which even Yossi Sarid, the leader of the most dovish Zionist party, Meretz, continues to insist.

  • Reuters Roots for the Palestinians
    As Reuters apparently sees it, even when a Jewish infant is shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper, Palestinians are the victims. No doubt this entrenched mindset accounts for Reuters' coverage of Shalhevet's funeral -- or more accurately, its non-coverage.

  • Anti-Semitism as Foreign Policy
    Imagine if Ariel Sharon, Israel's Prime Minister, delivered a speech to dozens of fellow heads of state arguing that the Arabs are more hateful than the Nazis, and that God should bring his wrath down upon Muslims. It would be front-page news.

  • Following the Powell Doctrine
    What Israel must do was explained by Jay Nordlinger, the managing editor of the "National Review." He wrote on April 18, "We should remember the fundamental and horrible fact that Israel is engaged in a war. The objective of the Israeli government should not be to respond 'proportionately'; it should be to win the war, and the sooner the better."

  • [Yasser Arafat: Lives] High on the Hog
    No luxury is spared this globetrotter, including private plane and financial stashes far and near (as near as Tel Aviv). Yet a damning exposé of Arafat's personal corruption was for now shelved by the Foreign Ministry. Presumably Shimon Peres believes it's expedient to let the world continue regarding Arafat as the unshaven, beleaguered hero.

  • Arafat's Duplicity
    "Yasser Arafat arrested two mortar squads," Channel 1 announced triumphantly on Friday night two weeks ago, at peak viewing time. Reporter Amnon Abramovitz, who made the announcement, created the impression that Arafat was taking action to halt the terrorist mortar attacks against Jewish settlements. The electronic and written media joyfully repeated the news item. Since then mortar shells from the Gaza Strip have repeatedly fallen on Israeli targets.

  • Powell's Whitewash of Terror
    ...the PA and its security services are actively engaged in planning, preparing, and executing a wide array of terrorist attacks against Israel, from drive-by shootings to suicide bombings. The evidence of the PA's involvement in terror is simply overwhelming. So what did Powell and his team of ghost-writers at the State Department decide to do? Quite simply, they ignored it.

  • Tyrants Don't Make Peace
    The political structure of the Palestinian Authority has an important effect on the peace process. Mr. Arafat has skimmed billions of dollars since the creation of the PA, and has turned his administration into a corrupt holding company for a small group of cronies.

  • A War After Peace
    Surely a policy of zero tolerance toward mortar shells flying across international borders into one's own country is not terribly hard to understand.

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