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Israel Report
June 2001

  • America's Confidence BREAKING Measures
    From Bush's photo session ambush to Powell's surprise announcements in Ramallah, Israel has been witness to a series of confidence BREAKING measures.

  • What the Palestinians Think
    Like many Israelis, most Palestinians (53.9 percent of those polled) oppose the Oslo Accords. A very high percentage of Palestinians - 79 percent - continue to support the Intifada, representing a rise from 70.1 percent in December 2000. Furthermore, 68.6 percent say they now support suicide attacks against Israelis, compared with 66.2 percent in April, and only 26.1 percent in March 1999.

  • The Good People Are Silent
    Silence is being observed by those who had sufficient courage, in the past, to reveal the true nature of the evil committed by Israelis but who today do not have sufficient courage to reveal the true nature of the evil committed by Palestinians as well.

  • Israel Turns its Attention to Plan B
    An increasing number of key players in Israel feel the time has come for Israel to seize the initiative from Mr. Arafat and set the tone and scale of the battle. In practical terms, they argue Israeli forces should re-enter areas controlled by the Palestinian Authority to collect weapons, arrest those suspected of carrying out attacks against Israel and destroy certain buildings that are being used by Palestinian snipers.

  • Remember the Bible
    Military and political arguments must also be made, but in the final analysis, much of the Western world looks to the Bible as its guide. The time has come for us to do the same. The Jewish people need to state, with unhesitating pride, in a voice that is both loud and clear, that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel because the God of Israel said so.

  • Setting A Proper British Example
    BBC correspondents extend their double standard to their supposedly objective reports. After a series of bombings -- one by the IRA in London, and two by Hamas in Israel -- the BBC labeled IRA bombers as "terrorists," but called Palestinian bombers by the far milder term "militants." This despite the fact that the IRA at least gave prior warning of their attack, something Hamas would never do because of its intent to kill Jews.

  • SPECIAL - The BBC vs. Ariel Sharon
    That Israel has reacted with fury to the BBC's propaganda fest this past Sunday evening comes as no surprise. Once considered the leading television station in the world, the BBC utilized its weekly newsmagazine Panorama to launch an unprecedented broadside against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

  • Arafat is Not the Only Game in Town
    Most Palestinians seek peace. A clear American and Israeli endorsement - in terms of recognition, money and support - of an alternative Palestinian leadership might bring the people of this troubled region much needed tranquility.

  • The Fuse To A Holy War
    Yassir Arafat, in linkage with numerous Islamic interests, wishes to act as the trigger to the main charge of the Islamic fundamentalists' "Jihad" (Holy War). The main explosive charge are the Muslims, particularly those who act as Islamic radicals.

  • Arafat is Making Fools of Everyone
    The debate that has raged in Israel concerning the extent to which Arafat controls what happens in the territories is absurd. ..... there is no longer any doubt among all Israel's intelligence arms that Arafat bears full responsibility for what goes on, for good or for ill.

  • Israel Unleashed
    With the announcement of US Secretary of State Colin Powell's upcoming visit to the region, America's investment in the Tenet and Mitchell plans is quickly deepening. Whether the US is setting itself up for a fall depends on a basic question: Will Powell ask Israel to let the killing continue, or will he demand full compliance from Yasser Arafat?

  • Torah Thoughts Relating To Current Events
    Throughout Jewish history, our people have demonstrated an uncanny ability to survive, powered by an unyielding determination to cling to their identity even under the harshest of circumstances. The desire for peace, like the will to survive, is a basic and fundamental human striving, one that has guided the State of Israel since its founding.

  • The Great Israeli Settlement Myth
    If settlements were the problem, why did the Palestinians reject the solution? Astonishingly, the actual built areas of the settlements--as opposed to imaginary development lines on the map--occupy no more than 1.5% of the territories.

  • Canada's Policy on Israel is Shameful   flag
    It is therefore a dismaying sight for knowledgeable Canadians to watch our Foreign Affairs Minister, John Manley, either a prisoner of naïeveté, or political opportunism, embracing this war criminal, Arafat, on Mr. Manley's recent visit to the Middle East.

  • The Palestinians' Ceaseless Cease-fire Lies
    But if Arafat views any commitment he signs as being in effect only so long as it happens to suit him, what is the point of signing any agreement with him at all?

  • And Still They Come
    ...as one of the goals of Palestinian terrorism is to weaken Israel by bringing about a cessation of immigration to the country. Time will tell whether that goal has in fact been achieved. However, the initial signs suggest that the Palestinians' scheme will be thwarted by the olim themselves. They are possessed of mental fortitude and an ideological message that are much needed by Israeli society.

  • Radical Islam vs. Israel
    Regrettably, the Christian world has not yet come to grips with the fact that Israel is on the front lines against a rapidly expanding wave of Radical Islamic Fundamentalism which, unfortunately is likely to soon engulf the world.

  • Brave Honesty Needed
    Is there anything, then, that can avert a replay, somewhere down the road, of the same scenario that brought us to where we are now? The answer is probably "No," unless the path laid out in the Mitchell Report is accompanied by something that former senator Mitchell and his colleagues did not dare recommend: truth-telling in politics.

  • Life and Death in the Oslo Laboratory
    Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and their assistants Yossi Beilin and Uri Savir, told the heads of the security services and the IDF generals to "change the disk," when in cold blood they made an entire nation participate in the Oslo laboratory experiment.

  • The 'Waiting Periods' Of 1967 And 2001
    Israel is in a waiting period, as it waits to see what will emerge from the promises of various Arab organizations to launch a wave of terror and as it weighs the decision as to whether it should prevent the threatened attacks by launching an all-out offensive against the initiators of terrorist operations against Israeli targets.

  • Dr. Cease-Fire and Mr. Terror
    Over the past three decades, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat has "celebrated" more cease-fires than birthdays. Instead of a Nobel Peace Prize, he should have been granted a doctorate in Cease-Fire Agreements and Their Violation.

  • The Raw Test of Reality
    Since Thursday, 13 mortar shells have fallen on Israeli communities in the Gaza Strip, one hitting a gym that luckily was empty at the time. Three Beduin women were killed by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell as the IDF returned fire in the Gaza Strip. Such are just a few days in the life of a "cease-fire" with Yasser Arafat in which, as The Jerusalem Post "Dry Bones" cartoon puts it, Israel is in charge of ceasing, while the Palestinians specialize in firing.

  • The Madness of Yasser Arafat
    "Loss of touch with reality," perhaps, but it would be a dangerous mistake to regard Arafat as some sort of madman. It would be even more misleading to emphasize the sometimes clownish aspects of his behavior - as Hollywood did in the late 1930s and early 1940s with regard to Hitler and the Nazis.

  • Arafat's Little Game of Cease-Fires
    The current cease-fire starts resembling previous experiences with the Palestinians in particular, and Arab states, in general. Judging by these experiences, it is an alarming resemblance.

  • A Nation Who Lost Heart
    Most Israelis once had heart but a parade of Prime Ministers taught the people there was no reason to have heart.

  • Restraint Under Siege
    According to figures compiled by the IDF, there was a total of 5,289 Palestinian bombing and shooting attacks against Israeli civilian and military targets in the territories in the eight months from September 29, 2000 to May 31, 2001. In addition, according to the Israel Police, there have been 2,227 reported incidents of Palestinian stoning against Israeli residents of Judea and Samaria during the period of January-April 2001.

  • Mideast 'Moderates' ?
    Israel is an island in a sea of hostility in the Middle East. It has survived and will continue to survive only by defending itself. The time for appeasement is over. It didn't work. It never works.

  • We Can Stop the Terror
    We are told that there is no way to stop Palestinian terror and no military solution to the current conflict. I vehemently disagree. Palestinian terror can and will be stopped by restoring Israel's deterrent strength and by using that strength when necessary.

  • Arafat is the Problem
    Without ignoring the many Israeli mistakes, Arafat, who has the ultimate responsibility for not accepting a cease-fire and for not seriously fighting against terrorism, is now the major obstacle for ending the vicious cycle of bloodshed.

  • Now We Must Respond
    Today, we must cross back and once again recognize the Palestinian leader as the terrorist he has always been.

  • The new Hitler, Arafat, continues to shed Jewish blood in the holy land of Israel

  • Aggressive Attrition
    Talk of war is again in the air, this time not of a general war, but one against our lapsed partner, the Palestinian Authority. As Housing Minister Natan Sharansky states, it is not a question of starting a war, but joining one in progress.

  • Husseini: Man of Peace ?
    Faisal al-Husseini, the top PLO figure in Jerusalem, died of a heart attack while visiting Kuwait on Thursday. Mourning Palestinians are calling him an "honest" leader and world media are hailing his "moderate" credentials, but both labels beg explanations.

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