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Israel Report
July 2001

  • War is Not Criminal Justice
    In war, you are not required to wait for enemy soldiers to shoot at you; it is legitimate to open fire first. Nor are you required to prove that a given soldier has either shot at your troops in the past or intends to do so in the future - his membership in an enemy force suffices to make him a legitimate target. And this is precisely the rationale for "targeted killings": they target known members of enemy forces in the context of a military conflict.

  • Camp David Revisionists
    Prominent articles in The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The New York Review of Books all purport to reveal that the widespread impression that Arafat rejected a generous offer by prime minister Ehud Barak is not correct. Yet a careful reading of these accounts does as much to confirm the conventional wisdom as it does to refute it.

  • Unleashing the Dogs of War
    It is time to convey to the public at home and abroad that Jewish patience is at an end, that Jewish lives are not cheap and the letting of Jewish blood will no longer be acceptable. It is time for this embattled nation to arise, to cry "havoc" and let slip the dogs of war.

  • Arafat's Rewriting of History
    One year ago, at the critical point in the Camp David summit, when the issue of Jerusalem was finally addressed, Arafat and his entourage demanded exclusive control of the Temple Mount area, and totally negated any Jewish connection to Jerusalem. By this account, Jesus was never in Jerusalem.

  • Camp David, One Year On
    It was 12 months ago today, on July 25, 2000, that the tense and dramatic Camp David summit finally came to a head, with Yasser Arafat turning down the president of the United States and rejecting the package of far-reaching Israeli concessions offered by then-prime minister Ehud Barak. After two weeks of round-the-clock wrangling, the summit abruptly broke off, effectively sealing the fate of the Oslo process, just seven years after it had begun. Two months later, the violence began, and it has yet to show any signs of letting up.

  • Perfidy in Genoa
    ...to fully appreciate the utter absurdity of the foreign ministers' call for international observers, one need look no further than the internal situation in the G-8 countries themselves, several of whom, it would appear, could use some monitoring of their own.

  • Think Back - When and If Israel Moves, Remember This
    When it comes to ensuring its own security, the Group of 8 doesn't mess around. When it comes to the security of Israel, on the other hand, the G-8 looks to "third-party monitors" to call into question an embattled state's methods of defending itself.

  • Starting Over in Mideast
    Yasser Arafat is through in the Middle East. I know you haven't heard this bulletin broadcast yet in the international media, but it's true. He's political "toast," as we say here in the United States. There's simply nowhere for him to go. He's lost his wiggle room and his credibility as a "peacemaker." His days are numbered.

  • The Correct Response to Terror
    The killing of three Palestinians in a drive-by shooting near Hebron last Thursday night was a cowardly act of depravity, the likes of which have become all too common in recent months on roads throughout Judea and Samaria.

  • Worse than Clintonism
    The Bush administration's support for the G-8's call for international monitors is worse than the evenhandedness inherited from the previous administration - it is a slap in the face for Israel's policy of restraint.

  • All Talk of International Observers - Just Talk
    Judging from the reports flooding almost every media channel, international observers, monitors, liaison officers, whatever, will shortly be arriving in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to take up peacekeeping duties.

  • Preventing War: Israel's Options
    Unless Israel sends clear signals of strength, the current bout of saber-rattling could, 1967-style, lead inadvertently to another all-out war.

  • War is Coming
    It is a chilling thought, but it now seems almost inevitable: The ongoing Palestinian violence will soon ignite an all-out war. It may be just a few days or weeks away, but the die seems to have been cast, perhaps irrevocably so. After eight years of reeling from crisis to crisis, the Oslo process is now poised for its final, Chernobyl-like meltdown.

  • Iron Fists in Cotton Wool
    The Palestinian-Israel conflict escalated sharply last night in a new and chilling way: For the first time in the ten-month confrontation, Jerusalem took its place alongside three other world capitals under mortar fire

  • Too Late for a Peaceable Solution
    t was too late for a peaceable solution in 1947. It is definitely too late today as the Arab hatred towards the Jews has increased exponentially. Nothing will be achieved with talk of compromise and peace. For Arabs there is only one test - the test of strength. The problem can be solved only by force of arms.

  • The History and Meaning of "Palestine" and "Palestinians"
    Talk and writing about Israel and the Middle East feature the nouns "Palestine" and Palestinian", and the phrases "Palestinian territory" and even "Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory". All too often, these terms are used with regard to their historical or geographical meaning, so that the usage creates illusions rather than clarifies reality.

  • Canada's a Partner for Mideast Peace  Cdn. Flag
    Lately, Canada's Middle East policy has been the subject of considerable commentary.

  • Why Israel Rejects 'Observers'
    Actually, a cursory glance at history shows that the reason for Israel's objection is the same as for Mr. Arafat's enthusiasm: International observers will not protect the cease-fire, but Mr. Arafat's ability to violate it.

  • Before Peace, Democracy
    In effect, Yasser Arafat, his political cronies and the various military elements of Fatah set about constructing an elected dictatorship that has come to dominate Palestinian life.

  • The Lesson Of Entebbe
    From today's perspective, the decisiveness of Operation Yonatan provides a sharp contrast to the present daily roster of Israelis dying in bombing, shooting, and stone-throwing attacks and the sense of a lack of an efficient Israeli response. But the reality of July 4, 1976 is not today's. Operation Yonatan was a spectacular, isolated response to a spectacular, isolated hijacking.

  • The Death of Compromise
    ..the events of the last nine months—the failure of Camp David and the subsequent intifada—have transformed the Middle East as radically as the events of 1948 or 1967. They have stripped away the notion that this is a struggle about land and material things. They have revealed that it is a struggle over the assignment of historical guilt.

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