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Israel Report
April 2001

  • Been There, Done That
    It should be obvious that Israel cannot agree to any conditions to a cease-fire, because to do so would be rewarding the Palestinian resort to violence even before the resumption of negotiations. The whole point of the last election was the complete rejection of negotiating under fire, which is one way of rewarding violence. If there is something worse than negotiating under fire, it is making concessions under fire.

  • Whose Military Solution?
    ...the real question is not whether there is a "military solution," but whose "military solution" will prevail, Israel's or the Palestinians'? After all, Arafat's efforts to launch, prolong, stoke, and nurture the current offensive are an attempt at a "military solution" to avoiding a peace proposal he did not like.

  • Interview with Ariel Sharon - "I am optimistic, completely optimistic"
    He answered, he emphasized, he reiterated, he said things that he has said a million times before, and others that were new revelations. He initiated topics that he didn't think were being covered. He talked of his love for music, and rhapsodized on how he sees the state. He touched on his crossing of the Suez in 1973, his move into Sinai in 1967, and - not be confused - last week's incursion into Gaza.

  • The Left's Ongoing Oslo Delusion
    ...instead of winning Palestinian acceptance, Oslo's painful concessions had the reverse effect. The more Israel showed flexibility, the more Palestinians smelled blood and became enraged at the very existence of the Jewish state. This culminated in the violence of the past seven months.

    CNN and ISRAEL: How A Respected News Network Became a Palestinian Propaganda Tool. Who Is Responsible? And How Can it be Stopped?

  • The Palestinian Lie the Israeli Left was Willing to Buy
    The dictum propagated by nearly every spokesperson for the Palestinian Arab cause that there cannot be peace or a cessation of violence unless the Israeli occupation of Arab territories ceases, is a lie.

  • A Proportionate Response to Violence
    There is nothing excessive about the IDF using military force against military targets that have mortared towns in sovereign Israeli territory or targeted Israel's civilian population. In fact, short of a nuke on Gaza City, it is hard to think of an Israeli response that would be disproportionate to continuing warfare that targets civilians.

  • What Happened to The Powell Doctrine?
    Powell understood the problem. If you respond proportionately, you allow the enemy to set the limits and level of fighting. Powell learned a lesson for his generation. There would be no more self-restraining, self-defeating proportionality. "First we're going to cut it off," said Powell memorably of the Iraqi army. "Then we're going to kill it." That was then. A decade later, Powell seems to have carved out an exception to his rule.

  • Zionism as Affirmative Action
    The next generation became a self-styled group of "new historians," who surrendered and adopted the Arab version of history. In this "narrative," 600,000 Israelis, including many Holocaust survivors who went from the refugee ships to the battlefield, were stronger and better equipped (despite the one-sided arms embargo) than the combined Arab armies. The Jews were cast as invaders (in the Land of Israel!), and the Arabs were the passive victims.

  • Arafat Has a Date With Terrorism
    There's an international conference of terrorist organizations in Tehran next week, and guess who's among the guests of honor? Not the elusive Osama Bin Laden. He doesn't go out much these days. No, the big surprise personality is no one less than Nobel Peace Prize laureate Yasser Arafat.

  • Some Basic Principles of the Arab-Jewish Conflict
    Whereas the Arabs have an absolute goal, Israel's elimination from the Middle East, the Jews have a pathetically limited goal, "peace."

  • Arafat is an Enemy - and Against that Enemy, We Need to Fight
    Stating clearly what Sharon will only hint at, Landau says that that in his mind Arafat's actions clearly place him in the "enemy" category, not in the category labeled "partner."

  • No "Right of Return" to Sovereign State
    ...the "right of return" is just another form of rejection of Israel, camouflaged in high-sounding language.

  • Arafat Redux
    Last week, two items related to this region seemed to have crossed in the mail between the Bush Administration and Capitol Hill: a State Department report on whether the Palestinian Authority is supporting terrorism, and letters from the House and the Senate urging a reassessment of US policy toward the Palestinians.

  • Should the Palestinians Have a State?
    Let's think about this. In the light of recent events, what kind of state can we expect the Palestinian people to establish? A state where small children are inculcated with hatred for other peoples, religions and cultures. Where they attend summer camps in which they are taught that to be a suicide bomber is the highest form of religious expression. Where they are taken to the front to get themselves shot for the sake of photo ops, and where their parents get paid blood money for such child sacrifice.

  • Israel's Independence Day and The Jewish People's Return to History
    As Pesach, the Passover commemoration of Jewish liberation is upon us, and Yom Ha'atzmaut, the fifty-third celebration of Israel's Independence Day, approaches, Arafat's murderous intifada continues, and spreads. There is an old Yiddish saying, reflecting much Jewish history, Shver ist a yid tsu sein, "It's hard to be a Jew"; Israel's history makes it clear that it is also hard to be a democratic Jewish state, in a region full of Arab dictatorships and authoritarian regimes and Jew-hating Muslim populations.

  • Sharon Must Block Talibanism
    If there were a world record for cultural intolerance or archeological atrocities, the Taliban's destruction of 1,500-year-old rock-hewn Buddhas in Afghanistan would probably take the prize. While the global outcry against the Taliban was understandable and warranted, it is a mystery why the world has met with deafening silence the Moslem Wakf's continuing rampage on the Temple Mount.

  • Arrest the Gangster of Gaza
    The parallels between Milosevic, champion of a Greater Serbia, and Arafat, proponent of a Greater Palestine, are intriguing. Both men have shown little concern for the sanctity of human life (other than their own, of course), and presided over corrupt regimes notorious for shady dealings and misuse of public funds.

  • May "Land for Peace" Rest in Peace
    In particular, the "land for peace" formula, the heart of Middle Eastern diplomacy for a decade or more, has been reduced to a heap of shards.

  • The "Body Count"
    The point is not how many people are killed any are too many (although we suspect the world would be more sympathetic to Israel if more Jews died). The "body count" in this war needs to reflect the difference in how they died and how their deaths are understood by their own people and by the civilized world.

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