September/October 2000


  • U.S. Congress Stands by Israel; Resolution Condemns Palestinian Leadership for Encouraging Violence and Causing Senseless Loss of Life

  • Waiting for Netanyahu
    "For Israel, he may just be the right man in the right place at the right time."

  • CNN Oh So Slow on Oslo
    "When it comes to examining the Oslo Accords and what specifically about them has failed, CNN repeatedly has demonstrated an unwillingness to report on what was agreed upon and what was actually honored and by which party."

  • Realities of War
    "This is no spontaneous uprising. This is war. In war you fight back, or you die."

  • Major Palestinian Violations of Agreements: October 2000

    An immoderate proposal
    "With straight faces, Arab heads of state gathered in Cairo to label Israeli actions as "barbaric," when Israel acted with more restraint than most democracies would have, let alone how most of them have acted against lesser threats to their security."

  • Palestinian Child Sacrifice
    "According to the Palestinians, over 40 children have been killed in the waves of violence and confrontations that began at the end of September. They have been killed in the front lines, providing cover for the armed Palestinian militias with machine guns and other weapons seeking to overwhelm isolated Israeli guard posts."

  • No Partners For Peace
    "Today, and as usual, the problem is not that Israel is being provocative, but that Israel's being is provocative. And now the potentially lethal asymmetry in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is this: Israel's government desperately wants to end the conflict; the Palestinian Authority fiercely wants to win it."

  • The Arabs' Road Map
    "or the summit could end in a way that will totally shock the 22 Arab leaders. That would be with the world looking at this Arab summit and wondering why the Arab East is the only region in the world, including sub- Saharan Africa, that is still ruled entirely by dictators, autocrats and kings, without one real democracy."

  • Arafat's Strategy
    "The Palestinian strategy is open and clear:
    * Use violence to bring international pressure on Israel.
    * Keep Israel mobilized, draining its resources and exhausting its will.
    * Bleed Israel as in Lebanon, but this time in the very suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
    * And thus force Israel back to the negotiating table from a position of weakness.

  • Myths of the Middle East
    "The truth is that Palestine is no more real than Never-Never Land. The first time the name was used was in 70 A.D. when the Romans committed genocide against the Jews, smashed the Temple and declared the land of Israel would be no more. From then on, the Romans promised, it would be known as Palestine."

  • No Rejoicing
    "It is the Palestinians, not Israel that must now prove their desire for peace. This must be immediate and comprehensive, demonstrated by the Palestinian leadership, security apparatus, and the majority of the populace. If not, then all that was achieved at Sharm was a temporary truce."

  • Jerusalem as a Red Herring
    "The current riots are in part designed by Arafat to keep all eyes on Jerusalem, diverting attention from an irresolvable fact. If the Palestinians get the "right of return," there will be no Israel and the Israelis won't accept that. But if the conflict ends with Israel intact, the 50+ years the refugees wasted in camps at the insistence of Arab leadership becomes a sacrifice in vain and Arafat can't afford that."

    The Only Honorable Choice
    "By permitting and even urging teens and children to join attacking mobs alongside men with automatic rifles, Arafat has virtually guaranteed that some will be killed in the crossfire - but the Palestinians will thereby score points in the public relations arena. Barak has chosen instead to order the army to defend civilians, even at the price of losing points in the PR battle."

  • The New Reality
    "For Israel, Camp David embodied the ultimate strategic goal: to finally end Oslo's train of piecemeal concessions and require the Palestinians to reveal whether they would deliver their end of the bargain - peace. For Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat, Camp David meant a very different destination for the Oslo train. From Arafat's perspective, at the end of the tracks was not an agreement but the opposite - a chasm which he would attempt to bridge - not by negotiations, but by violence."

  • War & Peace in the Middle East: An Exclusive ©Time Interview with Prime Minister Barak

  • Afraid of the Truth
    "When the peace process began, Israel and the West had a remarkable opportunity to use their influence to ensure that the emerging Palestinian society could evolve into a liberal, democratic state. Instead they spent the better part of 10 years subsidizing tyranny."

  • The Sleepwalkers
    "What does it take to make the dreamers admit, if only to themselves, that the Oslo peace process was a mirage? The lynching of Israeli soldiers by a Palestinian mob in Ramallah, their bloodied bodies thrown onto the street from a second-story window?"

  • Arafat's War
    "If you want to know how confused the Palestinians are, consider this quotation from their senior negotiator, Hasan Asfour: "There can be no [resumption of] peace talks without an international investigation [into the latest violence]. Our people did not die for nothing."
    I see. These Palestinians died so there can be an international investigation into why they were killed. Sad. What a totally messed up set of priorities."

  • Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak talks with CNN's Senior International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour

  • Briefing by Acting Foreign Minister Ben-Ami to the Foreign Press
    "...Nevertheless, we persist, and we look for avenues, and we expect an end to violence, and we would like to put Arafat to the final test: Is he ready for an agreement with this government, or does he want to go on and on and on with violence? If violence is imposed on us, we will fight back. If peace is what Arafat wants, we will go for a peace deal."

  • Prayer Focus From Jerusalem - Heal Our Land
    "You have heard the news and seen the TV reports, and I am sorry to tell you that the situation on the ground here has been as bad as the media portrayed, and even worse in some places."

  • Palestinians destroy evacuated Joseph's Tomb
    "Scores of Palestinians stormed into the Joseph's Tomb compound in Nablus and destroyed the site yesterday, after IDF and Border Police units evacuated the shrine early in the morning."


    "Israel is under attack. At first this reality was too bizarre for many Israelis to comprehend, coming at a time when the country has made almost unimaginable strides toward the Palestinians. Now there is no doubt that Israel's generosity has been interpreted by the Arab world as weakness."

  • Arafat's War
    "Fighting has broken out in the Middle East, we read. This use of passive phrasing, almost universal in media reports on the violence in Israel, is a way of deliberately expressing agnosticism about the cause of the fighting. It is a scandal. It is akin to writing that on Sept. 1, 1939, war "broke out" on the German-Polish frontier."

  • Judgement Day - Israel Facing Apocalypse
    "Former Supreme Court Justice Moshe Landau - Israel facing apocalypse: Concessions to the Arabs are destroying the foundations of Zionism, Aharon Barak is leading a juridical dictatorship and Israelis are no longer willing to fight"

  • Who's David?
    "A photograph in Saturday's New York Times summed up the conventional view of the recent riots in Israel: It showed a shouting Israeli policeman, holding a truncheon, standing over a bloodied youth. The caption read: "An Israeli policeman and a Palestinian on the Temple Mount." Photos never lie, but captions do. As the Times acknowledged in a tiny correction yesterday, the bloodied youth was not Palestinian, and he was not on the Temple Mount. He was a Jewish exchange student from the United States who had been pulled out of a taxi by a lynch mob in an Arab neighbourhood, beaten and stabbed. The policeman had shown up just in time to save his life."

  • The Violence in Israel - PA Incitement May Doom Peace Prospects
    "JINSA Report #155 lays the blame for the latest round of violence squarely at the feet of those who incited the violence and the hatred that provokes it - the Palestinian Authority leadership. The report concludes that "There is a 'them' and and 'us' in this dreadful situation. The 'us' is people who believe that life, Israeli and Palestinian, is precious and that responsible leadership precludes jihad. There are plenty of Arabs among 'us'. But at the end of the day, the Palestinians appear to be led by 'them' - people for whom Jew-hatred is an admirable pastime, and for whom life is less precious than martyrdom. Peace with 'them' might well be impossible.""

  • Arafat's Victims
    "...the reason for the deaths of the 29 Palestinians and two Israeli border policemen who lost their lives since Friday is painfully simple and clear: Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat is once again attempting to negotiate with violence."

  • On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the population of the State of Israel stands at 6.3 million

  • Is Ehud Barak a Right-winger?
    "Is Ehud Barak really the ultra-left-winger he appears to be, the prime minister who offers more concessions than any of his predecessors to the Arabs? Or might he be a shrewd nationalist who is just going through the motions of diplomacy?"

  • Palestinian Text Books Continue to Preach Hate
    "A long standing criticism of the Arab peace initiative concerns the failure of the Arab educational systems to teach anything but hatred toward the Israelis and Jews. Text books and curricula in their school systems portray the Jews as being the singular cause for Arab troubles."

  • Let Arafat declare his state: Go Ahead
    "For seven years now, Israel has again and again transferred land and authority to the Palestinians and has received in return Arafat's promises to make peace, disarm terrorist groups, renounce threats of violence, cease anti-Israel propaganda, and the like. And again and again the Palestinian Authority chairman has violated those promises. To believe that Arafat would fulfill his next promise--the promise of a "final settlement"--is an ideological exercise grounded in neither history nor reason. "

  • MEMRI: Leading Israeli Author Aharon Meged on Post-Zionism
    "We are encircled by a fire of hatred that will not burn out. Millions of Arabs have yet to come to terms with our right to exist. The incitement continues, the formally declared intentions of annihilation remain unchanged, not only towards us as Israelis, but also towards us as Jews. If we look at the facts, beyond the hazy screen of wishful thinking, we will see that the intentions to uproot us from the land [of Israel] are [still] firm and abiding despite the peace agreements."

  • The 'United Jerusalem' Act
    "...the best hope the Jewish people have for the Old City of Jerusalem to remain under Israel's sovereignty is for Yasser Arafat to continue to say no. Barak, Israel's most decorated soldier, has already shown us that he does not have the courage to stand up for the city of our heritage."

  • Support Israel, not PLO's war on Judaism!!
    "Dear Mr. President:    Your administration has advocated that Israel make horrifying compromises in Jerusalem and surrender much of it to the terrorists in the PLO. Before your administration continues such advocacy, I think you should consider what the PLO has done with the territory and authority it has already received."

  • Barak's Failure to Deliver
    "Prime Minister Ehud Barak's "unity offensive" is in full swing: preparations, conjecture, analyses, and purported emissaries conducting secret negotiations in the dark of night. Hogwash. It's nothing but virtual unity, for gaining room to maneuver."

  • The Absolute Right: Jerusalem
    "There are times when the "right" is something about which neither we nor our leaders have any choice. There are times when "right" is as absolute as north or south, and when we have no choice nor option to make any other decision. The best example of this: Jerusalem."

  • Clinton in Cairo
    "Having presided at Camp David over Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak's previously unimaginable concessions -- giving up almost all the West Bank and sharing sovereignty in parts of Jerusalem -- President Clinton goes to Cairo tomorrow. He will plead with Egypt's president, Hosni Mubarak, to tell Yasir Arafat to grab the deal before an astounded and dismayed Israeli public rises up and tosses out its Great Conceder." by William Safire

Highlights From Our Previous Issue

Camp David II

Camp David and the Prospects for a Final Settlement
Part I: Israeli, Palestinian, and American Positions Unveiled
Part II: Reactions and Implications

"The outcome of the summit at Camp David was crushing. And what happened in the Catoctin Mountains was rather simple. For the second time in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Palestinians refused to accept a Palestinian state. "

Barak Trapped Himself
"Ehud Barak walked away from Camp David with kind words from President Clinton. Yasser Arafat left with new Israeli gifts that would give him about 90% of the land he is demanding for the moment, plus frontiers that endanger his major neighbors, Israel and Jordan, and one day will be able to link the Iraq-Palestine axis physically."

Why Is Arafat Smiling?
"Why? Because Arafat gave up nothing. But Israel's leader, prodded by a U.S. president, made concessions that broke pledges Barak made in his election campaign a year ago. "

A Tragicomedy
"Despite the outcome, the Camp David summit leaves one terribly saddened and worried. The Israeli delegation, headed by Prime Minister Ehud Barak, performed like a team of clowns."

The Summit Collapses
"The marathon summit at Camp David can be looked upon as a test of whether there exists any practical basis for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement. It can probably now be fairly said that at this time there is none. The maximum Israel can give is less than the minimum the Palestinians will take."

Mid-East Irony: Yasser As Jewish State's "Savior"
"The ultimate irony of the collapse of the Camp David summit is that Yasser Arafat ended up saving Israel from a disaster."

Statement by Prime Minister Barak on his return from the Camp David Summit

What Will Arabs Do For Peace?
"Two diplomatic fiascoes in the past four months suggest this is the moment for American politicians to do some hard rethinking about the effort to help bring peace to Israel and the Arabs. "

  • EYE ON THE MEDIA: CNN's weather vane
    "CNN got clobbered recently by a deluge of angry e-mail about its detaching Jerusalem from Israel in a weather page on the heavily trafficked CNN.com website. All other capital cities were listed with their respective countries, but CNN separated Jerusalem from Israel in March after criticism by Arab American activist Ali Abunimah and reattached them in August in the wake of an escalating outcry from defenders of Israel."

  • Star Of David May Finally Get Equal Treatment
    "The greatest irony of the saga of the Red Cross and its persistent denial of membership to Israel's Magen David Adom is that the man who fostered this international humanitarian movement was a devoted Zionist."

  • Abu Mazen on the Peace Process
    "PLO Executive Committee Chairman Mahmoud 'Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, is widely perceived as Arafat's deputy and was a member of the Palestinian negotiating team at Camp David. He is considered one of the more moderate leaders in the PLO. Following are excerpts from an interview he gave to the Israeli-Arab weekly Kul Al-Arab"

  • The Debate at Camp David over Jerusalem's Holy Places    [Palestinian denial of Jewish history] "...Arafat told US President Clinton, "I will not agree to any Israeli sovereign presence in Jerusalem, neither in the Armenian quarter, nor in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, neither on the Via Dolarosa, nor in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. They can occupy us by force, because we are weaker now, but in two years, ten years, or one hundred years, there will be someone who will liberate Jerusalem [from them]." "

  • "How Much Land for Peace?"
    "The time has come for all those who believe in the Land for Peace ideal, faced reality and reflected on the situation prior to 1967. During the period between 1948 and 1967, the tortuous and elongated border between Israel and its neighbours was annually the scene of hundreds of Arab raids across the line. Israeli men, women and children, were killed indiscriminately, villages were attacked, houses blown up and civilians kidnapped in unending Arab guerrilla warfare."

  • The "No Solution" Solution
    The leftist sages seem to have never considered another, simpler notion, namely, that we can live without peace and without war - in other words, without a "solution."
  • Had Bibi been in power...
    Imagine what the reaction of our press and public would have been had Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu tried to lead Israel with a coalition representing only 30-odd MKs. Imagine the howling, barking and bellowing that would ensue, and the mass demonstrations that would have rocked the streets, had Bibi dared to change the status of the territories - say, annex them, not withdraw from them.

  • Ashrawi's Free Ride
    Hanan Ashrawi is back. While Israeli, Palestinian and American officials met at Camp David, she made the rounds of American television and radio as official spokesperson for the Palestinian delegation. Her familiar bulldozer denunciations of Israel, filled with gross misrepresentations of fact and history, are strikingly unchanged from a decade ago. And, as in previous US appearances, Ashrawi enjoyed unique indulgence in journalistic quarters, often being greeted by her first name and rarely being challenged.

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