May/June 2000


  • Barak's Flippancy: Official Fatah website editorial reviews Barak's assumptions and proposes response

  • Break with the Past in the Middle East
    To foster peace between Israel and its neighbors America must stand aside.

  • See Change
    We are ending our three-and-a-half-month stay in Israel, and it is only now that I have the confidence to admit that I think the Oslo agreements were a mistake.

  • Whitewashing Hezbullah
    The recent withdrawal of Israel from Southern Lebanon in the face of a long and grinding conflict there with Hezbollah prompted a familiar media phenomenon. A number of journalists rushed to put a friendly face on the Iranian-funded, Syrian-coordinated group, passing over its record of bloodletting and focusing on Hezbollah’s work as a social service operation.

  • Golan Quickly Back On Radar Screens
    Even though Bashar al-Assad's official credentials as the new Syrian dictator are still pending, the dispute over the Golan Heights came back to the fore over the weekend when Justice Minister Yossi Beilin said the Israeli government might be willing to discuss giving Damascus some access to the Kinneret, as well as to a strip of shore northeast of the lake, as part of a future peace deal.

  • English translation of 23 June letter from Sharansky to Barak

  • Arabian Fables - How the Arabs Soften Up World Opinion with Fanciful Myths
    Josef Goebbels, the infamous propaganda minister of the Nazis, had it right. Just tell people big lies often enough and they will believe them. The Arabs have learned that lesson well. They have swayed world opinion by endlessly repeating myths and lies that have no basis in fact.

  • American "NonPaper" Describing Israel/PA Positions
    IMRA's translation of the "non-paper" prepared by the Clinton Administration outlining the positions of Israel and the Palestinians before the summit as published in Hebrew in Yediot

  • Ha'aretz military correspondent Amir Oren on preparations for conflicts with the Palestinians
    The territories have been strangely quiet over the past few days - relatively speaking. Relatively speaking because violent incidents in the West Bank and Gaza, including sniping on IDF and border guard patrols, are pushed to the back pages as long as there are no deaths. Strangely, because it reminds one of the quiet of June 4, 1967 and October 5, 1973 - the stillness on the eve of a war.

  • Colonel Warns Of The Dangers Of Giving Away 92% Of Yesha
    Lt.-Col. (res.) Moshe Hager has written an article, circulated over the internet by the Hevron Jewish Community, describing the Barak-envisioned final-status agreement as a "lethal danger" not only to Judea and Samaria, but to the entire State of Israel.

  • Settlers Jam Jerusalem to Protest
    Tens of thousands of settlers from across Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip converged on Jerusalem yesterday in a day of demonstrations against further territorial concessions.

  • An Interview with Bashar Al-Assad

  • Barak's Illusions
    Shas long ago moved to the right side of the political map and has no intention of being more moderate than the Likud - their main rival on election day. Shas will, of course, take the money and then block the peace process.

  • Thinking the Unthinkable
    In October 1995, after his car was set upon by hooligans at the Kikar Zion demonstration where Avishai Raviv distributed pictures of Yitzhak Rabin in an SS uniform, then-housing minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer warned the cabinet that there might be an assassination attempt on prime minister Yitzhak Rabin. A month later, Rabin was dead. This week, after reading an article published by Kedumim rabbi Daniel Shilo which called giving up parts of Eretz Yisrael "treason," Ben-Eliezer issued the same dire warnings.

  • Pop, Goes the Assad!
    When a big event happens, like the death of Syrian President Hafez Assad, an immediate global reaction occurs. Many things are said, some of them quite silly.

  • Bashar Assad: "Israel's defeat is the beginning of a new Arab history"
    The next President of Syria, in his most recent interview, on the Arab-Israeli conflict, the peace process and Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon.

  • Arafat's Parallel Universe
    The unavoidable conclusion is that for Arafat and the Palestinians, peace with Israel and the end to the Arab-Israeli conflict are simply not on the agenda.

  • What Can Be Done?
    The Jewish state is on the verge of total collapse. A multitude of analyses unmistakably proves that Israel's fateful hour is approaching. Any objective observer who has access to the Arab press and who has monitored Israel's behavior since the 1993 signing of the Oslo agreement can easily understand that the Jewish state is heading towards an existential catastrophe. The time for contemplation is over. Now is the time for Israel to act.

  • Barak: Jerusalem Will Never Be Divided
    Jerusalem will never again be divided, Prime Minister Ehud Barak vowed at a ceremony at Ammunition Hill last night marking Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the city's reunification in the Six Day War.

  • The 33-Year-Old Lesson
    The Israel Defense Forces did not withdraw from Lebanon last week. It fled. And this fleeing, the sloppy and frantic debacle that it was, represented not only a great victory for the Hizbullah, it also weakened Israel's deterrent capacity and placed all of our northern settlements in danger.

  • Rabbis Decry Betrayal of SLA
    Call of Hesder Yeshiva heads: Defamation of the name of God!

  • Syria said training Palestinians for attacks on Israel
    Analysts are warning of a full-scale war between Israel and Syria following revelations Palestinians are being trained at camps near Damascus for attacks on Israel from Lebanon.

  • Israel seeks alternatives as US freezes supply process for new military equipment and demands veto on all Israel export sales
    Israel is considering acquiring Russian-made Kamov fighter helicopters and European-made Airbus transport planes for reconnaissance purposes rather than U.S.-made aircraft in reaction to de facto limitations the United States government has recently imposed on the transfer of military equipment to the Israel Defense Forces.

  • With our tail between our legs
    When the French were forced out of Sinai in 1956, along with the British and the IDF, they left in a show of force.

  • The Day After
    Among Israelis, three emotions are swirling around the closing of a chapter of the saga of Lebanon: relief, fear, and shame.

  • Comment: 5 things about the withdrawal NOT for the memory hole

  • Open Letter to Security and Rescue Personnel of the State of Israel -Tzahal, the GSS, Police andBorder Police, Firefighters, Medical and Rescue Teams
    As public figures and citizens of the State of Israel who respect your work and salute you for your devotion, we are turning to you with a warning about a new and unprecedented situation which puts both you and us to an almost impossible test.

  • Barak's Stockholm Syndrome
    Hostages whose sympathy for their captors increases the more they are tortured are said to be stricken with the Stockholm syndrome. Prime Minister Ehud Barak, whose minions are now negotiating in Stockholm, seems to have been afflicted.

  • Wanted: A Jewish Churchill
    "Israel today has weapons and money, the Arabs have will. . . Israel has high capabilities and low morale; the Arabs have low capabilities and high morale. Again and again, the record of history shows, victory goes not to the side with greater firepower, but to the side with greater determination."

  • Two Prime Ministers Speak
    Ehud Barak and Binyamin Netanyahu Write Op-Eds for the May 19, 2000 Jerusalem Post

  • Jerusalem Now
    The Israeli War of Independence officially commenced on May 15, 1948, about six months after the Arabs started it when they rioted, pillaged, and burned the commercial center of Jerusalem.
    On May 15, 2000 the Palestinians started their own War of Independence, scenting the smell of victory over the Jews and the State of Israel.

  • Unreciprocated Generosity
    Three events were juxtaposed one atop the other yesterday, like a layer cake: cabinet and Knesset votes on Abu Dis, live-fire battles between Palestinian and Israeli forces, and the news of the capture by the Palestinian Authority of top terrorist bomber Mohammed Deif. This constellation of events may illustrate both the dangers and logic behind the Barak government's approach as the era of historic decisions begins in earnest.

  • Barak Within the Josephus Syndrome
    As Josephus was called a 'Romanized' Jew, so too former General Ehud Barak must carry a similar title into his history. But, what best describes this little man with pretensions of being a 'shadow Napoleon'?

  • Barak Welcomes Millionth Ex-Soviet Immigrant
    Prime Minister Ehud Barak yesterday welcomed an airplane carrying the millionth immigrant from the former Soviet Union since the wave of immigration began in 1989.

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