July/August 2000

Camp David II

Camp David and the Prospects for a Final Settlement
Part I: Israeli, Palestinian, and American Positions Unveiled
Part II: Reactions and Implications

"The outcome of the summit at Camp David was crushing. And what happened in the Catoctin Mountains was rather simple. For the second time in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Palestinians refused to accept a Palestinian state. "

Barak Trapped Himself
"Ehud Barak walked away from Camp David with kind words from President Clinton. Yasser Arafat left with new Israeli gifts that would give him about 90% of the land he is demanding for the moment, plus frontiers that endanger his major neighbors, Israel and Jordan, and one day will be able to link the Iraq-Palestine axis physically."

Why Is Arafat Smiling?
"Why? Because Arafat gave up nothing. But Israel's leader, prodded by a U.S. president, made concessions that broke pledges Barak made in his election campaign a year ago. "

A Tragicomedy
"Despite the outcome, the Camp David summit leaves one terribly saddened and worried. The Israeli delegation, headed by Prime Minister Ehud Barak, performed like a team of clowns."

The Summit Collapses
"The marathon summit at Camp David can be looked upon as a test of whether there exists any practical basis for an Israeli-Palestinian settlement. It can probably now be fairly said that at this time there is none. The maximum Israel can give is less than the minimum the Palestinians will take."

Mid-East Irony: Yasser As Jewish State's "Savior"
"The ultimate irony of the collapse of the Camp David summit is that Yasser Arafat ended up saving Israel from a disaster."

Statement by Prime Minister Barak on his return from the Camp David Summit

What Will Arabs Do For Peace?
"Two diplomatic fiascoes in the past four months suggest this is the moment for American politicians to do some hard rethinking about the effort to help bring peace to Israel and the Arabs. "

  • EYE ON THE MEDIA: CNN's weather vane
    "CNN got clobbered recently by a deluge of angry e-mail about its detaching Jerusalem from Israel in a weather page on the heavily trafficked CNN.com website. All other capital cities were listed with their respective countries, but CNN separated Jerusalem from Israel in March after criticism by Arab American activist Ali Abunimah and reattached them in August in the wake of an escalating outcry from defenders of Israel."

  • Star Of David May Finally Get Equal Treatment
    "The greatest irony of the saga of the Red Cross and its persistent denial of membership to Israel's Magen David Adom is that the man who fostered this international humanitarian movement was a devoted Zionist."

  • Abu Mazen on the Peace Process
    "PLO Executive Committee Chairman Mahmoud 'Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, is widely perceived as Arafat's deputy and was a member of the Palestinian negotiating team at Camp David. He is considered one of the more moderate leaders in the PLO. Following are excerpts from an interview he gave to the Israeli-Arab weekly Kul Al-Arab"

  • The Debate at Camp David over Jerusalem's Holy Places    [Palestinian denial of Jewish history] "...Arafat told US President Clinton, "I will not agree to any Israeli sovereign presence in Jerusalem, neither in the Armenian quarter, nor in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, neither on the Via Dolarosa, nor in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. They can occupy us by force, because we are weaker now, but in two years, ten years, or one hundred years, there will be someone who will liberate Jerusalem [from them]." "

  • "How Much Land for Peace?"
    "The time has come for all those who believe in the Land for Peace ideal, faced reality and reflected on the situation prior to 1967. During the period between 1948 and 1967, the tortuous and elongated border between Israel and its neighbours was annually the scene of hundreds of Arab raids across the line. Israeli men, women and children, were killed indiscriminately, villages were attacked, houses blown up and civilians kidnapped in unending Arab guerrilla warfare."

  • The "No Solution" Solution
    The leftist sages seem to have never considered another, simpler notion, namely, that we can live without peace and without war - in other words, without a "solution."
  • Had Bibi been in power...
    Imagine what the reaction of our press and public would have been had Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu tried to lead Israel with a coalition representing only 30-odd MKs. Imagine the howling, barking and bellowing that would ensue, and the mass demonstrations that would have rocked the streets, had Bibi dared to change the status of the territories - say, annex them, not withdraw from them.

  • Ashrawi's Free Ride
    Hanan Ashrawi is back. While Israeli, Palestinian and American officials met at Camp David, she made the rounds of American television and radio as official spokesperson for the Palestinian delegation. Her familiar bulldozer denunciations of Israel, filled with gross misrepresentations of fact and history, are strikingly unchanged from a decade ago. And, as in previous US appearances, Ashrawi enjoyed unique indulgence in journalistic quarters, often being greeted by her first name and rarely being challenged.

  • Israel Needs a Real Peace Partner
    I urge you to support Israel. One can only make peace with an enemy that desires peace. The Arabs are not ready to make peace with Israel.

  • The Peace Camp and its "World of Tomorrow"
    After the collapse of the Camp David summit, it is hard not to be amazed at how the so-called "Peace Camp" continues to adhere to its fervent religious belief in the promise of peace with our Palestinian neighbors.  All those of the "Peace Camp" who dismiss Israel's religious-Zionist public as being "messianic," or "not being in touch with reality," have apparently just been projecting their own shortcomings on others.

  • There must be no Hizbullahland
    10 weeks after Israel's forces left, the Lebanese government finally deployed its army and police in the south. This is an encouraging development which may lead to Beirut governing, rebuilding, and maintaining order there.

  • Palestinian Summer Camp Offers the Games of War
    "There is the chance to stage a mock kidnapping of an Israeli leader by masked Palestinian commandos, ending with the Israeli's bodyguards sprawled dead on the ground. Next, there is the mock attack on an Israeli military post, ending with a sentry being grabbed by the neck and fatally stabbed. Finally, there is the opportunity to excel in stripping and reassembling a real Kalashnikov rifle."

  • Machiavelli's Principles and the Middle East Peace Process
    "So far as I can tell, every time there's been peace, real peace in the world, it has happened the old fashioned way. One side beat up the other side and there's a winner and a loser. The winner imposes terms on the loser and those terms are called 'peace'.""

  • National Assisted Suicide
    "At this writing, there is no deal at Camp David. But it is hard to believe there will not be one before it is all over. After all, Ehud Barak believes that his only hope to remain prime minister of Israel is to bring back a deal, however flawed, that he can induce a majority of the Israeli people (or more precisely a minority of Jews and Israel's Arab voters) to accept"

  • Camp David: Finality
    "No one knows what the final details of an agreement coming out of Camp David would look like--or even if there will be one. But one thing is certain. If it does not contain the following provision, it will be worthless--worthless to the United States because it will not bring peace, and doubly worthless because it would be rejected out of hand by the Israeli electorate in referendum. It is a twofold provision:
    * That this agreement marks the end of Palestinian claims against Israel and thus closes the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.
    * That the finality of this agreement is guaranteed by the United States."

  • Barak Surrenders The Nation Of Israel
    "Barak, Beilin and Clinton offer one concession after another. Each time Arafat refuses Barak's generous offer, Barak and his hand-wringers offer their next concession. Barak has shown that he was is no longer the courageous general he was so honored for. "

  • On The Danger of False Promises
    "First, is it decent or productive to offer hope for peace when the offer cannot possibly be kept? If the Ambassador and his Government were anticipating an authentic peace, his argument could have been quite compelling. But he and the Prime Minister know full well that this "peace" is entirely contrived, and that the long-documented Arab plan for phased destruction of Israel remains fully in place."

  • Camp David: Facts and Final Status Issues
    "Many media accounts have misrepresented the "final status" issues that are now the subject of intensive negotiations at Camp David, often distorting Oslo, UN resolutions, the demographics and history of Jerusalem, and Middle East history in general. This Backgrounder identifies numerous errors that can be found in many of the news reports about the Camp David negotiations. "

  • Israel's Worst Case: A "Successful" Agreement with the PLO
    "The following article was written by Professor Beres almost six years ago. It appears that no one in Rabin's Government was listening. Today, the Barak Government is still not listening. "Success" is at hand."

  • The Fate Of Settlement In Judea, Samaria, And Gaza (YESHA) Upon Declaration Of The Palestinian State
    "The following paper is the introduction to a study of the Palestinian Authority's preparations for war against the Jewish settlements with the intention of destroying them - this, after the establishment of the Palestinian state on September 13 or close to that date. This introduction surveys the political, legal, and economic issues that will arise with the establishment of a sovereign Arab entity in which about 200,000 Jewish settlers will be trapped. "

  • Neutralizing the Fear Campaign
    "Prime Minister Ehud Barak's star studded public relations team is already preparing the fear campaign that will be the key feature of the battle over the national referendum. "

  • 'New' Middle East?
    "If anyone wonders what life in Israel might look like should Prime Minister Ehud Barak return from Washington with an agreement, it might be instructive to look at our northern border."

  • The Palestinian Arab Refugees: Arafat's Secret Weapon
    "It is remarkable that for decades, Arafat and the Palestinian Arabs have loudly protested the idea of Arabs in the territories being "under Israeli rule"--yet the Palestinian Arabs are now demanding that these Arab "refugees" from around the world be permit to settle in Israel, "under Israeli rule." How can this contradiction be explained?"

  • Palestinians, You Can't Go Home Again
    "The refugee status of the Palestinians was perpetuated by the host countries and the Palestinian leadership, and by the international community, through the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the only UN body dedicated to a specific refugee group (all other refugees in the world are the responsibility of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees). As a result, refugee status was passed down from father to son to grandson over 50 years, so that, today, they number three million to four million."

  • Process, not Peace
    "The Israeli Arab population already holds the determinative votes on the most vital issues of Israeli security, and yet Barak is said to be ready to accept 100,000 Palestinian refugees - refugees who have been raised for 52 years on murderous hatred of the Jewish state.
    Worst of all, the process will not lead to peace."

  • MEMRI: Palestinian Strategies at the Camp David Summit

  • Misguided Phalcon
    "After months of trying to square an increasingly unsquarable circle, at almost the last possible moment, Israel this week canceled the sale of the Phalcon radar system to China. Israel deserves credit for eventually doing the right thing, but simply putting the episode behind us is not enough."

  • Black Box: Agreements Secretly Arrived at Camp David will Disserve Peace, Undermine Democratic Processes in U.S., Israel
    "The secrecy imposed on this week's summit meeting at Camp David will not only keep the press and the public in the dark about portentous deals being cooked up there by President Clinton, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and the Palestinians' Yasser Arafat. It has as well the effect of denying an appropriate role to legislators in the U.S. Congress and Israel's Knesset who share with their respective executive branches a responsibility for the implementation of any accords that may emerge."

  • The Oslo Interlude
    "On Sept. 13, the Palestinians will unilaterally declare a Palestinian state, a rupture of the Oslo peace accords that they openly acknowledge may lead to violence, perhaps even war. This summit is being held, quite literally, under the gun."

  • Eyes Wide Open
    ""Keep your eyes on the ball." This is the watchword in this critical period. The Barak team will do everything in its power to divert your attention with side issues about style rather than substance."

  • An Open Message for Barak Before Camp David
    "It is time that all those who believe in the Land for Peace ideal, faced reality and reflected on the situation prior to 1967. During the period between 1948 and 1967, the tortuous and elongated border between Israel and its neighbours was annually the scene of hundreds of Arab raids across the line. Israeli men, women and children, were killed indiscriminately, villages were attacked, houses blown up and civilians kidnapped in unending Arab guerrilla warfare."

  • "Napoleon" Strikes Again
    "Dropping all pretense that Israel is a democracy, Ehud Barak has purportedly stated during his visit to Europe that even if only 25% of the Knesset supported him, and even if he had only a minority of nine ministers behind him, he would still sign an agreement with Arafat giving up huge portions of the Land of Israel. Spoken like a true little dictator."

  • Why Is It Happening ?
    "Unlike Israeli leaders who play to the short-sighted democratic politics of their nation, Arafat will not agree to anything that strengthens Israel. So, ... if there is not to be a clash, it is Israel that must do the surrendering, as always."

  • They Had a Name for It in the 1930s
    "In its short history, Israel has dealt with its enemies along the lines of two very different doctrines.The old doctrine was called deterrence; does the new one have a name? Well, yes, it does. It is called appeasement."

  • The Strategic Thinker: Where is he/she in Israel?
    "Israel, today, needs such a Thinker, one who would focus specifically on security requirements of the Jewish State. As for the once-vaunted Israel National Security Council, it is effectively moribund. Not surprisingly, the country's ongoing plan for "Peace" is a process built upon sand."

  • Water, Water, Everywhere, But Not A Drop To Drink
    "Ehud Barak is busy drying up the Country both physically and spirtitually. Instead of taking his ancestral giants the Prophets of Israel as his guiding star, he is choosing instead the ephemeral and worthless goal of being liked by Clinton, Arafat and the European nations."

  • Annex Yesha Now !
    "The Israeli leaders are so mesmerized with the "peace process" that they are willing to continue it just for the sake of the process itself, incapable of foreseeing its consequences."

  • Author Aharon Megged on pressure to support Left

  • CAMERA vs CBC: Distortion and Inaccuracy
    "More than six months after CAMERA (the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) contacted CBC about serious errors in a May 1999 report by the Newsworld Program, Schlesinger, the network's ombudsman has responded with a lengthy report which is itself marred by distortion and inaccuracy."

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