The Israel Report

March 2001

1948 - by Reuven Rubin


  • Operation Order: Arafat
    Everything begins and ends with Arafat. His intention is to cause Israel's surrender - in other words, he wants to drag Prime Minister Ariel Sharon into negotiating under fire and terrorist attacks. Alternatively, he wants to drag Israel into all-out war with the Palestinians and he doesn't care if this will also bring the other Arab countries into the war.

  • The Little Flame - Palestinians Murder a 10-month-old Jewish girl
    --This is not a case of a child being caught in the crossfire. --The killing of Shalhevet Pas, Israel's military authorities believe, was a premeditated, precision assassination by a sniper a long way from his target. --even against the backdrop of the bloody anti-Jewish riots that swept the West Bank and brought the war to Jerusalem, it is hard to think of a killing as cold-blooded as this.

  • Disdain for Reality
    It requires a truly magnificent disdain for reality to describe the bombing of a schoolbus full of children, numerous drive-by shootings of civilians, and car bombs in the heart of Israel's cities as "direct confrontations between the two sides."

  • Arafat's Strategy
    Natan Sharansky, the Deputy Prime Minister of Israel, made this point clear. "As minister of industry and trade during Benjamin Netanyahu's administration," he wrote, "I saw Mr. Arafat reject countless projects that would have bettered the lot of his own people simply because they would have served to decrease tensions between Israelis and Palestinians.

  • The Holiness of Scripture
    I have noticed a number of articles printed in this paper over the past few weeks that clearly delineated the basic fault line that exists in Jewish life today. It is from this difference that I believe that all other basic differences in the Jewish world today stem. And that fault line concerns the divinity of scripture - the holiness of the Hebrew Bible.

  • Enough Evenhandedness
    By refusing to blame the Palestinian leadership by name for violence it is proudly defending, the US is not gaining credibility, but prolonging the conflict.

  • Israel Shudders in a Time of Siege
    A month ago, my neighbor's son was shot dead in a terrorist ambush on a West Bank road; a few days ago, the janitor of my son's school was killed in a similar attack while driving to work. Now, when my neighbors and I greet each other in the parking lot and ask what's new, what we really mean is: Has anyone we know disappeared today?

  • The War To Come
    What one sees forming in front of one's eyes is a replay of the situation in Lebanon during the 80s: dozens of para-military groups, each armed to the teeth, each with its own agenda but with one common enemy: Israel. As in Lebanon, there is no one central authority one can call to question, or take revenge against. Clearly Arafat and the Tunisian fatcats around him no longer call the shots, or control who shoots.

  • Waking Up the World and Jewry to History
    This letter is written by a frustrated, angered soul. It does not represent all of Israel, yet it gives voice to the painful history the Jewish nation has experienced; a history which appears to be repeating itself time and again.

  • Address by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to AIPAC Policy Conference - Washington D.C., March 19, 2001 - "Towards a National Agenda of Peace and Security"
    "I stand before you today, first and foremost as a Jew. This strong Jewish identity is a central theme in my life and will be in carrying out my responsibilities as Prime Minister. I want to work to strengthen the relationship between Israel and Jews all over the world."

  • Strengthen the Palestinians, Not Arafat
    Unfortunately, international concern for the plight of Palestinians, a concern also voiced at every Israeli cabinet meeting, is not shared by the Palestinian leadership. On the contrary, Yasser Arafat, like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro and other dictators, sees the suffering of his own people as an effective way to maintain his despotic rule.

  • Collective Punishment
    When Arabs murder Jews and Israel responds, the world condemns Israel. The latest propaganda method of condemning Israel is to accuse Israel of "collective punishment". When one Arab murders a Jew and Israel blockades an entire city to prevent further murders by Arabs, the world screams its indignation at Israel.

  • The EC and the Middle East
    The Palestinian propagandists, who perform quite successfully in the European media, are not afraid of reminding the Europeans of the possible damage that could be caused to their economic interests in Arab countries if they ignore Palestinian demands. Arafat is also depending on the European aspiration to fill a more significant role in the peace process.

  • The Side the News Doesn't Report
    One of the Hebrew news sources said yesterday that we could be shooting candy at the raging Palestinians, and handing out roses to the car bombers as they come through to perpetrate terror attacks and still be labeled, "cruel occupiers" since the world does not like occupiers. All other logic goes out the window.

  • The Great 'Intifada' Deception
    Arafat's war was prepared from above, with the masses only joining sporadically and often reluctantly. By using the term "intifada" in the press and in public statements, the Palestinian leadership scored an important victory and established a sympathetic frame of reference that covers up the dirty details.

  • Punishment to Fit the Crime
    What is very well known, however, is that the PA, under the direct leadership and control of Yasser Arafat, is coordinating this mass murder spree with all the glee of a kid in a toy store. And as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said today, it is immoral for Israel to be paying the salaries of the Palestinian security officers who carry out the orders of Arafat and shoot at passing Israeli motorists or into Jewish towns such as Netzarim and Psagot.

  • A Twisted Dynamic
    In his meeting with Patten and Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon explained, "Demanding that Israel transfer the [tax] money to the PA is immoral, because we have no intention of paying money to the people who are killing us."

  • Basic Guidelines of the Government of Israel - Jerusalem, March 7, 2001

  • The Western Wall, Thievery, and Faith
    According to Mr. Tsabari´s sage opinion, the Western Wall was not part of the Holy Temple but is connected to al-Aqsa mosque (which sits upon the Temple Mount). Therefore, says he, it is a Muslim holy site and that the Islamic Trust (in Arabic the Waqf) must rule over it. He allowed that Jews may pray there but declared that there are no Jewish archaeological remnants connected to this place, which is of the Roman period. This, of course, is functionally, if not clinically, delusional. The entire Wall is one gigantic Jewish archeological site and artifact.

  • Arafat Should Cut His Losses
    There is simply no interest in Israel now, nor will there be in the future, in capitulating to the Palestinian demands for total Israeli withdrawal plus "the right of return" to Israel itself. Nor is there any interest here in easing the economic pressure on the Palestinians before Arafat even begins to end the Palestinian attacks on Israel.

  • The Struggle for Israel's Soul
    Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was elected by a record majority, with a primary mandate to overcome the physical threat to our well-being and security. But, in the long term, history will also judge his government by its contribution to the struggle for the soul of Israel. Hopefully the new government will lay the foundations for ensuring that Israel remains a Jewish state, consistent with the vision of its Zionist founders.

  • It's Time to End the Intifada
    Palestinian leaders have always claimed that the intifada was a spontaneous eruption of rage at the Israeli occupation, and that it continued only because of the harsh Israeli response. Coming from Mr. Barghouthi it sounds more like a deliberate strategy, designed to remove Israel from the occupied territories by force.

  • Biblical Zionism is the Only Path to Peace
    The Truth needs to be declared and repeated wherever and whenever possible. Israel, the Jewish State, is not a political entity. It is the beginning of fulfillment of Biblical Destiny. It concerns not only the Jewish People, but all nations of the world.

  • Chaos is Not So Bad
    .. - Chaos. It is indeed not a pleasant thought. Chaos in the territories poses a security problem for Israel. Such a problem is less acute if the fragmented Palestinian armed groups do not coordinate their low-intensity conflict against Israel. Anarchy in the territories may allow Israel a freer hand in dealing with the terrorists.

  • The God Factor
    In many ways, the upcoming holiday of Purim is a microcosm of much of Jewish history outside Israel: A rabid antisemite seeks to destroy the local Jewish populace; defenseless Jews cower in fear, at the mercy of their hosts; last-minute, behind the scenes machinations - orchestrated by some genuine heroes and assisted by friends in high places - save the Jews in dramatic fashion. The Jewish community heaves a sigh of relief, declares a holiday, and awaits the next crisis.

  • It Takes a Nation to Build a Sanctuary
    "They shall make me a sanctuary and I shall dwell among them." (Ex. 25:8)

  • Ultimatum
    The new Bush Jr. Administration, with the State Department breathing its usual anti-Israel sentiment, has issued a quiet ultimatum to the Prime Minister Elect Ariel Sharon. The gist of the threat is that Israel must get the 'Intifada' (Arafat's War of Attrition) under control in the next few weeks, or else!

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