Special Report #5 Incitement to Hate on PA Television

Special Report #5 Incitement to Hate on PA Television
Palestinian Media Watch - Itamar Marcus, Director
59 King George St. Jerusalem 972-2-6254140

In response to Palestinian Media Watch reports, Palestinian
Authority radio and newspaper have recently issued denials that
they are inciting against Israel. The PA newspaper called PMW
reports "lies", arguing that the "PA media has always defended the
peace process". [Al- Hayat Al- Jadida Sep. 5 1998]

However, PMW findings indicate that the PA media continues to
incite against Israel. This report includes examples from the
following range of messages that are repeatedly promoted on PA

1. Israel's establishment was illegal and therefore void.
2. Death in battle fighting Israel is promoted as an ideal value to
be sought.
3. Israel must be fought and all of Palestine must be liberated.
4. Hate incitement: Israel is compared to Nazis, depicted as the
enemy of Muhammad and Islam, and blamed for massacres committed by

1. Israel's establishment was illegal and therefore void.

* Interviewer:..."We know that the conflict [Israeli-Arab] began
with the ominous Balfour Declaration. Did Britain have the legal
right to promise the Jews a homeland in Palestine...?"
* Legal Advisor: "... From a legal point of view Britain had no
right, neither in the past, present nor the future, and whatever
stemmed from this Declaration is void and has no legal or humane
Tallal Abu Afifa, the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Youth.
[PA TV - Sep. 18, 1998]

A television clip for children which was aired many times in the
last months, depicts all of Israel as Palestine. "They [Israel]
took everything in 1948."

In the background children are playing, and "building" model houses
and "planting" model trees. Then the earth begins to tremble,
everything collapses, a young girl says:

* "Do you know what happened in 1948? They took everything! They
emptied our room, the broke the house, the burned the forest, they
changed the names, changed the names"..."This is still my country,
she is very beautiful, the name of my country is Palestine".
(Palestinian Authority TV, Oct 9, 1998 and tens of times in the
last months)

2. Death in battle fighting Israel is an ideal value to be sought.

Program about a woman [Intisar Al'attar] who died in Intifada
fighting against Israel

* "Our heroine, Intisar, was born from her mother's womb in
order to struggle with the pains of the homeland [picture of a
Palestinian writhing in pain and bleeding].... Soon thereafter the
heroine was shot ...and her pure blood flowing and her pure spirit
joyously going to her creator...."

* Mother: "I asked: who is she that died? She told me - it's
your daughter.

* I said: Thank Allah, thank Allah. We have a right to liberate
our homeland and we will liberate it. It is our honor to fall.
Intisar was with the fighters. She was [unclear] with the
Hamas...she would say "it doesn't matter, I will die for the
redemption of the homeland", meaning - I want to die for the
redemption of the homeland...and then Intisar fell and it is an
honor for us and an honor for our children..."

* Relative of the family:..."Every time she heard a bang [she
said] 'surely someone was shot, I hope that next time it will be
me, I want to die as a martyr'.
[PA TV - Oct. 7, 1998]

[Program about a youth named Muhammad who died during a riot.]
* Narrator: "...These black hands [Israel], know nothing but the
language of killing, destruction and desolation...the occupation
shot bullets on him and the hero died..."
* Mother of Muhammad: "...I hope that all by children will be
martyrs...the night before he fell, we spoke... and he said to me:
"tomorrow we will see who will fall and who will complete the

He told me: "I want to fall"... And all the youth there are saying
"we wish we were like Muhammad."
[PA TV - Sept. 9, 1998]

[Program about a youth who died during a riot against Israel.]
Narrator: "The fallen are heroes of Palestine and her bold men, and
these are the ones who coined the model of filling the mission and
fighting out of love for the homeland and they gave their lives on
the alter of freedom so that we will pass to Jerusalem, with
Allah's help."

Mother of the youth: "I was happy that he fell, happy because I
consecrated him to Palestine, this homeland...I am happy and lift
my head in pride..."

[PA TV - Sept. 2, 1998]

[A young girl]
"My friend and I, how nice we are
We sing to Palestine...
When I grow up I will defend her
With my blood and spirit I will redeem her..."
[PA TV - Sep. 15, 1998]

[Young girls chant]:
"Palestine, the country of my fathers
When I grow up I will defend her
With my dear soul I will redeem her..."
[PA TV - Sep. 16, 1998]

3. All of Palestine must be liberated "from Ramalla to Sha'ar
[valley west of Jerusalem]

Song clip

"...We are your youth Palestine...
Our country is saturated in blood
Increase your fire, son of Canaan...
We are brave, we are your youth Palestine
No one will stand in our way in the battlefield
Lower your fire, son of Canaan...
And let the gun wail with cries of joy
My people revolt in the country..."
[PA TV - Sept. 1, 1998]

Videoclip: "Bring Us Our Revolution"

"Lead us, our revolution, Lead us and raise our hands And we are
your people, our revolution And we are behind you, our leadership
>From every continent, sea and port Lead us our revolution, our
revolution... Until you will include the whole country, Gaza,
Ramallah and Sha'ar Hagai [valley west of Jerusalem ] Arab
Jerusalem, ...Arab Jerusalem, And lead, lead, lead us Our
revolution... The freedom is in the blood of our martyrs - we will
saturate it... Lead us from the prison The eyes will laugh to the
warden ... Arab Jerusalem, bring Bring us to the revolution"
[The changing visual scenes in the clip]: Dome of the Rock,
soldiers marching with flags Parade, violent demonstration, smoke
Demonstration and stone throwing Arafat, armed soldiers crawling
Rubber dinghy, PA helicopter with flag, archive pictures of combat
unit and vehicles (from PLO-Beirut) Mass demonstration and
violence, Dome of the Rock [long scene], Intifada, killed
Palestinian on stretcher, The Old City of Jerusalem [long scene],
prisoners in the Israeli jails, Demonstration with flags, military
parade with Arafat (bodyguards prominent with their guns drawn),
Rubber dingy with PLO flag, Children demonstrating, Arafat on the
Gaza shore, Arafat's car with bodyguards running.
[PA TV Oct. 8 .98]

4. Hate incitement: Israel is compared to Nazis, depicted as the
enemy of Muhammad and Islam, and blamed for massacres committed by

* "Figures and organizations in the Hebron region condemned the
crimes of the occupation, which were even uglier than the Nazis."
[ News -PA TV - Oct. 7, 1998]

"Palestine - History and Heritage"
Interview: "I would like to make it clear that the Jewish character
or Israeli characteristics have not changed at all...when we look
at the personality with whom we are negotiating today, absolutely
nothing has changed: opportunistic -respecting neither contract nor
agreement... "
[PA TV - Oct. 6, 1998]
[PA TV - Oct. 13, 1998]

Palestinian Authority television had extensive programming
commemorating the Sabra and Shatila killings during the Lebanese
war. PA television used this as an opportunity to describe Israel
and Jews as killers by nature, enemies of Islam since the time of
Muhammad, and place the blame on Israel for the terrible massacre
that was in fact perpetrated by Christian militias.

Sheikh Adjlaan Mosque in Gaza:
"...On the anniversary of the massacre in Sabra and Shatila... the
Jews have not changed their ingrained nature, students went to
yesterday and came back to their homes wallowing in their blood...
On the 16th anniversary of the Massacre of our people in Lebanese
camps of Sabra and Shatila by the Jews...we remember the painful
massacre, which was planned by someone who still today serves in
the occupying government... Our enemies carried out this despicable
crime against our sons, children, wives, elderly. The heads of the
children were cut of and their bodies torn to pieces and their
limbs dispersed and the honor of the women violated in front of
Our enemies still desire the heads of our sons and the Palestinian
blood is still being spilled like water and it has not stopped and
will not stop because the policy that our enemies take against the
Muslims is written since the start of our history. They [the Jews]
were the first tribe that breached the contract with Mohammed...
[Three extensive traditional Islamic stories of Jewish enmity
towards Islam and betraying of Muhammad, are told.] This is how the
Jews acted with our prophet...on the anniversary of the painful
massacres and during the continuous murder of our people, our only
consolation is that our dead are in the Garden of Eden and their
murderers are burning in fire...
[PA TV - Sep. 18, 1998]

Brigadier General Saib Al'ajez, Head of National Security in
Northern Gaza:
"...The Israeli forces...prepared the scene of the crime [Sabra and
Shatila] with helicopters and landed the brigades [in the area]...
they also prepared bulldozers which waited for activity at the
proper moment, and vehicles to transport the dead. The helicopters
shot flares, and even followed the activities while carrying out
this crime... We say that the Israelis wanted to kill a maximum
number of people..."

Reporter: "There is no doubt that the strategic policy of the
Israelis is to carry out massacres, not only of Sabra and Shatila
but also Hebron, Jerusalem etc. In your opinion, how will an end be
put to all this thus avoiding future Israeli massacres?"

Security Head: "I say that indeed many massacres were carried out
against the Palestinian people: [he specifies list]...and many more
massacres... These actions have two causes. One is the Israeli
mentality which is based on the Talmud and the Torah which believe
that the Jews are a chosen people... and the second is that their
existence in this area was based on power...and anyone whose
existence is based on power...it breeds in him ... policies that
are based on power and terror..."
[PA TV - Sep. 18, 1998]

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