Israel Report

October 2001         

Imagining a Palestinian State

By Rabbi Rafael G. Grossman - October 18, 2001
Just imagine, a Palestinian state was declared with the "honorable" Yasser Arafat as its President. Now what? At least a million so-called Palestinian refugees are repatriated to their new-found country. Gaza and the entire West Bank, bereft of any Jews, are the territorial lands of the Palestinian state. At his inauguration as President, Arafat declares, “We no longer have enough room.” Gaza would certainly not be the area for the repatriated to settle as its current population barely has room for itself. The one million would have to be settled in Samaria and Judea and, there, it would be a squeeze.

So on the day after the state is declared, a new intifada begins with a hue and cry for expanded lands so that the "poor" refugees who, for more than fifty-three years, were ostensibly denied access to their homeland. To make their point, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will perpetrate, heaven forbid, another mass murder by suicide terrorists and it goes on and on… a nightmare without end.

The United States and Great Britain insist that Israel agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state and agree to it now. Sharon properly warned our American government that Israel will not become another Czechoslovakia. Israel is not “up for grabs” and Arafat and company must not be rewarded for having perpetrated more than a year of unequivocal terrorism.

Would the United States and its allies give Osama Bin Laden Saudi Arabia for the one day of absolute and unprecedented terror against America on September 11? In England, Arafat asserted that it is criminal to kill civilians. Pray, someone tell me what the PLO Chairman has been doing since 1964? Shall it be excused only because the thousands of civilian victims were Jews?

The Oslo Accords called for the Palestinians to end any incitement against Israel in its media and school texts, but the propaganda goes beyond inciting the masses to kill and hurt Israelis. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler´s propagandist extraordinaire, would be very pleased to see that his work is perpetuated in the Arab media. It will not be enough to simply sign documents before the Palestinian state is declared. Past experience has shown that Arafat and company have no respect for their words or signatures. A period of years would have to elapse before any discussion of statehood or the permanent ceding of land for peace could be discussed. During this time, the Palestinians would have to put an end to all anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. Present school texts would have to eliminate all hostile language and their media would have to end its torrent of lies and hateful words.

Polls taken among Palestinians show the vast majority opposed to America´s striking back at the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Are we now to provide those who are potential successors and current followers of Osama with the sovereignty of a state? Statehood is quite different than the present autonomous rule. A state is free to import and export, to bring in weapons of any size and description and to transmit terror tactics and personnel all over the world. For example, the PLO trained the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, they brought the art of terror to Angola and, in Lebanon, terrorized what was, at one time, the only democracy in the Middle East other than Israel.

A sovereign Palestinian state would most likely need large amounts of money, especially considering the limited resources of Gaza and the West Bank. They would probably take over a defeated Taliban´s heroine industry and continue to flood European and American streets with the narcotic that, like terrorism, destroys the lives of millions.

Rabbi Grossman is former President of the Rabbinical Council of America and current Chairman of the Board of Religious Zionists of America.

Arutz Sheva

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