Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

The "Illogic" of Christian Theological Antisemitism
by Stephanie White

I have always recognized that the blaming of Jews for a CRUCIFIXION, something that was never done by Jews in all of Jewish history, either before or after Jesus time, is illogical. Pontius Pilate, I just read by a Catholic author, was sadistic and crucified thousands of Jews ... The Roman rulers also were aiming to frighten Jews planning a revolt by at least one crucifixion at this season every year, another scholar told me. The rationalization for Christian anti-Jewishness on the basis that Pilate was only doing the will of Jewish leaders is appallingly stupid. If Rome was ruling the country, if Rome wanted to put down any attempt of Jews to rule their own country again, why would it then play the part of puppet instead of governor? No, the Romans had an Empire and had to show authority.

They were very powerful then ... too powerful for the lovers of Jesus, who would be justifiably full of hate toward those who killed him so cruelly, to be brave enough to say who actually killed him and who wanted him killed.

The other inconsistency however, brought to mind by "who wanted him killed" is that Christians teach fundamentally that Jesus wanted himself killed to "die for our sins" . The clear implication is that he VOLUNTARILY gave his life to cleanse all of his followers both at that time and throughout history, of sins. He also is reported to have said, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do" in reference to his killers.

If Jesus called for forgiveness of the Romans who were REALLY killing him, how can any Christian persecute Jews, who are innocent of this crime against ANYONE, using this cowardly (but in 30 A.D. realistic) fear of the Roman empire, for this sadism ...

So why are the "Romans" not blamed?

Why were they not blamed then? They went on to kill many more people, later Christians. It is easier for some "Christian" to blame "the Jews" than for them to blame their now co-religionists. The truth is that we no longer blame "the Japanese" for what some of their ancestors did, nor do we blame Germans for what Hitler and his followers did. Wouldn't it be silly for some Christians to storm the Vatican full of Romans, screaming CHRIST KILLERS at them as they prayed .... to Jesus?

Because certain Christian leaders, who want to stand by their true Christian spirit of charity and kindness, recognize the roots .. of unjust anti-Semitism in the New Testament, I am just recognizing that indeed, a certain repudiation and mending of fences must be undertaken.

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