In the summer of 1980, the Israeli Parliament declared the city of Jerusalem to be the undivided, eternal capitol of the State of Israel. Protest resounded across the international political spectrum, resulting in the closure of all thirteen (13) national embassies in Jerusalem.A number of Christians living in Israel then were hosting a Christian celebration during the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles. They sensed Israel's deep hurt that resulted from the withdrawal of the foreign embassies and decided to open a Christian embassy in this, the City of the Great King.They Called it the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem and it represents Christians from around the world speaking words of comfort and support to Israel.
"Comfort, comfort My people. Speak comfortingly to Jerusalem" (Isaiah 40:1)

Statement of Purpose

The Goals of The Embassy Are:

  1. To inform and educate Christians as to their Old Testament roots and obligations according to Scripture.
  2. To demonstrate love and concern for the Jewish people through teaching, dialogue and communication.
  3. To educate, inform and encourage Christians as to events and their significance in and to Israel; and to encourage travel to the Holy Land.
  4. To remind and encourage Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the land and the peoples in and about Israel.
  5. To stimulate Christian leaders, churches and organizations to assist in understanding, and reconciliation, amongst Christians, Arabs and Jews, through education and other programs.
  6. To teach Scripture, Old Testament and New Testament, and to ascertain the common grounds of our respective faiths as Christians and Jews.

In 1980 the International Christian Embassy opened in Jerusalem to give expression to Christian love and concern for the Jewish people and the state of Israel... recognizing the prophetic purpose of God coming to pass in our day... and also recognizing our immense debt as Christians to our Jewish roots.

We cannot change the past history of Jewish-Christian relations or dialogue, but we too can say "never again" to Christian anti-Semitism.

The Scriptures say "the set time has come to favour Zion; when the Lord shall build up Zion He shall appear in His glory" (Psalm 102:13-16).

Canadian Friends of the International Christian Embassy was founded in early 1982, and has since grown to a membership of several thousands of Christians who are stirred by this prophetic call of the Spirit to minister the unconditional love of Christ to His first chosen people, whether here in Canada or abroad in Israel.

Local Chapters work towards meaningful Christian-Jewish dialogue and unconditional friendship... to counteract traditional Christian anti-Semitism built on theology of man, and not the result of "rightly dividing the word of truth".

Seminars, teaching in person and by means of cassettes, films, videos, travel to Israel, demonstrations of solidarity with righteous Jewish causes... (such as the Soviet Refuseniks), Petitions, visits to Synagogues, etc. enrich our Christian faith.

A monthly publication entitled "ISRAEL REPORT" supplies members with up-to-date news from reliable Christian sources in the Holy Land...and a perspective not to be found through the usual media sources.

Become a part of the action!

Come to the Christian "Feast of Tabernacles" in Jerusalem!
Tour Israel in special "Behind the Scenes Tours".. .off the beaten track.

The Symbol of the Embassy, like a "succa", two olive branches are poised over a world with Jerusalem at its center. The graphic symbol of the Embassy speaks of a divine solution coming from above - not from man's efforts below. Peace will come only from God and it will unfold in His beloved Jerusalem. The design speaks further of that day when all nations will gather unto the Feast of Tabernacles at Jerusalem to see "Messaih" King Jesus and enjoy His reign of peace and righteousness.

The German Branch of ICEJ has a site at  Internationale Christliche Botschaft Jerusalem
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