Middle East Hourglass


21 October 1999: Sixteen killed in fire at Palestinian sweatshop in Hebron.
21/10: Israel marks fourth anniversary of assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.
21/10: Six outposts dismantled under accord with YESHA council.
21/10: US taps Martin Indyk to return as Ambassador to Israel.
23/10: Palestinians riot in Hebron to demand mayor's ouster over fatal factory fire.
23/10: IDF battles Palestinian rioters near Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem.
24/10: British Foreign Minister Robin Cook arrives for three-day visit to Israel, Palestinian Authority.
24/10: Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to allow PFLP leader Nayef Hawatmeh into PA areas.
24/10: Tel Aviv Court sentences fugitive Samuel Sheinbein to 24 years in controversial plea bargain.
25/10: Southern "safe-passage" route opens to protests.
25/10: Barak and Turkish PM Bulent Ecevit bolster ties.
25/10: Ma'alot Mayor Shlomo Buhbut demands Barak require Hawatmeh to apologize for 1974 massacre before return.
25/10: IDF soldier accidentally shoots Palestinian near Rachel's Tomb, sparking more
25/10: US Secretary of Defense William Cohen visits Israel on regional tour.
26/10: Barak taps David Ivry as Ambassador to Washington.
26/10: Rioting peaks at Rachel's Tomb.
26/10: Bodyguards of PLO's Faisal Husseini arrested after melee with GSS men accompanying British FM Cook.
27/10: PA, Jordan and Egypt meet in Gaza to discuss Palestinian refugees.
27/10: Eleven injured in third day of riots in Bethlehem.
28/10: Hizb'Allah bomb kills SLA soldier in security zone.
28/10: Barak considers German electoral system for Israel.
29/10: Barak suspends Hawatmeh's permit to enter PA areas after "armed struggle" comments.
29/10: U.S. set to sell Israel AH-64 Apache 'Longbow' helicopters.
30/10: Terrorists shoot Israeli bus near safe-passage checkpoint, five wounded.
30/10: US State Department issues travel warning for Bethlehem and Ramallah.
30/10: Hizb'Allah kills SLA soldier, several wounded in security zone.
31/10: EgyptAir Flight 990 crashes off US East coast, killing 217 passengers and crew.
31/10: IDF source reports PA lax on collecting illegal gun.
1 November: Barak, US President Bill Clinton and PA chairman Yasser Arafat meet in Oslo to honor Rabin and "jump-start" final-status talks.
1/11: Arrow 2 anti-ballistic missile system successfully tested.
1/11: Yisrael Beiteinu and National Union agree to merge.
1/11: Compromise reached between chief rabbis and tourism industry over Christian celebrations for Christmas and New Years.
2/11: Rabin memorial ceremonies held in Oslo City Hall; Arafat speech irritates Barak.
2/11: Israel Supreme Court bans publication of "Raviv protocol."
3/11: Barak sets November 7 deadline for removing outposts.
3/11: Negev casino bill defeated in Knesset.
3/11: Fires ravage Jerusalem Corridor and the Carmel.
4/11: Barak risks appearance at Kikar Rabin four years after assassination; Rabin family airs doubts over inquiry.
4/11: Greek, Armenian and Catholic leaders call two-day closure of churches to protest Nazareth mosque.
4/11: Reports say Syrian dictator Hafez al-Assad is rounding up loyalists of exiled brother Rifa'at.
5/11: Barak grants outposts short extension.
5/11: US House of Representatives approves $1.8 billion in Wye aid for Israel, Jordan, PA.
6/11: Hamas faxes threat of more attacks against Israel.
7/11: Pipe bombs explode in Netanya, injuring 34; Barak vows to press on with peace talks.
7/11: Maon Farm outpost prepares for confrontation with IDF.
7/11: Muslims dismantle Nazareth protest tent one day early.
8/11: Final-status talks begin in Ramallah amid signs of inflexibility.
8/11: Likud leader Ariel Sharon reveals Syria rebuffed Lebanon pullout offer earlier this year.
9/11: PA faces domestic pressure over Hamas detainees.
9/11: United Torah Judaism figure labels non-Jewish immigrants from former Soviet Union "a fifth column."
10/11: IDF storms Maon Farm outpost.
10/11: US First Lady Hillary Clinton arrives for tour.
11/11: Suha Arafat accuses Israel of poisoning Palestinians in front of Hillary Cinton.
11/11: "Raviv protocol" released after appearing on Internet
11/11: Egyptian Foreign Minister Amr Moussa criticizes Barak over UN Resolution 242.
12/11: FOREIGN REPORT predicts IDF withdrawal from Lebanon sooner than July 2000.
13/11: Islamic Jihad vows to reopen front in south Lebanon.
13/11: Another major quake hits Turkey, killing hundreds.
14/11: Arafat rejects Barak's second redeployment map in meeting at Mossad headquarters.
14/11: Bank of Israel Governor Jacob Frenkel announces surprise early retirement.
14/11: Labor MKs warn Barak coalition is too dependent on Shas.
15/11: US Mideast envoy Dennis Ross arrives amid delay in second IDF withdrawal.
15/11: Lebanon warns Islamic Jihad not to attack Israel.
16/11: Northern safe-passage talks stall over Latrun checkpoint.
16/11: Shas votes with coalition after weeks of conflict with Barak.
16/11: FBI to take over the probe of EgyptAir crash.
17/11: Barak meets world leaders at European security conference in Turkey.
17/11: Coalition MKs slam Barak's social policy.
18/11: Water crisis worsens as Kinneret drops below new "red line."
18/11: Barak urges global fight against terrorism at security summit in Turkey.
18/11: Twenty-eight US congressmen send letter criticizing Egypt for stalling multilateral Mideast peace talks.
19/11: Arafat urges Nazareth Muslims to delay mosque near Basilica of the Annunciation.
19/11: Barak tells North American Jews "to be pro-Israel is to be pro-peace."
20/11: Barak praises Hillary Clinton at leftist Israel Policy Forum dinner.
20/11: Dali Lama arrives for third visit, risking Israeli relations with China.
20/11: Palestinian riots in Ramallah demand release of more prisoners
20/11: Athens cleans up after anti-Clinton riots.

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