October 29, 1998: Hamas car bomber attempts to ram Israeli school bus in Gaza Strip; IDF jeep intercepts car bomb; one soldier is killed.

29/10: PM Netanyahu demands Arafat wage all-out war against terrorism or no further redeployment will take place. PA places Hamas leader Sheikh Yassin under house arrest.

29/10: Israel lodges official complaint with US over PA's assertion there will be no annulment of anti-Israel clauses in the PLO Charter.

31/10: Iraq suspends all further cooperation with UN arms inspectors.

31/10: Israel, US sign agreement to work together to counter ballistic-missile and mass-destruction weapon threats against Israel.

November 1, 1998: PM Netanyahu delays implementation of Wye agreement pending cabinet ratification--PA submits security plan to US.

1/11: Hamas threatens to attack PA if Arafat's crackdown on Hamas continues.

1/11: Israel marks third anniversary of Rabin assassination.

2/11: Netanyahu rejects PA security plan as "incomplete"; says cabinet will not ratify Wye until satisfied with security measures.

2/11: Israeli Attorney General says Wye agreement cannot legally go into effect until ratified by the cabinet and the Knesset.

2/11: Israel eases closure on PA areas; increases from 24,000 to 60,000 the number of Palestinians permitted to work in Israel.

2/11: Police clash with Arabs protesting Jewish presence in Jerusalem's Ras al-Amud neighbourhood.

2/11: President Ezer Weizmann, on goodwill visit to Greek Cyprus, calls on Cypriots not to let Israel's relations with Turkey sour good relations between Nicosia and Jerusalem.

3/11: US says PA's plan is complete; PA accuses Netanyahu of stalling for time.

3/11: US mid-term elections see Democrats perform well; lessen likelihood of President Clinton's impeachment.

3/11: PA official accuses Iran of funding attempts to assassinate Yasser Arafat.

3/11: Cypriot government spokesman says President Weizmann has succeeded in calming Greek Cypriots' fears about Israel-Turkey relations.

3/11: Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee scores Netanyahu for number of "serious flaws" in Wye agreement.

3/11: Israel submits list of 30 Palestinian murder suspects it wants PA to apprehend and jail; 12 PA security men are on the list.

4/11: Attorney-General announced he will indict former GSS agent Avishai Raviv for failing to prevent Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.

4/11: US gives Israel assurances about PA willingness to arrest 30 fugitives; Netanyahu agrees to proceed with Cabinet discussion of Wye deal.

4/11: Central Bureau of Statistics announces Israel's population passed the six million mark in September.

4/11: Hizb'Allah roadside bomb kills three SLA soldiers in south Lebanon.

4/11: Settlers move 17 mobile homes onto land adjacent to Avnei Hefetz near Tulkarm in bid to implement approved settlement expansion.

5/11: Netanyahu suggests Cabinet delay ratifying Wye agreement until Arafat promises PNC will convene to nullify parts of PLO charter calling for Israel's destruction.

5/11: Clinton warns Iraq: All options open.

6/11: Two Islamic suicide bombers explode car in central Jerusalem Mahane Yehuda market, killing themselves and injuring 23 civilians. Israel accuses Islamic Jihad; Cabinet stops debating Wye.

6/11: President Clinton and Secretary Albright express sorrow over attack but urge implementation of Wye.

6/11: Report: Hamas, Islamic Jihad, reject Hizb'Allah call to assassinate Arafat.

6/11: US House Speaker Newt Gingrich resigns.

7/11: PA security officials say they arrested a number of Islamic Jihad members following bomb attack.

7/11: After intensive Hizb'Allah shelling of IDF positions, IAF warplanes attack Hizb'Allah bases in Lebanon; report accurate hits.

7/11: Greek Cypriot police arrest two Israelis suspected of spying on military installations.

7/11: UN arms monitors leave Iraq after Saddam Hussein halts cooperation with inspections commission.

8/11: Israel and Cyprus seek end to relations crisis; Cyprus says there is no proof spies were working for Israel,

8/11: Israeli government official says Netanyahu is searching for "creative" way to continue cabinet ratification of Wye.

8/11: Clinton meets with top security advisors on Iraq.

8/11: Jordan newspaper says Hamas considering moving HQ from Amman to Damascus.

8/11: PFLP and PFLP-GC leaders vow to prevent Arafat from changing PLO charter.

9/11: US Defense Secretary William Cohen updates Israel on Iraq.

9/11: State Department calls on Israel to implement Wye agreement.

9/11: Settler leaders warn that more than 30 settlements will be affected by Wye, with some being turned into enclaves in PA areas.

9/11: National Religious Party leader Yitzhak Levy warns of party split over whether or not to leave government.

9/11: Labour Party leader Ehud Barak tells Jordanian Crown Prince Hassan his party will back any move towards peace.

9/11: PA warns Jerusalem Arabs they will be guilty of treason if they vote in the November 10 municipal elections.

10/11: Israelis vote in municipal elections, Labour gains control in six of seven major cities, with exception of Jerusalem, which returns Mayor Ehud Olmert.

10/11: Ultra-orthodox parties make big gains in Jerusalem city council.

10/11: Terrorist gunfire wounds two Israelis in southern Hebron hills.

10/11: IAF planes fire on Hizb'Allah targets.

10/11: Arafat invites Queen Elizabeth to visit "Palestine" in 2000.

10/11: PA resumes dialogue with Hamas and Islamic Jihad in apparent attempt to prevent backlash.

10/11: Jewish Agency hears reports of Russian parliamentarians blaming "the Jews" for the country's increasingly grave economic crisis.

11/11: Defense Ministry says US likely to strike Iraq; public urged to update chemical warfare kits.

11/11: US and Britain issue travel advisories cautioning citizens to stay away from Israel; Israeli Tourism Minister Moshe Katzav slams advisories as hasty, harmful and unnecessary.

11/11: Israeli cabinet ratifies Wye agreement.

11/11: Arafat says PNC will vote in December to repeal anti-Israel clauses in Charter.

11/11: Tens of thousands of Israelis gather in Tel Aviv demonstration against Wye accord.

11/11: PA says it has told Hamas and Islamic Jihad to stop attacks that "would embarrass the Palestinian commitment to peace agreements".

11/11: Israel says two spies arrested in Cyprus were not spying against Cyprus or on behalf of Turkey.

12/11: US warns of "significant strikes " against Iraq; says it will give Israel prior notice of attack.

12/11: Government issues tenders for 1000+ homes on Har Homa. US slams move.

12/11: Israel's ambassador to Russia condemns law-maker's antisemitic attacks.

12/11: Eight Arab states urge Iraq to back down from confrontation with US.

12/11: British travel agency pulls 700 tourists out of Eilat.

12/11: Labour leader Barak calls on Likud to agree on a date for early elections, which he says should be after the implementation of the Wye agreement is completed.

12/11: Jordan Valley communities express fury at agreement that sees 30 sq kms of the upper valley given to the PA.

14/11: Arafat tells mass rally in Shechem PA will unilaterally declare statehood on May 4 next year; Israel says such a declaration will void Oslo Accords.

14/11: US says Iraq's offer for UN inspections to resume is not unconditional and therefore unacceptable, and America remains poised to strike.

14/11: Russia promises to upgrade Syria's defensive weaponry.

14/11: Austria announces intention to put forward initiative on behalf of EU to restart Israel-Syria talks.

14/11: IAF planes raid Hizb'Allah bases for seventh consecutive day.

15/11: Arafat tells Fatah faction PLO's "rifles are ready" if Israel stops PA from praying in Jerusalem; Israel accuses Arafat of "declaring war on the peace process".

15/11: President Clinton says Iraqi crisis over after Iraq backs down and accepts all UN demands.

15/11: Bureau of Statistics says October consumer price index increased by 3 per cent, forcing reassessment of annual inflation rate.

15/11: London Sunday Times says Israel developing anti-Arab biological weapon; Israel dismisses report.

15/11: National Religious Party votes against early elections.

15/11: FM Ariel Sharon tells settlers to "run, grab hills" to increase size of their settlements.

16/11: Three IDF soldiers killed by Hizb'Allah roadside bomb in south Lebanon.

16/11: Sharon says if Arafat's inflammatory remarks continue he will stay in Gaza and Nablus "and not go anywhere else".

16/11: State Department calls for halt to "war of words".

16/11: Netanyahu says there will be no further pullback until Arafat retracts his remarks.

16/11: PA says it has arrested five Islamic Jihad members in Hebron accused of attacks on Israeli targets.

17/11: Knesset approves Wye 75-19; Left offers Netanyahu safety net.

17/11: Israel's High Court turns down Jonathan Pollard's petition that Israel not release Palestinian prisoners until the US releases him from prison.

17/11: IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz tells Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee that Wye will be implemented in the shadow of terror attacks.

17/11: Settlers in Kedumim attempt for third day to maintain stronghold on a hilltop west of the settlement; Settlers in Otniel and Bet Hagai announce they will take over soon-to-be-evacuated Aduraim IDF base in the Hebron hills in order to protect their communities.

18/11: Netanyahu says alleged Israeli spies in Cyprus were not acting on Turkey's behalf.

18/11: Labour chief Ehud Barak rejects idea of national unity government.

18/11: Police arrest 11 settlers as they try to take over hilltop in the Kedumim area.

18/11: Knesset transfers NIS 20 million for settlement construction in Yesha.

18/11: IAF planes attack Hizb'Allah bases in southern Lebanon.

19/11: Six out of 17 Cabinet ministers approve the first redeployment under Wye. Clinton administration hails decision.

19/11: Settlers hold frantic, last-minute meetings with government officials in bid to keep PA-ruled areas as far as possible from their communities.

19/11: Israel's GSS arrests Habad-head Shabtai Bloch on suspicion he planned to harm Netanyahu.

19/11: Israeli ambassador to US, Zalman Shoval, says the US is on record as not supporting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

19/11: Hamas announces its intention to continue attacks on Israel despite imminent Wye-deal redeployment.

19/11: Radical Palestinian groups in Damascus plan general conference to uphold PLO Charter articles calling for Israel's destruction before December 12 meeting of PNC scheduled to annul these clauses.

19/11: Lebanon rejects US invitation to conference in support of Wye Agreement.

19/11: Impeachment hearings against President Clinton get under way.

19/11: London-based Foreign Report says Iraqi and Syrian agents have been caught in Jordan trying to test the country's internal security defences in King Hussein's absence.

20/11: Israel hands over 28 towns and villages and over 500 square kms of land to the Palestinians, releases 150 Palestinian prisoners.

20/11: US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright calls Netanyahu and Arafat to express approval of redeployment.

20/11: IDF kills Hizb'Allah terrorist in heavy fighting in security zone.

20/11: Saddam rejects UNSCOM request for documents on Iraq's chemical and biological program.

20/11: Cyprus charges alleged Israeli spies.

21/11: PA security chief condemns Israel for releasing criminal, not "political" prisoners. Netanyahu says Israel will not free murderers of Jews.

21/11: US reacts cautiously to Iraq's non-compliance with UNSCOM.

22/11: Netanyahu denies rumours he is considering forming a national unity government.

22/11: First phase of Wye redeployment completed. Trade and Industry Minister Sharansky voices concern at speed of Wye implementation.

22/11: Settlers' Yesha Council slams "inadequate" IDF's planned defence measures for 33 settlements affected by the redeployments.

22/11: New York Times reports 10 members of "Concerned Christians" Denver-cult have arrived in Israel.

23/11: Report: Israel will soon release "dirty list" of organisations which refuse to publish information on Holocaust victims and related material.

23/11: Tension high in northern Israel after three IDF soldiers wounded in fierce fighting with Hizb'Allah.

23/11: Israeli police confirm arrival in country of 10 members of Denver cult.

23/11: Netanyahu meets settlers north of Jerusalem to reassure them their communities will remain integral part of Israel.

24/11: PA's Gaza International Airport opens.

24/11: Netanyahu and former Foreign Minister David Levy discuss Levy's Gesher Party's return to the coalition.

24/11: Anti-defamation League slams plan to release "dirty list".

24/11: Report: Netanyahu gives NRP ultimatum to decide on supporting the government or opting for early elections.

24/11: Mossad Operations Chief resigns over Cyprus capture of two Israeli spies.

25/11: Report: Clinton will possibly address Knesset on December 13, Chanukah eve.

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