Middle East Hourglass


19 June 1999: Hebron Jewish cemetery defaced with swastikas; Palestinians suspected.

20/6: Hizb'Allah fires mortar rounds into northwestern Galilee,

20/6: Iranian Jews tell Chief Rabbi Yisrael Lau of more reported arrests of Jews in Iran.

21/6: Kiryat Shmona residents stage angry protest over lax security in North.

22/6: First flight of 76 out of 3000 Quara Jews arrive from war-torn Ethiopia.

22/6: Heavy fighting in security zone; South Lebanese Army soldier, civilian killed.

23/6: Published interview has Syrian President Hafez el-Assad praising Israeli Prime Minister-elect Barak as a "strong and honest leader."

23/6: Labor MKs assail Barak for destroying party.

24/6: Hizb'Allah showers Galilee with three waves of rocket attacks; two killed, several injured. Israeli warplanes retaliate against Beirut power station and bridges.

24/6: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat concerned Assad may forge separate peace with Israel.

25/6: Israeli President Ezer Weizman tells Arab paper Israel must withdraw from the Golan.

25/6: US Senate passes bill addressing American victims of Palestinian terrorism.

26/6: Outgoing Defense Minister Moshe Arens warns Syria to reign in Hizb'Allah.

26/6: Assad says he holds Barak partly responsible for Israeli retaliatory attacks in Lebanon.

27/6: Kiryat Shmona residents block roads, burn tires to protest economic, security situation in north. Barak pledges help.

28/6: Iran admits nine of 13 Jews arrested for espionage are innocent.

28/6: Likud drops out of coalition negotiations to lead opposition.

28/6: Top Israeli officials snub French envoy to protest Lebanon tilt.

28/6: Arafat and Jordan's King Abdullah meet to discuss Barak win.

29/6: Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan sentenced to death by Turkish court.

29/6: Arens orders Israeli boycott of Grapes of Wrath meetings.

30/6: Barak government prepares for Knesset vote as Shas, Center party sign on.

1 July 1999: US President Bill Clinton makes sympathetic remarks on "right of return" of Palestinian refugees in press conference with Mubarak.

2/7: Six Orthodox Jews injured in Chicago drive-by shootings as they leave Shabbat services.

2/7: Barak calls Arafat to talk peace; slams Clinton's remarks on "right of return."

3/7: Labor MK Yossi Beilin says he supports PA control of Temple Mount.

4/7: Labor MKs incensed with Barak's cabinet appointments and coalition deals.

4/7: Gunman in Chicago shootings kills self after police chase.

4/7: Arens pronounces Grapes of Wrath understandings "dead."

5/7: Assad meets Russian President Yeltsin in Moscow to discuss $2 billion arms deal, debts.

5/7: Expert warns water shortage worse than appears.

6/7: Barak installed as Prime Minister; Knesset approves government by 75-29 vote.

6/7: Labor MK Haim Ramon, Minister in charge of Jerusalem, says he opposes Jewish construction in east Jerusalem.

7/7: Two Yisrael B'Aliyah MKs split from party.

7/7: PA warns Barak not to bypass Wye; Hamas vows to continue terrorism against Israel.

8/7: Israelis, Palestinians cooperate in rescue after building collapses; five die, nine injured.

8/7: New York Senate candidate Hillary Clinton supports moving US embassy to Jerusalem.

8/7: Experts warn of renewed terrorist attacks as peace process resumes.

8/7: Iran shaken by largest demonstrations against government since 1979.

9/7: Barak meets Mubarak to discuss peace process, bilateral relations.

10/7: Education Minister Yossi Sarid raps decision not to make Arabic second required foreign language.

11/7: Barak and Arafat hold first meeting at Erez checkpoint.

11/7: 15,000 Iranian students protest against Islamic hardliners; thousands arrested.

11/7: Yisrael B'Aliyah charges Labor MKs with "stinking maneuver" over party defections.

12/7: Likud talks with Yisrael Beiteinu and National Union about list merger.

12/7: IDF says Arrow missile defense system will be deployed by year's end.

13/7: Barak meets Jordan's King Abdullah in Aqaba.

13/7: Report declares Israel's environment on verge of collapse.

13/7: Barak warns progress in peace process may bring terrorism.

13/7: Bill to increase cabinet from 18 to 24 seats passes first Knesset vote.

14/7: Barak hosts Turkish President Suleyman Demirel to discuss bilateral, regional issues.

14/7: Former PM Binyamin Netanyahu claims Syria agreed to an early-warning station on Mt. Hermon.

14/7: Barak off for week-long visit to United States.

14/7: First Arab MK joins sensitive Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

15/7: Clinton and Barak meet in first of two private sessions to discuss peace plans.

15/7: Shortened UN session in Geneva says Israeli settlements violate Fourth Geneva Convention.

15/7: Reconciliation Walk ends as 400 Christians enter Jerusalem to apologize for Crusader legacy.

16/7: Plane piloted by John F. Kennedy, Jr. disappears off Martha's Vineyard.

16/7: Israel commits to purchase 50 F-16s in nation's largest-ever defense contract.

17/7: Barak wants 15 months to reach breakthroughs in peace talks with Palestinians, Syrians.

17/7: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein proclaims Palestine is Arab land and the Jews must depart from it.

18/7: Barak says Israeli retreat from Golan a must for peace with Syria.

19/7: Clinton throws lavish White House dinner for Barak, predicts "golden opportunity" for peace with Syria.

19/7: Reports say Assad threatens Palestinian terror groups with eviction.

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