21/6: 10,000 Arabs demonstrate in Shechem against US Congressional vote recognising Jerusalem as Israel's. Rioting continues in Hebron.

22/6: Coalition members meet; threaten to vote no-confidence in the government on June 24.

23/6: Foreign Ministry officials say coalition crisis and pending cabinet reshuffle have paralysed Oslo.

24/6: PM Netanyahu survives two no-confidence votes.

24/6: White House announces nomination of US ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk as assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs.

25/6: Defence Minister Yitzhak Mordechai tells Knesset PLO Authority wants to escalate violence leading to a confrontation with Israel.

26/6: FBI interviews Israel's deputy education minister Moshe Peled in connection with his claim that Yasser Arafat had advance knowledge of February 1993 World Trade Centre bombing.

27/6: Israeli woman arrested after pasting handbills depicting Mohammed as a pig in Hebron.

27/6: Rioting resumes in Hebron.

28/6: 20,000 Israelis demonstrate in Tel Aviv to demand early elections.

28/6: UN secretary-general Kofi Annan presents report to UN claiming construction on Har Homa is "a serious threat to the peace process".

28/6: Arafat meets secretly in Gaza with top IDF officer; Israel/PA security cooperation is reportedly resumed.

28/6: Netanyahu and President Ezer Weizmann denounce Hebron "pig" poster; apologise to Muslim world.

30/6: Intense discussion takes place in Knesset around likelihood of early elections.

July 1, 1997: Pipe bomb in Hebron wounds two Israeli soldiers.

2/7: Israel warns PLO that its failure to quell riots in Hebron and Gaza will be met by an "iron fist".

3/7: IDF undercover troops infiltrate and arrest Hebron rioters.

3/7: An Arab responsible for Tel Aviv cafébombing on March 21 "escapes" from PA jail.

4/7: Israeli Arab leaders call on government to oust Hebron's Jews.

4/7: Netanyahu tells cabinet the Oslo Process is in danger because of ongoing violence in Hebron.

5/7: Syrian and Iranian vice-presidents meet in Damascus to discuss concerns about Turkish-Israeli military cooperation.

5/7: PA police violently oust clerics and nuns from Hebron monastery.

6/7: Day of heavy fighting in Lebanon sees Hizb'Allah kill IDF officer and fire rockets into western Galilee.

9/7: Arab gunmen fire on Jewish community of Beit Hadassah in Hebron.

10/7: Netanyahu calls on PA to return to the negotiating table.

10/7: After meeting Netanyahu, Gush Katif residents say PM promised Gaza settlements will not be moved.

11/7: Arabs riot in Bethlehem and Hebron; two Israeli policemen and 30 rioters are injured.

12/7: PA legislature speaker watches rioters burn Israeli flag in Ram'Allah.

12/7: PA's mufti of Jerusalem Ikrama Sabri calls Jewish settlers "sons of monkeys and pigs".

13/7: Israel says six-month old US-brokered Hebron deal is being scuppered by the Arabs; riots continue.

14/7: Arab is killed in Bethlehem house when a bomb he is assembling explodes.

14/7: Israeli Labour Party leader Ehud Barak meets British PM and Labour leader Tony Blair.

15/7: Pedestrian bridge collapses at Maccabiah Games opening, killing two Australian athletes, injuring 66. A third athlete later dies.

15/7: UN again condemns Israel for Har Homa construction.

15/7: Katyusha rocket hits northern Galilee.

15/7: IDF arrests three Palestinian policemen it says are en route to carry out terror attack against Jews in Har Bracha.

16/7: IDF closes Palestinian cities to Israelis.

17/7: Foreign Minister David Levy sends message to Arafat: uproot PA police terrorism.

20/7: Israel issues arrest for PA police chief Ghazi Jabali, suspected of masterminding the planned attack on Har Bracha.

20/7: PA announces it has uncovered bomb factory in Bethlehem.

20/7: Palestinian land dealer who escaped from PA custody tells press conference in Jerusalem oftorture at hands of Arafat's police.

21/7: Palestinian sources say Jabali, and Yasser Arafat, were behind PA police terror attack.

22/7: Arab drives car into group of Jewish tourists in Jaffa; injures eight, stabs and wounds two.

22/7: FM Levy meets Arafat in Brussels; both call meeting "positive". Palestinians said to be interested in restarting talks.

22/7: Security service head Ami Ayalon tells Knesset Hamas and Islamic Jihad are able and willing to carry out attacks in Israel.

23/7: Knesset passes preliminary law strengthening Israel's legal status on Golan Heights.

24/7: One-day strike by Labour-affiliated Histadrut union federation paralyses Israeli economy.

24/7: Arafat tells Labour leader Ehud Barak time is not yet right to resume talks.

24/7: Newspapers across Arab world slam "provocative" Knesset Golan vote.

24/7: IDF goes into PA area to capture wanted terrorist PA failed to apprehend.

26/7: PM Netanyahu says controversial plan to build Jewish housing on Mount of Olives will not be allowed at this time.

28/7: FM Levy and PLO's Nabil Sha'ath meet in Jerusalem; announce Israel-PLO talks will resume within days.

29/7: US envoy Dennis Ross said to return to Middle East on July 30.

29/7: Arab shot dead after stabbing and wounding IDF soldier.

30/7: Two Arabs blow themselves up in Jerusalem's Mahane Yehuda market, killing 13. Islamic Jihad and Hamas claim credit. PA "foreign ministry" says bombing is Israel's fault.

30/7: Ross suspends visit for a week. Israel seals off Judea-Samaria and Gaza, put talks on hold.

30/7: US House of Representatives passes amendment suspending aid to the PA for three months, after which time US President Bill Clinton will have to submit report on US efforts to force PA compliance with Oslo commitments.

31/7: Netanyahu accuses Arafat of having done "damn all" against terror. IDF rounds up dozens of Arab suspects.

31/7: New York police foil Palestinian plot to suicide-bomb city subway. Investigators believe there may be a Hamas link.

31/7: Ban of US travel to Lebanon is lifted by secretary of state Madeleine Albright, although she warns it remains unsafe for Americans.

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